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 Jun 2023 Yggy
Slur pee
I watched his body move in waves,
His limbs left a hazy trace,
A fluid ghost trapped in my gaze;
A blurry frame, possessed by the music
Invading our veins-
I’d get up and do it if I felt safe, but
I’m afraid,
To want the taste
Of friction clinging to our skin…
To crave, the heat of our rhythm
To feel his sweat, his steamy breath-
Dancing on my neck, my heaving chest
To have his fingers pressed into my soft flesh;
To share a moment more intimate than ***,

I watched his body move in waves
As he swayed,
In an uninhibited display
Of the primal connection
Between our souls entranced in passion

 Apr 2021 Yggy
not a prognosis
i turn to find myself
facing me
erasing who 
i thought i'd be
 Jul 2019 Yggy
Slur pee
Would you remember my face
if it were a different shape,
If our souls burned a new fate in another time, another place?
Were we only meant to graze against the grain of this timeframe,
Should I bargain away
all of my chips in this game
or should I fold and wait for another time, another place?

 Apr 2019 Yggy
Slur pee
Untitled 46.
 Apr 2019 Yggy
Slur pee
The devil lies on top of my windowsill
With whispered spell. In an ensorcelling hell,
He sniffs tricks up his sleeves and his tongue has become numb
To the weeping and gnashing of his rotten teeth.
The words he speaks are only born to deceive.
He creeps into sleep inching towards my infant dreams
And takes their life from me. Hold my throat, abort my screams.
When I wake take all that I see; blind me to the truth with illusory inventions,
Fact erodes with the friction of silky fabrications. Hold me in your visions
As the phantoms sing hymns of their unholy afflictions, for eternities
I shall be trapped in his perdition.

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