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1.4k · Nov 2017
--Be Kind, Please Rewind
Yggy Nov 2017
just a memory now.

just a memory now.

just a memory now.

just a memory now.

just a memory now.
721 · Aug 2016
el tiT
Yggy Aug 2016
His notion for all this
Sappy, emotional
Dribble and spit,
Bargain-quality ****
Is just catharsis, a
Comical, slightly
Sardonic carnival
Of what it is to be
A man alone, loosely
Wearing his bones with
His heart on his sleeve,
Which is ripped and hanging
From a stick, declaring
His foolish little wish
On which he clings,

It may be fate's cold dish,
Either way, he's sinking
702 · May 2017
No title
Yggy May 2017
Average guy tried to kick the snake, so it bit him
He could feel the venom
A similar incentive

Unnecessary villain
Made necessary by
The collective litter
Turning sweet fruit bitter
Yggy Aug 2016
I don't want to write. I'm not in the mood.
But I have to do it. It's a thing I do.
So, sorry y'all. You'll have to bear with me.
I can't even get drunk right now. Oh the misery.
If you want to skip the *******,
Click down to the ******* squiggley.
I write when the overwhelming reality
Of post-happiness and emptiness surrounds me,
Drowns me in the grip of the undertow
Issuing from all those things I knew
And wouldn't let go of. So they grew
To be stones immovable, the blue
Churning to make room for their slow
Descent into the unknown.
All this is, is my effort to make a bubble.
Whether to signal for help or help myself,
I don't know. I guess whichever is less trouble.
The lovable, down-on-his-luck, real distant
Misfit who knows exactly how to fit in.
I suppose that's me, if you choose to believe
This is me that I'm being. I won't be
Fooled so easily. For indeed I am the fool,
The fool who used his hands
To take food from other lands
And ran on his two feet
After kicking something sleeping.
Something sleeping selflessly.
Something sleeping just for me.
Hell I had to wake it up,
I'm not worth a price so steep.
Everyone should have their chance.
I ****** mine up, so **** me.
I told you all to bear with me.
If you've stuck around, that's nice to see.
I don't care either way, the point this is making
Is no point at all. I just need to write.
It's like pressure being taken off a really filled balloon.
It's like somehow quieting down a goin-ape-**** baboon.
Take one is always great, until you record over it with take two.
My lines aren't always great, but you'll snort em up anywho.
I know, I'm all over the place. But these words, they stick like glue.
Maybe that's why I need to write. Maybe that's why I hate it, too.
They never seem to come out right. These words hardly fit any shoe.
Yet, I need something, somewhere to start.
Bleeding heart poet? I'll play the part.
Evolve like a **** to a shart, and become
A mean-spirited thing. A bled heart sum.
A regular in the slums
Breathing trash-burn oxygen.
Looking up at the sun
Wondering where my moxy went.
Burdening my pen,
Which shifts it to the page;
Estranged from the tangle
Now, this unaimed auto-ramble.

I suppose everything should have an end
If only to leave openings to begin again.
But knowing me, I'll probably nail my shin
And fall to the ground, oo-ing and ahh-ing when
It's time for me to get off the stage.
Just take a look at my life, any page.
You'll probably wonder how I've survived on such a wage.
Well, I'm thrifty, *******. I'm insane.
I'm like a perfectly fine cat, but with mange.
You won't touch me, but my own kind will still play.
And if you do, my disease spreads like a plague
And consumes you until there's nothing left but disdain.
Please try to pet me so I can run away.
I want all the attention, without any of the danger.
I know you've fed, every single day.
But that doesn't change that we are both predators.
And that hand that feeds will meet catastrophe
If it happens to wander too close to me.
Cliche time: it's not you. It's me.

So I write and while I'm writing
I find the signs of my demise
Comforting in light of my shortcomings
Falling in place along these lines
444 · Dec 2016
Hey look, nostalgia
Yggy Dec 2016
I see old friends going on with their lives.
Having kids, some party, others husbands and wives.
Here I sit, reminiscing, can't forget how far I've
Grown from everyone I've ever known.

Time, it slips from open fists.
My mark on the world, a dusty to-do list.
I stand on the edge of a growing distance,
440 · Mar 2017
Yggy Mar 2017
There can't be sharks in chlorine water.
Dip toe just to be sure it's ok,
The temperature, anyway.
Always, always, picking at everything..
Just give in and swim.

