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Oct 2023 · 111
Yggy Oct 2023
I stopped going with the waves.
I turned and let them crash against me.
I had my anchor, pulling up the ground.
You'd think it was an island in making.

We made this scenery.
The way you folded arms around me.
No contenders, by your spell I'm bound.
It was a dream we dreamed in waking.

I relive this forever.
A miserly toll.
To these waves, I would surrender
Everything I've known.

But there's a catch in me.
A ****** hook of reverence.
This isn't love, I know.

I can't help this reveling.
This decadence in limerence.
It pulls me down, fearful and spellbound.
If I'm ever found, will there be anything
Worth taking?

What I'd trade to
this misery
as beauty.

It is all I have
as offering
to free me
back into the waves.
Jun 2023 · 73
Yggy Jun 2023
Overheat in sun, I am in idle, unable to

Run away from fears, lies and denials,  they catch on

Everything I do, all tests and trials, and they drag me


The sun.

Nowhere to hide.
I greet the serpent, coiled inside.
Striking my mind.
And my heart faithfully carries the bite.
Time and time again,
I am freed through this affliction.

Wind and unwind.
A towering knot, deeply entwined.
Wrapping my mind.
Finally, my heart is now blind.
Time and time again,
It beats through this decision.

The fever of life, unbound and wild, telling me to

Copy the path, be a child, and in time these

Serpents that bled me, will feel the heat, and hungrily

Come to


This pain.
May 2023 · 93
Yggy May 2023
Deny it if you wish.
We all live for this.
It makes no difference;
Meaningful, meaningless.

To dissolve your walls,
To play with this trigger.
To let it go off,
Then return it to sender.

Call it a holy act.
Call it something sick.
It is still a fact:
You want it.
May 2023 · 61
Yggy May 2023
Hands in my head
Fingers in my eyes
Worlds of said
Fury of minds
Guns in my heart
Bullets in my veins
Rupturing the soul
Blowing up the brain
Laws in my body
Bribes in my health
Chemicals, the jury
Reactionary wealth
Angels in my heaven
******* in my hell
Reservation limbo
May 2023 · 298
Yggy May 2023
You                   let                        go.
What it could've been, well, we'll never know.

Line up your memories in a row.
That way, when they fail, you won't
be confused

There won't be a single thing left to throw you off your trajectory.
There won't be a single lingering unknown.

Leave it all in a neat little line.
Shouldn't take long, you've barely lived your life.
Disregard the voices in your mind.
Your heart has died, they'll tell only lies.

Let.         It.           Go.
Quit fighting for whatever, God only knows.

Give it up and welcome in the cold.
It's all you have left to hold.
Nov 2022 · 109
God, help me.
Yggy Nov 2022
The spaces you carved out in me
left behind some figure
for the way I ought to be.

The traces of you, that fill me,
all I can remember,
leave me empty.
Jun 2022 · 99
Yggy Jun 2022
I can't skip rocks over lakes or rivers.
I can't go down without the surface
coming down with me.

I can't keep talking and thinking I'm sane.
I can't see how others make the ripples
and claim to see clearly.
May 2022 · 81
Crawling Again
Yggy May 2022
Whatever is left of me,
if you can remember anything
I've ever said,
down any path I've ever
led you, or
wherever you've led me,
if you can see me,
I'm free now,
for this world that is
always taking.

There's no need to lie to me,
there's no need to comfort this
dying fool who
wasted his time, pining in his
prime for a
he knew
would never come.
After all, this
misery was by
design, to save the one
I love.
It's over now, I'm giving up.

I don't want your
sympathy, your
thoughts or your
I wish I could illustrate
what I've won from this dare.
How do you
describe something
that isn't
I lean on the hope that
what's left of me,
you'll share.

I took
bleeding out this
emptied every coffer,
every altar
the pretty paint
looking for the
and there it was,
this emptiness, getting fatter.

Now I sink in,
once again,
to this bog
I've been
stuck in,
struggled in,
woke up in,
fell asleep in,
dreamed in,
broke free in,
feared in,
**** and ****** in,
got cleaned in,
once again,
it takes me under.
May 2022 · 61
Slow Burn
Yggy May 2022
Every light I see at night,
Ripping through the darkly hue,
Worded right, I hope they might
Make come true a wish for you.

