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284 · Nov 2019
Merrily Alone
Reign Summers Nov 2019
They say the more the merrier
But I'm fine on my own

I can't break my own heart
So it's better to be alone
220 · Oct 2019
Reign Summers Oct 2019
I can handle
***** looks there
and insults here
I can handle
your hatred
and their sneers

But misunderstandings are out of my control
How you choose to understand me is out of my hold
What I said myself, I can be called out for
But what you heard, is my worry no more

And I could care less
About your interpretation
When it's like I speak English
And your language is set on Malaysian

I'm sick and tired of apologising to you
Especially when it's for your own wrong judgment too
Why should I be saying sorry
For how somebody else sees me

I forgave you
Although you never did ask for it
And I accepted the apology
Although I never did recieve it

I try to look from your side
So much that I forget to defend my side
For once look at things from my point of view
Maybe actually listen, before trying to get your point through

I can say sorry for unintentionally hurting you
But saying sorry for an innocent action is something I won't do
So for the love of God get this huge misunderstanding out of your mind
That you'll walk away after twisting my words and I'll cry over being left behind

— The End —