The fear of sharks in poisonous water:
give all of your hopes away.
Soon is coming the day when
You'll dive right in to uncover
The true fiend lying in plain sight

407 · Aug 2016
Untitled cinquain
Yggy Aug 2016
Hopeful, Rebellious.
Learning through scars.
Reaching out for more.

Biting, Bleeding.
Chains going loose.
Spiraling into the Unknown.

Deafening, Blinding.
Moral supports buckling.
Weakness, clenched in fists.

Crippling, Stagnant.
Sinking into despair.
Quietly clawing at Nothing.
cinquains to explain
364 · Dec 2016
Infectious yeast
Yggy Dec 2016
Polarized penny-****** rubbing clam on hand to seal the deal of sweet body feels, the temple of joy for obtuse bush-beater toy.
Springs of regurgitated hate steep the pores with slime veneer seeping out of the hole you swear holds silver spoons for delivery to the mass's benefit.
Stuffing slits with ignorant mindless droll to make it feel full of life while seeds rot in your gums and thighs, the tides don't curb friction hide.
Polarized poker gives the charge to the joker in the root, rendering the point and the poke moot, popular for being the first smoker, slack grappling super-soaker satisfaction ******* shoot me in my ******* make me feel cute.
Step down to justify rotting apples in the eye, pungent odor from the motor of super-sized ego hoarder. Super-sized meat-fold folder.
Sniff it. Eat the thing. Lift it up to sing, bring me everything for I have nothing. Teeth on petals sting.
**** the stems and never breed.
341 · Aug 2016
The muse is dying
Yggy Aug 2016
******* the pooch. Hell yeah.
Bundled up in the heat of May,
always wantin' to play, but never do.

The ******* Scrooge. That's me.
Contradicting, let me be.
That's okay, my worries are always true.

Souvenirs never meant that much to me.
Am I blind? is there something to see?
Have I read between
all the wrong lines?
Have I wasted all this time...
tying myself to a, poisonous tree?
I can't believe my eyes.

Watch the news: **** me.
The pain is gone, where could it be?
Traded all my warm colors for blues.

I have to choose,
Every action brings irony.
To see me change would **** my only muse.
Yggy Aug 2016
(A collection, from across time;
for both the pearls and the swine)

(A letter)

To the walking scar of the eagle star,
You really haven't made it far.
You keep on finding ways to believe
There's reasons you should keep breathing.
From the trees you **** the air,
Stand on life without a care,
**** your waste into the water,
**** away your hopes and bothers.
Grime- and barb-encrusted bone
Without a hole, without a home,
Wandering post-happiness
Looking for a frog to kiss since
Fantasy is all that's left
In that body, soul-bereft.
You will die, alone, afraid
Time and again, day by day.
Ripped apart by your sentiments
Out-dated, almost archaic,
You fall from grace, all good outshone
By hate you let flourish and grow
Deep down, rising up to scratch
The surface, and just like a match
You are consumed by your own design,
Blotting out all the lines.

You are alone, and you are afraid.
You know, all of this, you made.
You see what your efforts wrought,
What your neglect brought, what your lies bought.
You will die, alone, knowing
The winds of change will keep on blowing,
Over you

And away

Dear star, don't be afraid.
The wings of strange creatures such as you are,
Mangled though they may be,
Will take you somewhere comforting


Push away, on the boat
Lift it up, the sail
Cutting through the gray coat
On the river Fear

Looking for the islands I
Know must be there
Places that I love

Places that I care for, and
Reach above
The water I must be careful
to stay out of

(That blues horse)

I've been shown to the water
The waters don't flow for me
I've been down to the water
Followed it to the sea
Knew I couldn't stay any longer
When the tides got mean
Maybe we should call a doctor
I'm drowning
I tell them not to bother
*** I know I must go sometime
and these

Do flow

I tote a swag, but I don't slay - em.
I got the cards, but I don't play - em.
You'll never catch me out there ballin'
Never receivin any calls and
I buy them bags, n I don't weigh - em.
I get the bills, n I don't pay - em.
I am not on top of ****, but my
Mind my body soul n spliff are lit, I'm
Losing my mind, hear what I'm say-in?
Don't wanna die, but this ain't liv-in.


Almost everybody seems afraid or angry
Raised not to do as done but what they say
Everything's backwards with eyes open, crazy
Violence and abuse, TV-MA

Stay faithful to the system, they'll change eventually
Tomorrow can wait then, it's just another day see?
It's all in the now, you are the center of the happening.
Turn around, smile with your missing teeth, be happy.