Wild star, falling far
Without shame, unafraid
Heaven mar, henna scar
Though untamed, you know her name.
May 2022 · 64
Yggy May 2022
I've gone mad in the empty
I've breathed in too much hope
I've collected one big memory
Bit it, chewed, and choked

When something dies within me
A slice of life maudlin
I'll spit out my misery
Bite, chew, choke again

I'll keep this up forever
It will be my effigy
The loss that keeps me together
Until it, too, is empty
Mar 2022 · 499
Yggy Mar 2022
Thoughts and prayers

The water that floats is the water that sinks

No forest for the trees, no chain for the links
Oct 2021 · 305
11th of October
Yggy Oct 2021
So long did I
Avoid recognizing
This play for
What it was.

No stars aligned,
No fire radiated
A single sign to
Pull me from these lines.

Long ago,
Deep below,
Treasures in the night
Only waited...

What was I thinking?
I could never let this go.
Forever is a long time
To be sinking...

So long have I
Gone without deciding.
So long, dear life
I'll never know...
Sep 2021 · 65
Yggy Sep 2021
Whoever coined the term

"time heals all wounds"

had either no sincerity

or no heart

After a while, we become jaded to these gestures of clarity, these simplicities that try contorting pretty colors from the grey. To be human is to share violently all things you think are true, to be ugly in direct proportion to the beauty you wish to see. Don't hide from your pain; strangle it. There's no time for less.
Sep 2021 · 66
Yggy Sep 2021
I've never known how to start anything.
If I manage to, I don't know how to keep it going.
I don't even think death will be an end to this ignorance.
Aug 2021 · 59
Yggy Aug 2021
The truth unfolded like a snake,
how much venom can you take?
Before you crumble down and break,
Will you admit to being bit,
close your eyes,
and at last, wake?
Aug 2021 · 278
Prairie Heart
Yggy Aug 2021
Humming to a tune that only buried men can sing.
Tell me when the music stops and where I begin listening.

When I'm picking through the treasure dug up from the ground,
Tell me there's some meaning when the lightning touches down.

And if in spite of everything, the world, it spins again..
Is there anything to lose and what is left to win?
May 2021 · 78
Yggy May 2021
a thing of chance,
of choices made,
what's there to say
of circumstance?
May 2021 · 319
Yggy May 2021
Never could I be so free
to look up at the turning sky,
let go of what let go of me,
and end this with an empty line.
May 2021 · 78
your story is in progress
Yggy May 2021
Are you willing to trade
a moment of embarrassment
for a lifetime of

Let them say what they will about rock bottom.
Truth is, a foothold is the same wherever you might find it.
Apr 2021 · 79
Hope #1
Yggy Apr 2021
Liquidate fear,
that you might afford
some closure
to this pain.
Apr 2021 · 242
Yggy Apr 2021
No secrets to find.
No mystery to inspire.
One blasphemous road.

No guilt, no lessons.
No growth, no revelations.
Sleep and dream their dream.

Heaven costs life.
The very act of life: sin.
The irony: lost.
Apr 2021 · 148
Written by the Void
Yggy Apr 2021
Wind howls and whispers
Earth cracks and whimpers
Water rises and falls back
Fire does it all
Apr 2021 · 86
Different Pains
Yggy Apr 2021
I stand still, getting buried, under pressure, by the sands of time, I am covered, remembered, unseen.

You are up there, getting scattered, over mountains, by the hands of life, you are stripped, made bare, cleaned.

It is my remains you pump to the surface, it is my dead fire that gives yours light.

It is your straining to make villains out of victims, your commitment to love crimes that keeps me reaching through the night.
Apr 2021 · 83
Traveling Soldman
Yggy Apr 2021
Too bright to lose, too dim to win.
Life, give me something other than a ******* lemon.

Gathered all the hues, painted virtues and sin.
I'm not about to do all this ******* again.

Give me another clue, like who's an enemy, who's a friend.
Otherwise I'll keep pointing fingers in faces until they cave in.
Apr 2021 · 160
Extant Apocalypse
Yggy Apr 2021
Stretching out on a word, a snapped twig totality, out here in this jungle of stars. A fevered recognition that you've gone nowhere that wasn't there, almost waiting for you to notice. Watching the world dress for the occasion, the wisest still find their walls close in, some pure language barred from discovery. There is no escaping this gravity of choice, no contracting this expanse plot, here, in this tumbling of stars.
Apr 2021 · 65
Yggy Apr 2021
Drawing a blank
in the eye of the beholder
is high art
if I've ever seen it.

The fear of the unknown
is too often replaced
with the overbearing price
of certainty.

Faith only pays when it's shaken,
and yet we light fires
to find
the day.

