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Shadow of life
Always has your back.
Loves your reflection of character in the sun.
It accepts your flaws and splendors.
It wishes it can remember your actions.
It can't cause it has no brain.
Only you can remember what you've done.
It's underneath your control
It feels lonely without some light in your life.
It knows a new day will be around.
It's seen in every direction like a Queen.
It's on a chessboard wondering where you want to go.
It wishes it can touch you.
It wishes it can make you king.
It wishes it can help you with your ambitions
It can't cause it knows it takes time.
It understands confidence.
I loves to walk with you.
It loves to run with you.
It follows you when your in love.
It wishes it can wipe your tears
It can't, but it acknowledges your pain.
It loves to be hugged.
It loves when you hug your soulmate.
It questions if he, or she is the right one.
It loves when you drink coffee.
It wants to feel energized and alive.
It watches when you drink alcohol.
It dislikes you when you pass out.
It loves when you stay hydrated.
It knows, i't wont help it's shadowy skin.
It wishes it can take care of you when you're sick.
It can't but it knows you are the doctor at heart.
It knows when you become young and old.
It knows, it will vanish when you're dead.
It wishes to see you in heaven someday.
It wishes it can hug you when your in solitude.
It can't comfort you, but knows you need someone.
It Comprehends your exertion.
It wishes it can move again, cause it's your friend.
It wishes it can talk, and meet your new friends and shadows.
It can't but it's comfortable with who you have in your life.
It wishes you can give it a name.
It knows you can keep the same same, or change it.
It misses you when you are sleeping.
It wishes it can get rid of the monster under the bed.
It can't get rid of the monster, but it knows you grow.
It wishes it can fight for you.
It can't fight your battles, but it will cheer for you.
It wishes it can take care of you.
When you can't take care of yourself.
It doesn't want you to be afraid.
Cause then you are afraid of yourself.
It loves you for who you are, so don't run.
Written by Shane Cleary at 3:59 pm 2017 July 2nd
Oh How I loveth thee
A quite quaint angel in my own eyes.
With dark and white broken wings.
Und'r ****** falls.

I shall waiteth, and comf'rt thee.
Liekth thee loveth thy beareth.
Until the endeth of p'riod.
A hoarse voice with angelic tone.
Haer like the colours of my chameleon.

The tend tender lips of loveth.
A smileth and mind of ambivalence.
I shall loveth with nay judgment.
A halo as bright as the mistress
Possesseth in humans death's-head.

The lukewarm blue chopt lips.
The sleep chamber the lady did lie upon.
H'r ilness, but I accepteth death.
I can kisseth with green valor breath.
The strength of a giant.
The nimbleness of a lilliputian fairy.
Thee can doth aught.

Yon can crustheth and slipeth.
Through the cracks of timeth.
Thee can beest fell'r joyous.
Liketh the visage of a monst'r
I loveth thee f'r who is't thou art.

Thee can beest the wild animal with scars.
mine own canine ears ope to hark.
Thee can has't warts liketh a toad.
A belly as big as the univ'rse.
I shalt beest a fath'r.
thee can has't barb'd wire on thy corse.
My chivalrous armour does not mind thy pain.

Thee believeth chivalry is gone.
Somewh're on the planet, 'r in the heavens above.
Sickl'd by the grim reap'rs ploy.
The apparition 'r man you love.
I'm the pap'r thee loveth at which hour thy depress'd
The smileth thee misseth.
I am thy sir'r knave at heart.
I'm the knight thee wanteth me to best.
The lasteth sir standing at the edge of the w'rld with thee.
Thy the only ***** I protecteth, and loveth f'rev'r.
I give you can seeth how I loveth thee.

