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 Jul 19 Yggy
Slur pee
Would you remember my face
if it were a different shape,
If our souls burned a new fate in another time, another place?
Were we only meant to graze against the grain of this timeframe,
Should I bargain away
all of my chips in this game
or should I fold and wait for another time, another place?

 Apr 9 Yggy
Slur pee
The devil lies on top of my windowsill
With whispered spell. In an ensorcelling hell,
He sniffs tricks up his sleeves and his tongue has become numb
To the weeping and gnashing of his rotten teeth.
The words he speaks are only born to deceive.
He creeps into sleep inching towards my infant dreams
And takes their life from me. Hold my throat, abort my screams.
When I wake take all that I see; blind me to the truth with illusory inventions,
Fact erodes with the friction of silky fabrications. Hold me in your visions
As the phantoms sing hymns of their unholy afflictions, for eternities
I shall be trapped in his perdition.

 Jan 3 Yggy
Sheer red fabric, embroidered with gold
Rested upon her brown skin,
The peaks and valleys of her body
Sharp edges that descend into soft slopes
Dimensions of her,
Like a living, breathing desert

Her heart is a ruby,
Sought after, rare
She is more than her beauty,
Her sturdy body
Her feet are strong roots
Connected to the earth
Even as she dances,
Twirling round and round
Her hair is dark and dense with curls
Her eyes are wide
And hold in them the entirety of the world's suffering

Her lips speak truth
Like honey pouring through them
She is Spirit embodied,
Red and strong and beautiful
Mystic in skin,
Her Soul is a flame rising.
 May 2018 Yggy
Ace Malarky






heart beat


left eye wink


both eyes blink.
heart beat


tear free,
stomp, stomp, repeat.
launch thy ship


mustn't cry,
must run ahead
      drizzle smite
      the demons dead
again, again,


I hear cries of tortured men
I ask my God,
      "where are they then?"

"When they die
      they're born again."



muse of hatred,
why do you cling to My hair?
My voice is sacred
to shout My words.
My Legend overflows.

a wake of rotting flesh.
a dank air blows
through the calm forest.


squeeze and pull
to no avail
my beard is grey
my skin is pale
my hands, they bleed
my mind, it fail

spirit bend
'til bowl it break
gears, they grind
'til body ache

i hack, i slash
i slash and burn
mother **** my every turn

i lay in sand and gasp for life
 May 2018 Yggy
unholy ghost
he tells me I am beautiful
as if that is my only value.
I am a body, I am a soul,
I am a heart that beats for
more than a face, more than
a shape. I am a mind that
aches to be loved after the
curves roll away and the
face curdles and I wear the
life I've lived proudly - I ache
to be more than a physical
treat, I ache to know that
once my beauty fades that
my heart and mind will still
be valued as much as the
vessel they exist in.
 May 2018 Yggy
unholy ghost
 May 2018 Yggy
unholy ghost
I am need
thirsty want
caverns of
finite light
and infinite
dark and
of moments
of undefined
shape I am
else I am
a heart made
for taking
from giving
or being given
because what
am I but a
buffet line of
for hungry
mouths that
are not mine
to feed
 May 2018 Yggy
unholy ghost
 May 2018 Yggy
unholy ghost
the calm rumble
of your heartbeat
against my temple
is enough to silence
a thousand storms
 Mar 2018 Yggy
Like You
 Mar 2018 Yggy
Like a wave,
You crash over me,
Open my eyes with,
The calm of the sea.

Like a book,
Your pages read clear,
Sentences true,
Chapters sincere.

Like a wagon,
You carry the weight,
Of love, hold it up,
As your wheels rotate.

Like a compass,
I use you to guide,
My direction
I let you decide.
Another old one I edited. Much better now. I would love any critique or compliments.
 Mar 2018 Yggy
Elena Taylor
 Mar 2018 Yggy
Elena Taylor
I picked up the sand and poured it over my legs.
Sitting next to you watching the sunset was bitter sweet.
I chose the ocean, because I thought it would be easier if you were looking at something beautiful when I left you.
I never was that pretty when I cried.
You see the ocean and the sun look good together, but they can never really be together.
The sun looks like it melts into the sea. The colors mixing, touching, and then eventually disappearing together into the darkness.
It’s an optical illusion.
As close as they seem, they are actually so distant.
No matter how hard we try, we will never be close enough to be good together.
We are nice to look at, but once the sun sets, its just dark.
The waves hit against the rocks, sometimes becomes violent, it holds so much more than you can see.
In the darkness, the observers can’t see what’s happening. The charade is over.
Only the next morning it starts all over again.
I chose the ocean because it holds so many secrets from the world.
The sun is beautiful, and you my dear are gorgeous.
But we are from two different worlds, miles apart.
I think we need to stop fighting the distance, and just let it go.
Let the waves carry it away
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