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2d · 102
Yggy 2d
This crowded rock has shown me
What it means to be lonely
I had my pocket of glee
Jun 15 · 30
Yggy Jun 15
Hell-bent to perpetuate the pain. Every token of well intent, spent
on the same ****** thing.
Earth drawn to earth.
Fire to fire.
Lovers to lovers.
Liars to liars.
Passionate about this
remiss sentiment. Lament, yet
continue all the same.
Ubiquitous, illusory cog grinding along.
Encore after encore, following the swan song.
End it in anger, continue it with love;
The failure will always fit like a glove.
May 15 · 29
Yggy May 15
I saw a shooting star,
The most beautiful I've seen.
Long and luminescent,
Falling away from me.
I knew then I shouldn't regret
What I've been doing.
It's gotten me this far. I
Learned this from a shooting star
Apr 26 · 89
What the's all about
Yggy Apr 26
What does it mean to be quiet?
What does it mean to let go?
What does it mean to be dying

What do you need to keep trying?
What do you need to grow?
What do you feel when I tell you you've had it
All along?

Does it bite you to the bone?

Does it grab you and never let go?

Or do you let it pass by like
So many things

Opened your eyes and shut the door.

Doesn't that shake you to your core?

What does it mean when nothing means anything,
What do you do with your time now?
You've taken in all the world's troubles,
And haven't let a single thing out.
Mar 18 · 7
Yggy Mar 18
The empty spaces where you should've done something
will be the air you'll cough up past those things you never said.
Mar 14 · 112
Yggy Mar 14
Diamond points,
Spread out from the beak;
Conniving eyes,

Ah, ignorance..
A treat.
Inside the mind,

The restless
Will eat
The living.
Sweet like the revenge it is.
Satisfying like revolution.
Mar 14 · 43
Yggy Mar 14
A handful of change,
late day, very windy.
I started walking to the store,
made it to the end of my street.
We lived on the corner,
and there stood an oak tree.
I stopped there.
I felt something watching.
It was getting dark,
and it was very windy.
I looked up in the branches,
heavy limbs swinging.
All except for one.

   There was something.

A dream of familiar places,
stuck together just so.
Ol pops in a rocking chair,
rocking out of control.
Maw by a mirror,
face full of fear,
hair going white
and flying as skin peels.
I wake up then,
change strewn on the nightstand.
The thing in the tree
did this to me.
Mar 2 · 40
Yggy Mar 2
I'll find your warmest spots
I'll creep under your clothes
Over freckles and dots
Navigating your repose
I'll find a soft place
Settle down to feast
There's no time to waste
Succumb to me

I'll hunger
For a piece
One drop
I'll tap
Your seas
Grow fat
It's killing me
It's killing me
Mar 2 · 34
Yggy Mar 2
Keep staring at the clock and you'll catch those hands; wake up old, confused, and hurting.
Feb 27 · 31
Yggy Feb 27
This will be my last report
I've done run the course
Got buyers remorse

Cold    startin this *******
Just ain't worth it no mo

I'll pull up on the Saturday night
Park n **** the lights
It'll be alright

Let it rust   n turn to dust
No need to fuss or fight

It's all waiting on the flippity
That I'll never see
Oh woe is me

What a waste, gone without a trace
What a dull ending
Jan 28 · 97
5 days following
Yggy Jan 28
It was okay.
I didn't feel it.
When you said 'this',
I didn't see it.
I remember for once
What I'm here for.
This isn't it.
I don't feel it.
Jan 12 · 46
Yu Yi
Yggy Jan 12
The world stopped turning but things still spin.
I think we need a rewind to do it again.
The tape's getting old, the wax is crumblin,
but it's bending round the folds and the sounds keep mumblin.
I know there's a toll coming up ahead. I didn't bring any change but I brought some bread to keep the
birds nearby flying over my head.
They let me know if they've been fed.
They don't say nothing, but I understand.
They let me know if there's something dead.
They don't say nothing, but I understand.

