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I only write,
I am in love
Falling apart.
Think before you speak,
But when you do,
Speak boldly.
It's more complicated than don't crave, don't suffer.
The key is to do each,
And transcend both.
 Jul 2021 A Wandering Soul
Never scared to accept
the truth from untruthful,
A truth, is always truth

Safana - The Poet✍🏼
Don't just stand there
Spread your wings and fly
Soar to the highest point
Never touch down

You can achieve your dreams
You just have to believe
Like two ships upon the sea
I feel you drifting away from me
Further and further
Apart we grow
Will we find our way back
I hope so
 Jul 2021 A Wandering Soul
Never feel afraid
to tell to the liar
a truth...

Safana - The Poet✍🏼
If tomorrow never comes for me
If I shall not wake in the morning
Would you know I love you
Would you know I care
 Jul 2021 A Wandering Soul
When I only get to taste
The feeling of you
In my dreams

But now, I can hardly sleep

I can't see you
In person
In dreamland
I miss sleeping beside you in dreamland
I miss sleeping...
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