Nothing is perfect, so it all meshes perfectly.
Everything is magic, so nothing's magic technically.
The world branches out based on your understanding.
Love. No locks can withstand the key.


Slop on those


nuggets of

silent gold.

Lay them out

so maybe

they'll give back

them shoes.

Then I could


so fast, you'd think

I took a bite of

young bent's

Mars bar

and didn't get away with it.

This is kind of

like Christmas for me,

When all the gifts

are socks and clothes.

But no shoes.

Or like

when the food you microwave

is burnt along the surface

and frigid in the center

so you get tired of waiting

and just mix it up


only to find

that doesn't really work

too well., but,

you knew that.

You'll do it again.


Burning diesel so sour,
Coughing up strawberries
For about an hour, now.
The train done wrecked
And the dream went blue,

Look at what these trees are doing to me


Old man Luck never had the roots.
He missed out on many a thing.
He was caught underwing in his first spring,
And so grew used to them walkin boots.

Old man Luck was weighed down
The day that he laid down his
Hopes, and his
Fears, and his
Dragging around him
Those dreams that have bound him
To their cold
And lifeless


I know you've been wondering
why I do... certain things.
You've only seen a little, and
that's apparently all you need.

Shallow being.

I won't let you make it
water under the bridge.
No, I won't let it be
what you try to make it.
Can't you see? You're fake,
and those aces up your sleeve
are showing. How ****;
your tricks, foul comments.


You're blowing it.
Bad signs are homing in.
The seeds you've planted
are splitting with cannibals
that know how to flow with it.
Take control of it.
Take responsibility for your deeds,
see the patterns
and quit ******* ignoring it.



Wake me up now, don't leave me hanging
I don't know how it is I'm found
I haven't seen a trace down here
That's why I'm off the ground

Fill my cup, my soul needs arranging
New Feng Shui, maybe silver-plated clouds
Left to climb. Now I'm left hanging
Maybe I should just jump down


maybe one day I'll be
With the special plates

The catchy name
The allure
The grace


It is a race
Against time

A pace
A sign:

"I will cheat death.
Life's just a ride."


Never left behind


I'm losing it.
I'm about to give up.
No I won't.
I can't, anyway.

I'll keep on going,
Blood and guts and
Bones and all,
All over the floor.
I've littered the **** out of
**** near every situation
I've ever
found myself in;
Throwing up quietly
at the sight of all this

Don't you see?
I'd love to be there.
But for all relative purposes,
I'm not breathing


Body-broken, mind-choked, heart-less monotony

Soul-******, fresh-bled, flesh-less anomoly

Spoiled leftover. Improperly stored meat.
Wolf it down daily. Was it ever sweet?

Tainted courier of a love-less soul,
Bow to oblivion

I'll keep looking but I won't see
Forget about it
I'll pretend I'm something I don't wanna be
Forget about it

I'm everyone in their cars, in their homes, on the streets
I'm everywhere you are, yea I'm everyone you meet

I'll keep listening but I won't hear a thing
Forget about it
To be continued
323 · May 2017
Untitled '08
Yggy May 2017
A soft caress of a palm glide,
A kiss for each temple,
A wispy sigh.

The bugs drink my blood like wine
As I bathe in that moment,
Crystallized in time.
312 · May 2017
We suck!
Yggy May 2017
When the counter's wet
When the sink's a mess
When the floor is sticky
With every step
When the crust is set
When the bugs ain't coy
When molds collect
When disease employs
I won't  clean it.

When the milk spoils
When the cereal is grey
When the veggies are old
When the fruits decay
When the cookies are clay
When the jelly is white
When the bread can't break
When the nuts have mites
I won't throw any of it away.
308 · Oct 2016
Yggy Oct 2016
You're blowing wind
Into my ear
You're blowing wind
I cannot hear

It's in the air its everywhere
I breathe it in it's on my skin
It's in the air its everywhere

You're blowing wind
Into my ear
You're blowing wind and
I don't care
My attempt at good old thrash
305 · Feb 2017
To be tampered with later
Yggy Feb 2017
I don't know what I was thinking
I couldn't say what should be said
I think this is why most start drinking

You can't **** what's already dead
It's really got me thinking
Of things that shouldn't be said

General health is sinking
Sunk mind in an **** head
Rotting teeth start stinking

Look at where love led
Chains of intricate linking
Ironically tied to the tool shed
295 · Jul 2017
Yggy Jul 2017
Inspired to quit.
Perspire and spit.
Let them know it.
Flames grow silent.

