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Samantha Mar 2019
Heated in the sense that...
We were in the kitchen, hungry
But not for food
Hypnotized by your stare
I drew closer to you, like an obedient slave to her master
Our lips, melting into each other in a rhythmical caress
My knees weakened as I surrendered all control
Your tongue stimulated sweet sensations all over my being
My nibbles on your lips awoke your amorous passion
You grabbed me with authority and pulled me even tighter into your embrace
But then, there was the door, and someone at it...
Samantha Sep 2018
I’m fighting a ******* battle
The devil’s on my shoulder
Whispering to me like the sharp whistling breeze before a storm

Revenge seduces my mind
A true salesman
Giving his final pitch before he takes all that you have

Karma, you devious woman
Pass me the baton
So that I can pay a visit to the unprincipled *****

But then there’s the angel – so ethereal, so divine
You penetrate my mind like a sword piercing an enemy’s heart
With your unclouded light tickling my judgement

The darkness and the bright
Jousting at each other in barbarous combat
Both hungry for the win

Victory is yet to be claimed...

Samantha Sep 2018
She smiles
Like the sun kissed flowers
Staring up at the sky
On a field of never-ending blossoms in the summer’s light

But don’t be fooled
There’s a tempest brewing
The cumulonimbus clouds murk over her inner world
So deep into her immaculate soul it’s pursuing

She loves
Like the moon’s devotion
To the vault of heaven
On a glorious gloom

But don’t be fooled
Her darkness is the asphalt
On the terra firma
When the vale is most coruscating

She exposes
Her finest face
Like an overawed beau on the first night
Of *******

But don’t be fooled
Her behemoth lies slightly waken
In the depths of her muddled consciousness
Like a war solider awaiting command

She is two sides
Of the same coin
Tossing for heads or tails
Don’t be fooled

Samantha Sep 2018
I pick up my pen and paper
Trying to knead my words like a baker
My mind feels like strobing lights
Can’t even remember what I wanted to write
Samantha Sep 2018
I knew I loved you
When you held my hand
Pretending I was your girlfriend in that bar.
When we drove down the
Hill, windows down
Music up, singing along
High as the moon in that night's sky.
I knew I loved you
When you called me crying about your dog
And didn't know what to do.
When you sang to me
"Don't you worry, don't you worry child" in that club
And you told me it'd get better.
When you made me smile all the times
I was down.
I knew I loved you when you
Though my weirdness was cool
And when you let me be my exposed self
You never judged, it was easy to
Tell you my deepest secrets.
I knew I loved you when we took that selfie
And pretended to kiss.
When it turned real as our
Connection solidified through our lips
I knew I loved you when we pretended
It never happened because we
Didn't want to lose each other.
I knew I loved you all the
Times we fought and drifted away for things
I can't even remember.
When our opinions would clash
And our lives kept changing.
I knew I loved you when I hated you
And all your girls because I knew you could do better.
I knew I loved you when you finally met her
And it pleased my heart
Your gamble was finally over.

I Know I Love You
Because I'm smiling as I immortalize our bond.

I Love You
My Best Friend
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