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The one word that my heart soar
The one word that changed it all
She finally said it and i dont think my heart will ever stop racing
She has turned my life upside down in the few seconds that shes been mine
We all knew it would happen
We just werent sure when
Or how
Or why we would finally accept it
Shes my sunshine
Shes my forever
At least...
For now
Im scared
Cowering in the corner like a child with the shadows of my feelings surrounding me
Shes my best friend
And everyone already thinks we're dating
Why cant i just do it
Why cant i just ask her
Ask her to be mine
Just for a little while

Shes confused
Im completely sure
Shes the one i want at least for now
Teenage love is fleeting
It comes and goes
But for now i want her
And she'll likely never be mine
Sitting alone longing for warmth
People push me away
Say they dont want to get to close

"Get away im not ***"
Well little do they know theyre just scared that they are

A few years later they come to me
"Ive had a crush on you forever"
Well theyve lost their chance
My mind and body and soul is gone
Im a shell and they broke me
Theyll never have me
Cut me
Deep skilled strokes soothing my pain
Push me
Beat me down till i have no will to live
Or love me
Hold me close
Tell me everything will be alright
Do what you please
But please don't toy with me
or i will toy with you

— The End —