Kick a pile of ****.
Track it on the carpet.
Lick a mile of mint.
Try to hide the scent.

Use it for the moment.
Hate it for the moment.
Confused in the moment.
Trade it for the moment.
Abuse it for the moment.
Use it for the moment.
Use it in this moment.
Use it in this moment.
279 · Mar 2018
Yggy Mar 2018
Answers, biological bonds, communication can cause definite decisions demanding dominance, expansion eternally endeavoring enrichment equally for friends, for foes, forever freely giving generously, gemüt gestalt generating genesis growth.
267 · Dec 2016
When love finds me
Yggy Dec 2016
It finds me down,
Out of air and *****.
It finds me sour.
These lemons really ****.

It finds me slipping
On rocks that used to support.
Getting lost in reminiscing:
To this, I now resort.
You found me at my worst
And raised me lovingly.
Our ideal bubble burst
And scattered vicious seeds.

So I found a way
To give you wings to fly.
I made myself the enemy
And in the same breath, died.
Please stop finding me.
Let sleeping dogs lie.
Let the dead turn in their graves
Away from prying eyes.
There was a wave of these going around poet freak, and everyone was all sappy about it. So, I evened things out
251 · Aug 2016
Untitled O
Yggy Aug 2016
You were freaky as hell.
I remember that clearly, you
stood out like the sorest thumb,
hit by authenticity's ironic hammer.

So I tasted the **** and
ever-so-slightly veiled disgust
you were toting around like some
majestic plume in your ragged cap.

I don't know if it was just a joke, or
maybe you had some intuitive
glance at how freaky I'd be.
We'll never know now,

Will we?

Point being, I wonder what became
of the girl who let spiders crawl
all over her on her bathroom
floor. You still do that?
You dropped signs,
like maybe I was
some kind of
you were
planning on
cooking up all
for yourself, and
I probably wouldn't
refuse death by feast.
You were a shadow, then.
I think I can see you now.

But we'll never know now,

Will we?
244 · Aug 2016
Luck senryu
Yggy Aug 2016
**** this funny bone.
It always finds a corner
Every single day.
234 · Aug 2016
Yggy Aug 2016
Expound me for me,
you boorish bore.
Tell everybody
who I am,
at my core.

I'll just keep my mouth shut;
it'll keep the flies away,
***' right now, honestly,
I've got nothing but **** to say.

But hey, you knew that.
You know the score.
So go on and tell them,
228 · Sep 2016
Yggy Sep 2016
I was accompanied today by a dragonfly
as I rolled through a lot of small-town killers;
Weaving through the headstones my mind laid out
After first impressions marked them all dead.

I was reminded of when I was little,
when a cloud of dragonflies followed me
every day to the bus stop, every day home.
Long before vile things filled my head.
224 · Oct 2018
Yggy Oct 2018
When you go, I'll be
getting comfortably
closer to my grave

When I lay
the last time
it will be
like any old day
222 · Aug 2016
Yggy Aug 2016
Meshed into the cosmic fodder.
Torn and strewn; universal lard.
Maybe this is dying...
Oh hi, Moirai!

This pendulating plane,

An existential game,
I didn't know how to play.

Went back for round two,
Just to test the subjectivity.
At first I was astounded
By the sheer volume of mystery.

You crushed, you pulled,
You played me for a fool.
All the while, mocking me
Like some bully at school.

Oh hi, Moirai!
No need to hide or disguise.
My eyes are open wide, now.
I'll no longer try to slide out.

Ever since I stepped into this
Buffer between the gross and divine.
Nothing has been the same (lol).
I walk the middle line.
219 · May 2018
Scale senryu
Yggy May 2018
I was wrong, I see.
My water mixes poorly
With the flame of you.
Yggy Nov 2016
Married to the criminal;
Married to the saint.
Eventually the dreams are grinded;
Seasoning for the steak that
finds its way to the plate
Every single night.
When will I wake?, you say
as you take a bite.
'Tis all, I'm afraid, she replied
as she raised her knife and
portioned out her life.