This poem was written by Shane Michael Cleary at 12:42 2017 on June 30th.
My vision blurred with a nightmare.
I'm in a restraint cocoon.
Bones and organs in agony.
Like an iron maiden with no teeth.
I'm conformable to my huffiness.
No shot, so I unintentionally yelp.
Unarmed like a pacifist.
I just have my feeble fists.
I left my guns in the armory.
I kiss my crucifix.
My last image of luminosity.
My heart racing like my Hennessy Venom.
My organs feel poisoned.
With my final touch on the reptiles skin.
my palms slimy and sweaty.
The firm scales of death.
The scent of lukewarm saliva
The vociferous slither of madness.
Waves of hell in the distance.
The red stop sign hit me in the face.
Knocked out by the boxers glove.
No more coffee to get up.
My ears blocked by a clamp.
No more sound  to my ears.
My core compressed  by the giants grip.
My vocal cords unplugged.
Bloodshot eyes trembling.
My bones cracking like glass.
My bones wished  calcium.
A shattered skeleton.
Swallowing cans of red paint.
Tasted like a plethora of pennies.
Ready, to be deposited.
I glanced up at the cloudy sky.
It was not night time, so no wish for me.
No helicopter, just stuck in no mans land.
My body exploded like water balloon.
A puddle of fool's blood into the amazons bucket.
Overfilled my demise with the unseen eyes.
The jaws of death caught my head.
Thrown by a pitcher at the speed of light.
Like the catcher that receives a baseball.
Swallowed by the hands of a magnanimously ravenous man.
Through the colon of an unforeseen life-style.
Like a time-bomb set to implode and explode.
Patience and impatience on your turn.
Unavailable to sit, and relax.
Your the omnipresent traveler.
You set the clock to walk the distance.
The journey can be short, or long.
Ambivalent hands reaching for acceptance.
The door opens for the strangers.
Into the eyes, face, and body-type of anyone.
that surrounds a dark room waiting for the light.
I'm naked and covered with protection.
I accept all genders.
You can have a seat now, or any time you want to.
You sit on me, but i can't see your expression on your face.
So I wait, until you defecate.
I accept all colors, and I accept anything that splashes my surface.
So let's be friends I want some company.
I want to get to know you, so just poo.
Or you too good for that to?
Dump all your haughtiness into my watery mouth.
I won't judge your character, or what you eat, or who you know.
You gave in to me without resistance anyways.
I'm watching you, so stay seated.
With submission and relief, the forbidden cave slowly opens.
The painful sensation you felt when you died.
Opens up a man-cave of arrogance and lies.
You thought were better than me, but your not.
If you want to listen to me, Ill flush you down into my mouth.
You land in water surrounded by ***** matter.
The ones you thought you pleased.
In the Floating liquid without order.
Your past came out your balloon knot, and you accepted your fate.
I Learned my lesson, but all I am now is just an arrogant ****.
"When we listen to whats right we're able to bring out the light in our lives, and whoever the person is we should listen to what they think.You give them a chance to climb the ladder to flip our switch.The brains power can stay on for good, or run out of power on the hour.There is nothing wrong about having inadequate knowledge and wisdom.In my opinion, knowledge and wisdom have no limit on the gauge, so we try to pacify and assuage a persons mind at any age.We perceive life, love, and knowledge as a learning curve.In my heart and mind;I believe we're all on the same team, but we all have a different style of playing and learning.We're out to win even if we sin, and I believe we have the generosity to recompense the women and men for their punctual attendance.We can do it through an arduous task by trial, we eventually have our name put on file.We are the unknown out there in the world with different faces, and different clothes ,but that is okay because we're all going to learn something different.We must always remember our friends, and family, and God knows, what we do from age one to ninety-three.We will learn knowledge and wisdom from age three, and through University.We will put everything we've learned into a blender, day after day so we always remember.Will begin to drink and think back even when we one-hundred years old.We begin to look back at what we ingested and digested, what w'eve invested.We take our proverbial smart pills at eleven O'clock.The days, months, and years have passed us by, and now we sit here like a proverbial cumbersome rock.All our knowledge and wisdom we have learned in our brains made us sane and insane had burned our life into ashes.We know everything we learned and earned throughout our lives is cremated by an unknown entity.The fame will burn in the flame with thee, you did the best you could since you we're three."

Written by Shane Micheal Cleary.
This  a poetic quote on knowledge and wisdom created by Shane Micheal Cleary on 26/06/2017.
I remember us getting married in September.
I know this wedding will be a day to remember.
I remember dancing at our wedding under the spotlight.
I remember this day was beautiful to me my wife in every single way.

We were dancing to our favorite slow song.
We smiled at each other like nothing was wrong.
I smiled back at you politely and passionately for so long.