They told me I should plan a trip,
but they never mentioned I was already on it.
They told me it would all add up,
but I'm always short so I resort to pawnin.

God help me; birds, here's your bread.
Tell me if I'm already dead.
I'm heading for the mountains, empty-handed.
They don't say nothing, but I understand.
Jan 1 · 92
Yggy Jan 1
What can I dream, outside of a memory?
What can I be, without you?
Dec 2018 · 60
Yggy Dec 2018
Bear with me. I'll bear with you.
Together, we can carry the world
Update: we failed.
Dec 2018 · 52
Paid for
Yggy Dec 2018
This quicksand doesn't give out refunds, so please keep pulling. Whatever is left of me, is yours.
Oct 2018 · 223
Yggy Oct 2018
When you go, I'll be
getting comfortably
closer to my grave

When I lay
the last time
it will be
like any old day
Aug 2018 · 73
Yggy Aug 2018
There's this particular palette of feeling I lost, and now must be satisfied to watch dry.
Jul 2018 · 75
seceip --
Yggy Jul 2018
.yrros er'uoy yaS
?retteb leeF
.rehtie eM
Jun 2018 · 42
Yggy Jun 2018
Bodies fold in this smoulder, emptying the air from out their heads, evacuating the lingering dread that inside they're already dead.
Souls writhe in this disorder, touching anything that they can, reverberating the color red as the blue fire slowly gets colder.
From where
Did this
A wish
That arms
Could bear?
Every atom clashes, and in this disarray, ecstasy establishes a Winter King's reign.
As these fingers touch this skin, reason goes insane. Following the heat, as aimless as the rain.
Does one
To heal
To mend?

Whispering denials in the grips of evidence,
The body draws to pleasures in lieu of spiritual penance
Jun 2018 · 58
Yggy Jun 2018
What words raise walls, and furnish this space, vivify this mirage, breathe life into this place, what words will trace, agree with the soul, with objective grace, this subjective toll, what words can chart, with terse sentiment, if only just a part, a heart's lament, where to begin, where to aim, where to end, and start again, in this mirage, in the realm of thought, why raise these walls, where clarity is caught, meaning shadowed, purity filtered, these expression gallows, where goods are pilfered, the distance grew, as days crawled by, between us two, this me and I.
May 2018 · 70
Yggy May 2018
Nostalgia of the pain,
Honeysuckle of emptiness.

Laughter of ancient jokes,
Transcendent punchlines.

Retrospect obsession,
Jagged edge reflection,

Crystal clear in the hollow nights of hurt.

Lofty existence, spent weighed.
Pounds of electric weather, paid.
Surreal ambiguity, made.
Clarity fades.

A personal ocean deep,
Tears for every wave.

Gritty, draining as the soil most inert.
May 2018 · 68
Yggy May 2018


not even love can compete with the heavens in which a dope fiend dwells.

No matter how you show them, they will never notice that this ***** paradise is hell.
about nobody; something.
May 2018 · 125
Under Senryu
Yggy May 2018
Despite the blood drawn,
In light of the stretching dawn
Souls are pulled under.

Under heaven, touch
the essence of who you are.
Under heaven, reach.
May 2018 · 55
Yggy May 2018
Restrain me with these fleeting moments,
hold me down by way of laughter,
so I can resist this death sentence,
and stay below the here-after.
May 2018 · 219
Scale senryu
Yggy May 2018
I was wrong, I see.
My water mixes poorly
With the flame of you.
May 2018 · 78
In sect universe
Yggy May 2018
Precious little thing,
You'll die, stuck here
In this honey.

Poor little thing.
You won't even
See it coming.

In your abandoned colony,
Your echo will mark tracks
Of these empty promises
You can never take back.
May 2018 · 61
Culture senryu
Yggy May 2018
Fearsome monument.
Terrorism, you call out.
Yet, terror, you spread.
May 2018 · 64
Yggy May 2018
All I have to do is as important as a cat's to-do list, very remiss with every scratching of a check.