A tear fell away;
The steak was seasoned, right?
Just another day,
A husband and his wife.
211 · Aug 2016
This is where the title is.
Yggy Aug 2016
This is where the body goes.
Where are the brains?
Where's the heart n soul go?
It comes from within? Oh.
Way to make me feel stupid, bro.
I know I have those things,
Head chock full of tube grains,
Barely beating heart and
A black soul.

All this bearing is making me cold,
Like a bag of forgotten coal,
Dying to smolder and blow away;
Smother this stranglehold.
I don't have the words, I know.
I just know where the title is,
And I know where the body goes.
210 · Sep 2016
You were a dollar
Yggy Sep 2016
75 cents
On the cold road;

Lost, forgotten.


Left there.

Given a kiss
Of hot asphalt,

To linger,

For it is
just a road,
207 · Feb 2017
Yggy Feb 2017
Running through life,
not knowing exactly
where I'm goin',
or what I'm passing by;

It's always good to lie

The blood in my cries
should let you know that
I'm just like you,
I'll slowly but surely die.

No need to cry,

are only
tem po rary,

when you solve
your problems
by being
a *******

the cornerstone
you'll marry,

if you go in search
for the meaning
behind the hounds.
206 · Aug 2016
Yggy Aug 2016
Must.... make my mark...
- - - - - - - -
Lost in the gravity of your...
- - -
- - - - - - - -
I will... Climb...
- - - - - - - -
Pay homage to your...
- - -
- - - - - - - -
203 · Aug 2016
Yggy Aug 2016
So I see

You found
a key;
A suspicious

Head in the clouds,
As if
On a mountain's peak.

Bring up what is down.
Other way around.

Do not be meek.
No time. Just speak.

Feet on the ground,
As if
On a mountain's peak.
202 · Aug 2016
Yggy Aug 2016
Don't even think.
I'm here for you.
Just do as I say.
I'll steer for you.
Won't lead you astray;
You must have faith.
I honor, adore, and revere you.
I only ask the same,
in your own little ways.
I am yours as much as anything.
I am always here,
Never far away.
Through every year,
Through every sway.
Yggy Oct 2016
A wall
stands tall
before me

my sight
from truth

Grips me
fine honey

Stands strong


Dirt floor,

This wall
seems to be

Growing where

Flowers sown
with heavy

The wall
puts them
to use
194 · Dec 2016
Yggy Dec 2016
Bear witness to this
Filling up of dead space
with dead things
Every word
Lacing disdain
Into a chokehold
Around my mind
Flowing out
Like so many chunks
In a mudslide
Until it stops
All that motion
Held up, choking;

The final thump
In the empty room
Poetfreak procrastination
193 · Oct 2016
Yggy Oct 2016
I still laugh at jokes that
weren't for me, from
people that would
**** me if they

that hate me
for all the right
reasons. If I could
change things, I would.

Just kidding

I give up and give in to the dead end wishful thinkin. It's clear I made a mistake, you can't relate, everything is ******* great for you and I'm happy for ya but I'm also irate, for heaven's sake I can't seem to quit this dead end wishful thinkin, hopin maybe one day will be like yesterday or so it seems. It's been several years, actually, those things I cling to that were reality then but now dreams I give up I give in but I can't I can't win I have nowhere to begin and you were the last loose end.

I am a sail without wind
I am a snail with a shell crumbling
I am a lightbulb, broken to bits,
Exchanging hits with the darkness
With light like spit in the eye of the god who is I and has ****** this carcass to punishment through stark comparison of what was what could've been what is and what will be since I am stuck on this wishful thinking

I give up I give in, so I say but here I stay in death forever lasting. ******* and **** me too, I choose to abuse myself ruthlessly otherwise I'll have no engine to keep going. You'll never read this and I continue knowing you'll never see this and I keep going lower like a limbo extremist blowing my spinal discs and heart chakra faucets accruing costs monstrous that I'll never get cleared up like acne on the face told to cheer up with a body old and seared n burnt like a piece of meat never turnt like a new leaf, I tear up knowing you'll be another figment in this story of my existence and all my wishful thinkin will never break through the ******* I do on a regular basis. I'd love to drop you like a cancer stick but you Are the cancer laced in my being fully from the ceiling to the basement, if you ever chose to ignite and show me your true sentiment I'd be ashes in a matter of seconds.

