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Phantom647 Jan 6
To fear life,
And everything wonderful in it,
Is tantamount to being dead and buried.
Phantom647 Jan 4
There's one thing to remember,
As me move through life.
We're all one family.

We must hold each other close,
With love in our hearts,
So we can stand together,
Arm in arm.
Phantom647 Jan 1
Life's meant to be a little messy.
If you don't have some mud on your shoes,
Some dirt in your hair,
Or a scratch from an outward reaching tree,
Did you really have any fun?
Phantom647 Dec 2021
A life lived well,
Needs no attention.

One lives well,
For his own sake
And for the benefit of those around him.

Though he does it quietly,
With no need of praise.
Phantom647 Dec 2021
With a new year coming,
It is important to see,
How far you've come.
And what joys lie ahead of thee.
Phantom647 Dec 2021
A few months ago,
I wrote:
Give her love
And watch her grow.

In the time that has passed,
She smiles wider,
And her eyes crinkle when she does.
Her laugh is deeper,
And the sadness in her breath is gone.

To watch her change is a privilege only I have seen.
I feel as lucky as any man can be.
Each day brings new hope on the horizon,
As her tears wash into the sea.
Phantom647 Dec 2021
If there's no time,
For slow time,
Then you'll lose your mind.
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