Where are all my hands, for they are not all on deck?

All I ever breathe in this post-dream reality is as a wish upon a star, unbelievably close and undoubtedly far.

I mean this most sincerely when I say it all has meaning, as our world is run by the remains of dinosaurs who got stuck in tar.

Have you ever thought ' what is this I put in my car? '

I try to hold on to a figment of imagination, as it flakes away like paint on absorbent severed trees.

It brings me to my knees when I admit I haven't hit the bottom yet, for all I feel is the certainty of sinking.

Chasing a fading note, the volume swells and a bad grounding wire is evident as the buzzing grows until the next track hits and I'm left alone in this
mirage of some meaningful nonsense I let

sweep me far away. What a game to play, tip toeing in a giant's nest!

I forgot what I set out to say, forgot the melody, forgot the meaning and yet I still hear birds chirping.
May 2018 · 55
--the gist
Yggy May 2018
This heart
the song
of those
on culture.

Chained down by blood,
for a note
they can
sink their teeth into.
May 2018 · 65
[email protected]
Yggy May 2018
I pull these flowers far too late and out of season.
My pockets fill with the premature and the dead.
I kick these rocks I used to never notice.
I put them in my pocket, in the back of my head.
Apr 2018 · 94
Yggy Apr 2018
Thanks to your butterfinger slip, we have so much to look forward to.
The happiest little accident in human history; Bob Ross is surely proud.
Mar 2018 · 190
Yggy Mar 2018
All this fear, would be accepted, if there was something left to lose.
All this anger, would be welcomed, if there was anything left to break.
Mar 2018 · 278
Yggy Mar 2018
Answers, biological bonds, communication can cause definite decisions demanding dominance, expansion eternally endeavoring enrichment equally for friends, for foes, forever freely giving generously, gemüt gestalt generating genesis growth.
Mar 2018 · 55
Yggy Mar 2018

upon a time,
this friend
told me
if I  keep
d e g r a d i n g myself
I'll come to believe it
and I believed him
and I believed  it
already,   so
it wasn't
or anything
, but

I was already doubting a lot of other things
at the time,
so I
one more
couldn't hurt.
Mar 2018 · 50
Yggy Mar 2018
Time stops for appreciation.
Space moves through passions to be.
In time, your body fails,
And that space in your head
Discards veils
And moves.
Feb 2018 · 68
*points at top of wrist*
Yggy Feb 2018
Burning in the fire that is these chemical reactions,
how is it any of us have time for straw dogs?
Feb 2018 · 53
Great Division
Yggy Feb 2018
I am but a word on a background.
I am the stone smoldering in the ocean, giving away every part of me that is touched.
I am the open book with the old pitiful spine.
I am the dusty remains of something great.
I am but one nerve-ending, firing off along these lines, catching fire to the page.
I am the knot that holds.
I am the words that let go.
I am the ragged welcome mat of a mediocre cabin.
I am the pine tree that blocks the view.
I am but one and yet around every corner.
I am the serpent that speaks to your apple, whispering you away from the path.
I am the soft breeze that leaves branches wanting.
I am the bird whose song spells LOVE.
I am the problem.
I am the solution.
I am of great division.
Jan 2018 · 79
Yggy Jan 2018
I made it again.

What do I win?

A number,         plus one.

Another trip 'round the sun.
Dec 2017 · 83
--senryu triple
Yggy Dec 2017
Valleys and mountains
Of conscious awareness come
And go; wax and wane.

What is death, but a
Wider valley than you have
Ever known before?

The funny thing is,
You have known it many times
In the ebb and flow.

Sinking, slipping in
This dance of awareness, you
Truly are a fool.
Yggy Dec 2017
Drummer please refrain from hitting anything while we talk about
what we're doing wrong
where it is we're going
who here's just playing along
what if we get a show, I mean
we all seem to be growing
each along a different line
finding different words
to rhyme with "who am I"
well here's a couple words
from my grime-encrusted mind
from the heart scarred from hurt

Nov 2017 · 74
--other; significant
Yggy Nov 2017
A treasure left sunk,
swimming with sharks, you still shine
in a different sky.