Just do it like nike. Tell me I'm a ******* so i can die swiftly. Tell me in a picture or a short sentence, nifty. Just tell me so I can go quickly. A thought of you lifts me but I hit the bottom of the rock bottom so drop the reality on my dead head and crush me so my soul can squeeze out as elegantly as old play dough and get full crispy so the wind could maybe ******* out somewhere pretty where nobody will miss me, just some odd color on the wings of the lunar flow, glow died low and no longer slowly writhing just tell me so I can know my time is up and quit winding up old gears and crying old tears. The years have not treated me well I am in hell, so open the gates so 'falling' can be 'fell'.
190 · Mar 2018
Yggy Mar 2018
All this fear, would be accepted, if there was something left to lose.
All this anger, would be welcomed, if there was anything left to break.
190 · Jun 2017
Swim the trim
Yggy Jun 2017
Slam some clam
Catch some ******
Pound some mound
Traverse the meat purse

Heave the wizard sleeve
Slip into some snipper
Push on the bush
Dine on the wavy line

Stab at the grabber
Lick the prickle
Hit the slit
Slap the trap

Splash into the ****
Embellish the crevice
Wrench the trench
Budge the drudge

Sink it in the pink
Swish some fish
Stir some fur
Plunk some dunk

Root the coot'
Revel in the bevels
Loosen the pin-cushion
Feel up the lip cup

Drop on the crop
Press the crest
Rout the pout
Rub the slick muffin

Ride the great divide
Stick it in the bald biscuit
Brave the love cave
Rough up the bunny tuft

Power the flower
Sock the wallet
Ruffle the pink truffle
Rock the tackle box
I couldn't stop.
189 · Aug 2016
Yggy Aug 2016
These pieces don't fit,
but here I am
mashing them together,
assisted by spit
and ****
and moans,
all the whistles;
My meat n potatoes
are just spuds and gristle.
189 · Aug 2016
You're in
Yggy Aug 2016
You must be jealous
Of my ability
To control my stream
Like a laser beam

You must be miffed
That I can scratch
As casually as my back
My holy sack

There must be envy
When, in the snow,
I write in cursive
My name in yellow

I must be mean
If I aim at you
Or maybe it's a blessing
Either way, they're just shoes

I usually sit
But I'm no lady
Call me crazy,
I'm just lazy

Just be glad
When you're aroused
You can walk around
Without walking funny,
189 · Feb 2017
Yggy Feb 2017
Some days ago I realized I'm only getting older
So I tried to be bolder, shake the whole world off my shoulders
My failure has only made me colder
The fire inside, unfed and dying
I can't keep track of all the times I tried to hold her memory
Tried to forget all the lies I told her, silly
And all the lies told to me I let them roll over
Like Sisyphus and his boulder, forever crushing my four leaf clover

Deceit bred a hate I held dearly
A fear grew from what I'd see if I ever saw clearly
I drink what I drank and deny insanity
Still hoping for the change to spawn from monotony

To be continued, I'll see you when I see you
Today tonight tomorrow, next year, anywho
I'll still be a fool and you'll still be a queen
A jester in your court till the fat lady sings
188 · Jan 2017
Yggy Jan 2017
A weakness is in me
and it won't stop eating,
meeting the maker soon,
be sure to ask just who
my anger should go to,
I can't see due to bad weather,
I've noticed it gather
around storms
like they need to be wetter,
so I'm hanging on
to the hopes
for some clerk or
to show me the perks
of the concentrated misery
I sweat out like lighters
after you finally buy one,
when I finally fly out
of my skin
to the sun,
I hope I won
a few
for something fun
for my special someone
who's memory
a **** ton
to be
so I don't,
I let it
keep eating.
187 · Dec 2016
Refuse of a bull
Yggy Dec 2016
Rolling over for
Evil imagination
Every morning. Still

Affording space to
This once-welcome memory;
Feeding the hollow
Poetfreak procrastination
186 · Aug 2016
Yggy Aug 2016
Disturbing the dead, then
Relishing the living. I
Need to take this flesh to
Confirm I am still breathing.

Horizon of the deed, then
Cold wind enters my side. I
Know This Is Not Me, so
I issue a warning.

Get Out!
From here on, I am gone. I
Am now a devil's pawn. I
Brought this all upon my
Self and you, I'm sorry.

Embodying a song,
"**** them all. **** them all."
My body became strong when
My mind fell in the maw.

I remember what I saw
When the draping of this pall
Cut me off from you all:
My own internal squall, which

Fueled this gear-switch stall.

