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when i cry
i taste the salt
from your tears
instead of mine
ordinarily paranormal
in multiple realms of existence
just a ghost they say
but i feel it in this dimension
fading in and out repeatedly
hello goodbye hello again
chilling my bones with this feeling
this haunt has just begun
i sink into stability 
trying to push away the idea
that despite myself
i may float to the surface
finding i am no longer immersed
the chaos and uncertainty
a landscape i can't escape
wet drops of peace sliding off my skin
evaporating into my surroundings
as if they had never been
i turn to find myself
facing me
erasing who 
i thought i'd be
i can reprise the things that you've done
the places you've been
the songs that you've sung 

to disclose my own musings
would be another story indeed
for i feel quite cozy staying discreet
my arm is numb
my fingers tingly

i think this must be
a friendly reminder of my

gently, i respond
"no need, sir
i am a walking
existential crisis

fear of death
and i are well
an opening cabinet reveals
my lunchbox is a shelf too high

i will admit,
a couple of things come to mind

i must have left it on the counter
for i cannot reach that top shelf

you must have placed it up there
finding me too much of a mess

i work to keep this roof above us
but all you see is where i fail 

and when i don't meet your standards
you always make certain i'm aware
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