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not a prognosis Jun 2021
alright, so i'm transparent
pellucid in my manner
conclusively transpicuous
diaphanous from skin to heart
unequivocally seen
not a prognosis Jun 2021
"Good Morning,"
says the heart to me
already in a race
"Is it?" I ask,
adrenaline presenting
a very different case
not a prognosis May 2021
you cross my mind so often
i sit and watch you do it
no wonder i don't find my way to yours
i can't seem to move
not a prognosis May 2021
if i were a botanical
i wouldn't be a rose
perhaps a surprise
bearing in mind my thorns

the difference is the gray, really 
you'll find me wilting in its' misty dew
almost as if i've forgotten
the edict of a proper bloom 

roses do not grapple with this
simply sprouting vivid hues
i fear my skin blanches 
while comparing what we do

one consolation perhaps
(although i'll never be so sweet)
at least my scent remains verifiably
despite the names i keep
not a prognosis May 2021
when i cry
i taste the salt
from your tears
instead of mine
not a prognosis May 2021
ordinarily paranormal
in multiple realms of existence
just a ghost they say
but i feel it in this dimension
fading in and out repeatedly
hello goodbye hello again
chilling my bones with this feeling
this haunt has just begun
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