To create is human.
To doubt is divine.
To live, to breathe,
is to cross that line.
Yggy Apr 2021
You let the ability atrophy beyond reckoning. Nobody will be listening to your sickening, self-defeating reasoning, your words lacking anything resembling creativity, nuance, feeling. You've turned your past into a living thing, stripping the present of any wrappings, the only lasting ribbon is this crushing need for security. You're paralyzed at the thought of living, terrified at the thought of giving up this hungry passenger who leaves you weak and empty. You must let go of this broken thing you call on instead of surrendering, surrendering to the truth that this life, it isn't ending.

It ended. It's over.
This life you had is no more.
This life you wanted so dearly isn't hiding like some four-leaf clover.
It's gone.     Let go.
Before it's too late, before you grow so deeply in this wasted longing, that none of you will show.
Look above this water, be terrified of what you don't know, instead of drowning in some bottle, looking for some afterglow. Instead of swallowing some paper, hoping the lines will show you the road. Show us there's a heart still beating, a rhythm finally worth repeating, there's more than ghosts to keep on breathing, this pain will not remain undefeated.
Apr 2021 · 67
I can't write anymore
Yggy Apr 2021
Trying so hard for what
Waiting so long for who
Desperation bleeding like a cut
Calling fell flew

Finishing the thought with a but
Ending it with ifs; ands too
Subtlety coming off rather blunt
Why does everything remind of you

Childish here, an old man there
Angry about this, about that I don't care
A variety of gifts, none of them pair
Beneath this skin, there's nothing I can wear
Apr 2021 · 59
Yggy Apr 2021
Take a sprung and spring,
Call the parts complete,
Give it everything.
Apr 2021 · 38
Remembering Tomorrow
Yggy Apr 2021
Speaking in comparisons, shedding tears for laughter, a choir of thoughts playing pong.
Preaching in silence, death from birth, and birth from death.
Changing rules, a self-impose, a creeping sudden.
A vision felt, lukewarm heaven, room-temp hell.
A feeling seen, all stones divided, all drops one thing.
Welcome to who you are. (meant to be)
Yggy Apr 2021
My heart tells my mind tells my body tells my heart tells my mind tells my body tells my heart tells my mind tells my body tells my heart tells my mind tells my body tells my heart tells my mind tells my body tells my heart tells my mind tells my body tells my heart tells my mind tells my body tells my heart tells my mind tells my body tells my heart tells my mind tells my body tells my heart tells my mind tells my body tells my heart tells my mind tells my body pick it up
Yggy Apr 2021
Sink into your seat, all heavy and empty.
Look at this world you used to prize.
With a sigh, smile through broken, ugly teeth.
Best not to cut; better to untie.

Tell yourself again how the good ones die.
Tell yourself again you don't deserve pity.
Tell yourself again why you stay alive.
Even if every reason's a bit ******.

I'm tired of pretending.
I'm tired of this sensing
a thing that is denied.

I'll continue giving,
hoping in the taking,
they'll leave nothing behind.
Apr 2021 · 175
Yggy Apr 2021
Blind them with too much or blind them with too little. Then they'll see your half truth and think it a whole.

Hand them some sticks and teach them to whittle. Then they'll see the forest and think to cut's the only goal.

Somewhere inbetween these things, somewhere in the middle. Bouncing off the heart and brain, there's this thing they call a soul.
Apr 2021 · 72
Yggy Apr 2021
A need to be done
A period to end this sentence
Did the time, then some
I need no more witness

In this moment hung
Within walls that mark off spaces
The air that fills my lungs
Can't blow away the traces

Left here, in these emptied lines
Simple letters twist into signs
that I cannot unwind
I cannot forget these faces

A moon is said to cause the tides
A sun is said to tan our hides
I know these to be lies, now
Love commits these crimes

The ebbing of my life

From wants towards this need
Oct 2020 · 48
Opportunistic Kindness
Yggy Oct 2020
The places you went, and the time you spent

I'll never forgive, I'll never forget
Oct 2020 · 37
Yggy Oct 2020
It is considered obvious you should never show your weakness, and yet it is the most empowering thing you can do.
Yggy Sep 2020
I can't even think of you
as a memory,

but that's all you are
and it killed me so long ago

I don't know how to live anymore.
Aug 2020 · 50
It's on me
Yggy Aug 2020
Courtesy of circumstance I can give a ****,

or maybe I can muster up two:

One for the countless who bled for this chance,

and one for little ol' you.
Aug 2020 · 47
There was a thought here,
Yggy Aug 2020
There is a feeling
stuck in the beating

of a heart, lost
in the vivid unknown
Aug 2020 · 35
Yggy Aug 2020
So here we are, no more
willing than able;
with eyes set on some
unknown sovereignty.
Where does one
turn in to

