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He was the waking
The warning before the storm
But my ears were shut
My hands toppled over them
Like earmuffs frozen to my skin
I only listened to my chest
As it burned with menace
I opened my arms
To reveal my bravery was stronger than my fright
My chest bloomed for years
Carrying weepings of beauty and disaster
And when he went to the unknown
He left me speechless with crippling stories
The phone keeps ringing as you decline
I keep dialing your number over and over again
I know this isn't real but the heartbreak speaks otherwise
In my waking hours I know you are gone
But in this slumber is the only way I can ever see you
But you won't answer
And my eyes are filling so fast
I try to stay as calm as I can
But my heart is breaking all over itself
All over again
I just want to hear your voice again
I need you to tell me you still love me
But the phone never picks up on your end
And I'm left the same way I woke
Fool Me

You never found me worth it
God, I know I was a damsel in distress
But only the good kind that still had a smile
Even though it was forced, it still bloomed with bits of encouragement
And mostly, my belief in you
That you wouldn’t run me over with your reused undignified truck
That those old tire tracks you left on my body wouldn’t resurface
That your words wouldn’t be melancholy, leaving me lonesome
That those marks wouldn’t reappear, denting me harsher than before
That I wouldn’t lie here still wanting to intertwine my hand in yours
That I could, if you didn’t leave mine dangling lonesome beside itself
That you would take it all back
That I never gave it back to you in the first place
Not only letting you fool me twice
But being dim enough to let you fool me first

— The End —