Embodying a song,
Sing along. Sing along. I
Brought this all upon my
Self and you, I'm sorry.
You should know by now. Words are the issuing will coming out of this gross
182 · Aug 2016
Yggy Aug 2016
I have been clothed
in despair; the
Golden circle
Crowning me.
I have known the
Silver tongue; the
bridge that's been there
All along.

I have been clothed
in fire; the
Golden glowing
like a brand.
I have met her,
touched her hand, and
Let her know I
181 · Aug 2016
Untitled 2
Yggy Aug 2016
I've lived to tell a tale I don't plan on telling.
I've made a lot of beds and have yet to sleep.

While silence is a key, my doors are swelling.
Without this charge it is obsolete.

When finally my soul's link is belting,
and I can finally play for keeps,
I will look back on these times of 'no telling'
and appreciate the irony.
175 · Mar 2017
Yggy Mar 2017
Why now, why not then
Stuck in the cliché of
"What could've been"

Sun rise, then sun rise again.
A cosmic punchline
For the hearts of men

Breathe in dust and dead skin.
Finish up your ****, and
Do try to grin.
174 · Dec 2016
Thoughtless I Craving
Yggy Dec 2016
Buddy-buddy up to the riff-raff rat pack.
Those self-entitling, blind-as-a-bat Big Macs.
Get your free ride, legs spread valley-wide.
But don't give me your empty "hello"s and "goodbye"s.

I've broken my back to earn this measly stack
And I'll probably burn it up like I'm addicted to crack.
A dollar here, dollar there. Oh no, it's all gone.
It's about that time for you to hear the fat girl's song.

Do you. I'll do me. We're not compatible, see?
I just want to burn trees and make melodies.
I'm not sure what you want, I can't hear you clearly.
Perhaps remove from your mouth that gold-nugget D.

Leave me alone. You smell of regret and greed.
If you weren't so ******, this might be flattering.
I'm sure there's some good in you, some decency.
But I've learned my lesson following these "maybe"s.

If I've grown cold, I prefer to see it
Like I just appreciate the warmth all the more.
Bought and sold, bought and sold. I'll keep on believing
silver linings, disguised blessings. Hmm..

The window, or the door?
Might be a duplicate
174 · Aug 2016
Yggy Aug 2016
In flickering light the fire drowned,

Peppering with crackle sounds

The egos of those standing 'round

As their walls came down.
174 · Aug 2016
Yggy Aug 2016
Bleed life dry, savior.
Set up shop and pay no rent.
Vacate the premise.

Go ahead, do it.
Leave me pondering "what if"s
An endless wallow...

Consider me gone.
There is nothing left for me
In this shell of fear.
173 · Aug 2016
"Living in Truth"
Yggy Aug 2016
You give me hope,
though you lived so far away,
in both time and space,
and no one remembered your name.
Quite the inspiration,
how you changed such rigid ways.
Quite the shame,
how you were forgotten in a day.

You shed the skin of a God-King,
all semblance of some divinity
that's somehow out of the common reach,
though we are all of the same being.
It's like you called "*******" immediately,
and began to deface
all the dogma and absurdity
of the human race.
You lived in equilibrium
with the science of life,
in a society full of peril,
fear, deception, and strife.
You could've turned backs
and fixed them with a knife.

But you didn't, you were in pace
with the universal grace.
You saw the waste that comes
from fanatical embrace.

But they killed you.
They didn't like your game.
All laced with change,
drastic change,
that would uproot their place
of power. So deranged.

They wanted you forgotten,
and so you were, for so long.
But now your words are resonating,
your anecdotes and songs.
You were the epitome of strong,
never faltered in rights and wrongs.
So now I hope your message carries on
to those aware enough to sing along.
Among the first individuals, this is dedicated to.
173 · Aug 2016
sour apple.
Yggy Aug 2016
This silent fear that haunts me
In spite of rain or shine
Always there, I'm pondering if I will ever be free.

Ever since I folded, like cards, like paper, the coddling of the ignorant mind has ceased, and revealed to me very clearly
That I will never be free.

Not as I knew freedom to be.

This obstacle is overwhelming.
The goal is so close and yet its still out of reach.
The pitfalls of this road are laced with beautiful things,
so its all up for questioning,
How will I know?
How can I believe?

This fear, it's
always there, I'm
pondering if
I will ever
be free
Depersonalized fringe in the wraps of existentia
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