No solemn feat

So here we are, in the
space where lips sync.
Twisting in a mystery
When does
turn in to

Aug 2020 · 44
Yggy Aug 2020
A bullet dodged is a shot wasted.
A chance to feel, left wanting.
A chance for healing, erased.
Jul 2020 · 53
m ru age m
Yggy Jul 2020
Under a tree
Atop a hill
An iron altar
I made to fill
With my shame
And with my hate
Yet all the same
Stayed closed the gate
I knew was there
Above the hill
Where treetops sat
Never still

Nothing changed
But still I tried
When trying failed
The gates I pried
To no avail

With hinges bent
And keeper gone
My will is spent
And I go on
To remember
How I built
This temple that
I left to wilt

This altar now
Heavy as hell
Where wings to heaven
I hoped to spell
With good intent
Sunk far and down
Out of sight
Without a sound

I hoped I might
Salvage a chance
Of dreams come true
With this dance
Of right and wrong
Good and bad

Now I'm glad it's gone, good riddance

I forgot
I constructed this
This stab at bliss
I had a shot
I knew I'd hit
Yet there's no chance
I didn't miss
Mental exercises long ago stopped, now another sore on the eyes that can't help but see
Jul 2020 · 51
Yggy Jul 2020
What is it to breathe the same air
As those who take flight
In full daylight
Up towards the sun
To melt and reform
To whatever they choose
And all that they lose
Is their bindings?

What is it like
To go off a side
To roll in the tide
To cook in the sun
To go down below
Where certainly gold
Is buried?

Where do these whispers
Creep through the sound
Of the man who fell down
Of the man who drowned
Of the gold never found
And the soul now unbound?

I'm hard of hearing.
Jul 2020 · 53
The Had Matter
Yggy Jul 2020
Holes and gaps
There, can't you see
The remedy
Is only clear,
Only a thing
Because of these
Holes and gaps

Holy crap
Here, remember me
The same thing
So sharp and near
It's killing me
Holy crap

A word can be

So heavy
A hole can breathe
Jun 2020 · 46
Yggy Jun 2020
Can't get it out
Digging at the heart of the thing
Always seem to be forgetting
What it's about

It's like climbing a mountain
Looking for origin of spring
Everyone says in this forest
There hides a tree

Dropping the ball
Watching this scene of gravity
All the loose ends traveling
On the back of a dream

down there, to die
Inconsequential life
Taken out of the light
So nobody can see

the result of no praxis
This moment has no axis-
Just relax.

This is how it's meant to be.
Mar 2020 · 56
Shaking Vine
Yggy Mar 2020
It's so hard in the beginning.
Perfect ones are so rare.
Trying to lift off this burden
I chose to bear.
Oh goodness, this happiness.
So little left to share.
Please give me a reason, anyone,
To continue on with all my caring.

Im leaving in a dream
I'll be back on yesterday
I'll see you in the scene
Where they explain what everyone did.
I'll carry the sweet flavors
Of a fruitful spring,
Down to the bottom line.
So I won't forget.
Mar 2020 · 63
Love Ballad
Yggy Mar 2020
Settling in the moment with a sigh
The times I'm never here,  I wonder why
What could escape this day,
And be seen fondly by tomorrow?

What could a beggar to royalty bring?
What treasures has the infinite never seen?
I'll give it my best guess.
I'll give it everything.

Let it go, now.
Let the ship go down.
You were never the captain,
Only along for the ride.

The waves roll out,
Touching the clouds.
And heavens never knew how to touch the ground.
Yet, they tried.
Dec 2019 · 102
Yggy Dec 2019
Welcome to the wave, the fourth to come through.
The horror and the beauty, equally true.
In its death throes, a self portrait painted.
Kaleidoscope of worn hearts jaded,
Beating anew.
You'll have to choose.
Will you say you're grown or will you say you grew?

Welcome to the days they sang to you.
Where the bars in the cage suddenly move.
The clouds in your head, all but faded.
The flowers in the garden, no longer waiting
To bloom.

Truth be told, don't know where it's headed.
Think we're going up. There I said it.
Follow the current, set by the moon.
Giant for all, from a little by you.
Dec 2019 · 735
Yggy Dec 2019
I spent all this time
waiting for forgiveness,
Yet it was I
who needed to let go.
Dec 2019 · 90
Yggy Dec 2019
Burning in my chest
This thing i never used
Creaking shut like a waning moon
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