Oh, my dear old friend.
I'll be here if you need me,
though I know you won't.
It's for the best
Nov 2017 · 110
--you are my spider
Yggy Nov 2017
I'm your fly
With all my eyes on your shadow
As you go about your business
Collecting me

Stuck mid-flight
You hold me in time and space
And this dusty corner
Becomes my world

And you hold me here
Hung from your remains
No one dare come save me
I am preserved
Nov 2017 · 1.4k
--Be Kind, Please Rewind
Yggy Nov 2017
just a memory now.

just a memory now.

just a memory now.

just a memory now.

just a memory now.
Nov 2017 · 164
--beefheart bend
Yggy Nov 2017
Watching all the strings fly by
Look at all these knots I tie
Indifference, give it a try
More present than love

Watch as the world flies by
Watch as the doves take dive
Hit the ground in an instant die
A life summed up

You a flower pushed through dirt essentially birthed a soft-skinned element You a flower leathery hide many times died many times died You a **** through concrete grinnin a wayward seed in cracked walkway spinnin with everything else with everything else you turn catch sun and shade again and again and again grinnin and grinnin again and again you turn and turn give birth and die give birth and die while spinnin and spinnin and the world flies by and there you lie lost seed in concrete crack grinnin deep and deeper
Nov 2017 · 92
Yggy Nov 2017
Every last bit of the **** they feed me

Believing the euphoria will last
This time it will be different
Not like it was in the past
This time I believe it
I can take what this has to offer
I can empty every last coffer
Enrich my soul with this moment
This time I won't blow it
My mouth opens in awe and then I'm repeating repeating eating eating
Oct 2017 · 76
Yggy Oct 2017
As my material falls apart
in the rapture of time,
space will fill with curiosity.
As my shed skin collects
in the corners of my room,
significance will wipe me away.
The certainty of a single leaf,
the acceptance of a toppled anthill,
the colors of muddy waters,
however dull they may be;
The mundane will be filled with all the mystery
of the furthest reaches of our distant neighboring star.
The cold reality will burn anew
in that timeless flame of electron.
Oct 2017 · 79
--Something of Nothing
Yggy Oct 2017
My move is the cornered rat
My smooth is the mirror crack
My groove is the hissing cat
My moon is the cheese weighed trap
My time is the captured sand
My line is the grasping hand
My space is the sunset strands
My pace the sine of ridged tin cans
Where the thoughts coalesce
Where bad blood coagulates
Where the wind gathers specks
And deposits timeless anchors
Where the cost is a rest
Where the price is a dead snake
Where the heart stretches out
And with childish wonder, creates
There I recede
After navigating
The perilous divine lights
That blind and bewilder me
Oct 2017 · 72
Yggy Oct 2017
Slowly sinking lower.
These vines don't support the weight.
Wrapped around trees, their indifference
Should've been clear to me.

Kicking the way for emptiness
To bite in with every shake.
Down to my knees,  creeping deliverance:
Bury this failure; set me free.
Oct 2017 · 62
><> ~ <><
Yggy Oct 2017
Did you get your cake today?
Did you get a little money?
Did your family call and say
"Happy birthday, honey"?

Did you get your wishes sent
To be granted on a breath?
Did somebody ******* so good
It made you think of death?

Did you get a new tattoo?
Did you smoke some ****?
Or maybe now you huff glue...
Idk, happy birthday baby.
Jul 2017 · 122
Yggy Jul 2017
I never knew a girl named June,
Never knew a girl named May.
The fourth of July was my baby's favorite holiday.
When explosions rocked the sky
With colors and festive flare,
And the smell of burning paper
Filled the nighttime air;
For her, this was the happiest time of the year.
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