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Rosescent Jul 2020
Feelings can be felt,
But can’t be melt.
Feelings can be betrayed,
But can’t be made.

Feelings can be sad,
But can’t be read.
Feelings can be played,
But can’t be laid.

Feelings are messed,
Because they are pressed.
The world doesn’t care
what you feel,
what it cares is, do you
Have any (fake) life reel?
Rosescent Jul 2020
Oh!! my school short it seem now...
Cried at the first day, laugh at the second day
First day friend become last day friend
Lunch in the class, bunk out of the class
Fun at study time, run at exam time

Oh!! my school short it seem now...
Head on the desk, heading towards success
Friend in stress, cheat in test
Pink slip in hand, fear from father's hand
School ptm, my death atm

oh!! my school short it seem now...
Friend holding from teacher scolding This is the end of school life with result file
Rosescent Jul 2020
We will share every pain
You said you won't leave me
When my sky will rain.....

But, you are the person
to give me
my life biggest pain,
making my life one again sad and plain.....

Now you seem to be fake,
just like my biggest mistake
to love you and,
to believe you.....

Your memories replay
just like a moving train.
I want them to fade,
just like that day.....

I regret, because now
You seem to be a threat
to my mind and heart.
But now it's time
to end this all
just like a memory loss..

— The End —