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Ohani Oct 2018
I don’t want to go on
Not without you
Not without you at my bedside
Not without your warmth
Or your touch
Without your company
Please end this
I’m f
Ohani Oct 2018
I miss you
I gave you away
I have no right
I took you from my *******
I wasn’t up to the test
Forgive your mother
Never detest her
For she loves you still
Always will
Dandelions wilt on my path
The sun shys away at my pain
The moon calms the waves of my weary heart as I sob at the shoreline
Forgive me my child
Forget me so that I may love you from afar
Ohani Oct 2018
With the rise of the sun
Comes the beating of frantic hearts
Nervous women holding back tears; exhausted men tying up loose ends.
When will it end?
Flowers wilt in her mind
As she waters her heart
Because the foliage there is long gone
They all pray for peace
And grovel on their knees
Yet the pain still throbs
Cut me open between sobs
Someone water me please
Ohani Oct 2018
My stomach lurches
Jealousy is a cruel mistress
She always walks in uninvited
Her senses heightened
She  runs her fingers..
across my heart
Tainting every thought
So I sit chained to the couch
As she makes herself at home
and I lose all sanity
Ohani Oct 2018
We drift away
Far from     Love
Eyes watering
Fists clenching
Everyone moves on
Live on
Away.....From me
As they hold each other tight
I stand alone
They make new friends
I stand alone
Like a feather to the wind
Always adrift
Always alone
Ohani Oct 2018
Tell me about yourself
You say as you consult social media
As if the screen was more accurate
Than my face
Oh can’t you see
The USB  cord is tied around your neck
Trying to connect loose ends
Please click send
Because face to face
You’re nothing but a mess
Ohani Oct 2018
I paint my lips Red
Like the color
that floods my vision
My nails long and pretty
Sharpened to feline points
Who have I become?
Bold and angered
silent and treacherous
A force of hatred
My heels click against the ground
Leaving a sensuous echo down the hall, but don’t come find me
And don’t try me
Because this feline
Is done hiding
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