You held my hand, and whispered you are my husband forever.
I held your hand and whispered, "I am happy we are together."
We began gazing into each others eyes, and we watched the time go by.
I could see it was night time, and we could see the fireflies outside.

Me and my wife danced until eleven.
We felt like we were in heaven on top of the clouds.
There was no more music anymore, not even a sound.
The angel placed a halo on our heads, were we wed before geting into bed.
The tuxedo and the wedding dress were worn for one night, and they didnt look at their best durability.
I don't care what others think, I love you and I'm happy you're with me.
The appearance is just for show, and we know it's a milestone.
With tuxedos and wedding dresses off on the floor; we should get wild and make love once more.

At last, the wedding was over and we can not believe it ended so soon.
At last, we are married and we were happy to be  on our honey moon.
We will never forget this day until we are old.
We will remember this day as spiritual souls.

Our hearts are with us until  the end time.
Our souls will prevail in the afterlife.
I am happy we're husband and wife.
When you feel down just remember to smile..
Just remember to crawl a few miles.
Just remember to walk and talk.
Just remember if you are in pain, and have a cane.
You were young once, and you're still the same.
Even if you are crying or dying.
Just remember you are trying.

Just remember life opens many doors, and even if they are locked, just remember you have the key to your own destiny.
We're crawling on the ground when we were babies
We're walking and talking to our friends in our twenties.
When we're old and cold, we feel like we're stuck in turmoil.
Just remember to toil out of the oil because there is a helping hand.
You will run on the path god has chosen for you, and that is your plan.
He knows you're fighting, even if your hit by lightning.
You've changed into a God.
You feel like you can conquer world.
You fall down, and beat yourself up but God will always give you another chance in heaven.
Do what you can in your lifespan.
You know this is your plan to reach up to the skies, and thank whoever you want for the unique figure you have, and  your beautiful eyes.
Never let the world bring you down, just keep moving, flying, and keep trying.

The tears that dropped.
The roadblocks you faced.
Will be under construction.
And no longer in the way.
You're a demolitionist.
You're a construction worker.
You can build what you want to make you happy, and your family of course will be proud of you.
You don't have to be perfect or rich
You just have be happy, and live life and get a tan by the beach.
Even if you're sinking and drinking.
Just remember make a salubrious stop, so you don't let the blood clot.
You can be a nurse or a doctor, or one hell of a worker.
Your profession is what you love, and that makes God happy and the angels above.
You live one life at a time, and you only can do what you can do.

Life can be rebuilt from the ground..
Your mind and body as well.
Life is a cast, but when it's off we are healed.
You were a caterpillar.
But now you're a butterfly.
Will you be at school, and at work on time.
I think that choice is up to you.
Life has a plethora of routes.

We all have different colours, and you know what that's fine.
You will open that door.
You know you have the key.
Just look in your pocket.
Just don't lose it because you need it for a meeting at three.
If you do happen to lose what you have, just remember there is a way to get it back even if it takes you twelve months up to September.
There is a ladder you have to climb to mount everest.
I believe in you, and so does God and the rest of us.

Life has plenty of colours.
Just like our wings, and we hear our voices sing
We all walk the same line, so let's reach the finish line.
Let's open that door together.
Let's see what the future will bring.
Who's with me just grab my hand, and let's crawl and fly together.
Your love for me has opened the window from the start.
Your love for me has sent a warm breeze to my heart.
Your love for me is distant like the luminous stars.
Your love for me is distant like Venus and Mars.

Your love for me shines like the brightest star.
Your love for me wonders where you are.
Your love for me feels light years away in space.
Your love for me will allow us to meet face-to-face.

Your love for me is luminous like the white moon.
Your love for me will happen very soon.
Your love for me reminds me of the Milky Way.
Your love for me wants me to pray.

I want to wish, and pray upon a shooting star.
I wish you were here because you live so far.
When this wish comes true..
All I want to be is with you..

I will imagine your manifestation by my side.
I will imagine you resting your head on my chest all night.
I will imagine you gazing into my eyes.
I want to imagine this all night..

All I have to do is realize you are far away..
All I have to do is pray everyday.
When all the shooting stars eventually connect..
In the end we will meet, and that will be perfect.
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