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A Wandering Soul May 2021
I write for you in this poem
A letter from my heart
I can't promise forever
But I can promise a start
So when the world opens up
And pulls us apart
I will know I've done my best
By loving you until we depart
A Wandering Soul Apr 2021
Listen through the silence
Listen for the grating of regret and halt its destruction
For you control the direction of your sail
And must let it lead with faith
Against the noise of doubt
Through the river of tears
Across the mountain of fear
And into the joys of life
And more importantly
A life lived full
A Wandering Soul Oct 2021
Is there anything like the beauty of Autumn?
The change of the leaves to glaring red and glowing yellow
The comfort of rain against the window
The subtle heat of a drink in your mitted hands
Or the breeze's gentle blow against you
The feeling of inner warmth not even the sun could dream of
In soul and spirit
Care and comfort
Autumn blesses the world in all its beauty.
A Wandering Soul May 2021
At this point in my life
I am more than ever before
A wandering soul
Lost in the forest that is our world
In search of meaning I don't know exists
With regrets of what has been
And fear of what's yet to come
But more than anything, I have curiosity
For our future world
My future life
And everything in-between
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Eyes of ice
And words of fire
This power of yours
Will never tire
You control the room
With a simple smile
And the heat of your glare
Carries for miles
With a wave of your hands
You could have the world on their knees
If you call me, I will come
Wherever you lead
A Wandering Soul May 2021
I don't fear much
Death is inevitable, and so why worry
Sharks are a world away, and so they don't keep me up at night
But the dark- the abyss- terrifies me
It doesn't have claws or fangs
But that's just it
I don't know what it has
I don't know what there is
And its' up to me to find the light
If I fail, unlike death, it will be my fault
And that is petrifying
A Wandering Soul Jan 2023
Press your hand against mine
And see how even our scars interlink
Let me trace you fingerprints
And memorise every curve of your identity
So much so that a clone could touch me and it would feel like a stranger
So much so that you could touch the air and I would know you were reaching for me
A Wandering Soul May 2021
This forest is beauty
Simple and sweet
It shows me the wonders of nature
And only asks for my silence
A Wandering Soul May 2021
I must let it be known
That I refuse to give any less than all my affection to the one I love
When I find them
And they find me
They will know the depths of my heart
And feel its expression of joy at their smile
And with open arms
I will give them warmth
Through good and bad
Through highs and lows
Through sun and rain
For as long as they will let me
And I pray that they will let me forever.
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Dreams of a fresh world
Full of new wonder and hope
Free to discover
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Find yourself
Cry those  tears you've been holding in
I promise I'll wait
Because I know one day
You'll find your way back into my arms
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Time flakes away
A lifetime gone in seconds
Because of your love
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
And then, under the clear blue skies, I saw her
If it weren't for the sand beneath her feet
I would of thought she was an angel on earth
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
Why did I ever wait
To ask you for that precious date?
Months I daydreamed of what you'd say
But then came that dreaded day
I heard you were asked by someone else
Someone brave enough to tell you how they felt
I regret every day spent pondering what to do
For maybe if I'd asked, it would be me with you
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
You deserve someone who truly cares
Someone who knows your worth when they are with you
And knows their luck when they are not
Please, don't let people treat you any less than you deserve.
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Tension fills the air like smog
But you don't feel it at all
My heart is punching trough my ribs
But you can't see the damage
You have a way of shifting blame
And trying to make me feel insane
But I know myself
And I know you
Don't you worry you'll have no one soon?
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
I just want to feel that light again
Like a bird coursing through the sky
Fly, o' I'd fly through the night
Lifting my hands against the wind
And at the top of my lungs I'd sing

But I'm no bird
And I can't fly
But I can try my best to win this fight
Before I die
I'll take in this beautiful sight
Of the world and silence my mind
And now at least I can promise you
I won't cry tonight
A Wandering Soul Jul 2021
Is it wrong to tell you how feel
When I know you're with someone else?
A Wandering Soul May 2021
I swear
As the sun rises
As the ocean roars
As the wind howls
My heart will beat with the rhythm of yours
And I promise
As the stars shine
As the rivers flow
As the birds sing
I will let it
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Thoughts of memories past
Echoes of your laugh
Days gone to summer blues
But I'd do it all again for you
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
Imagine the world
It would be without music
Insanely lifeless
Just thinking about how much music gives to life. I don't think people notice how it is everywhere (supermarkets, shows, on roads with buskers) - or at least I don't a lot of the time. Was thinking about it when I realised I have headphones on or earphones in nearly all the time. It really just gives more life to the world, it would be much more boring without it, and I am very grateful for it.
A Wandering Soul May 2021
The rustling of pages and leaves merge
As my heart spills into this blank slate
Rain staining its face
And ink running from its lines
Words are being made
But the message is left to find
A Wandering Soul Apr 2021
Something is different in the way we talk
There's tension in the air
And the joy feels lost
I thought this would be forever
And maybe that's still true
But if our paths divide
Know I still love you
A Wandering Soul May 2021
As mysterious as the mind
Yet as open as a book
There is something about you
And your tender looks
That smile of gold
And those diamond eyes
You are precious as emerald
And priceless as time.
A Wandering Soul Aug 2021
A deadly thief
And a brutal teacher
One that waits round the corner
To break gentle creatures

A sad occurrence
But one that is needed
For without this killer
These creatures would be cheated

Unclear when it comes
And it does so unapologetically
This murderer of light
Follows us desperately

Let just one be happy
Let just one remain
A happy, unharmed creature
In this world we have today
A Wandering Soul Apr 2021
Rain races down the window
The stars light the sky
Reminiscing on summer days
When you were by my side
The sunlight lit your face
Through the infinite clouds above
In my dreams I visit those times of glorious laughter
And wonder when I will next be in your arms.
A Wandering Soul May 2021
I sit waiting for the sun
Far too tired to run
And still fearing what I left behind
A mile between
But still that scene
Playing on my mind
Not one of blood
But one of my love
With someone who wasn't me
My tears have dried
No need for goodbyes
I guess it wasn't meant to be.
A Wandering Soul May 2021
The wind could blow with all its might
And the sea smash with all its rage
But with you by my side
I will gladly take the hit
And for you, I swear
I will win that fight.
A Wandering Soul May 2021
The uncertainty of the future worries me
It scares me
Not because I don't know what I want
But because I fear that what I want doesn't want me
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Beams of sun flood the room
And morning air fills my lungs
I feel your heart beat with mine
And know that we are one
Your presence is my comfort
And your smile is my light
Let this morning never end
Let this be my last sight.
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
The sky is a clear blue
Against the glaring sun
Clouds offer gentle relief
As birds sing their songs of love
What a beautiful day it is this summer morning
And what a beautiful soul I get to share it with
A Wandering Soul May 2021
For you, even the Heavens blush
Evident by the orange and red on the horizon
On God, my dear
With breeze light as your touch
Sea clear as your soul
And sand golden as your heart
I will love you 'til the angels stop singing
And hold you 'til the sun burns out
A Wandering Soul May 2021
All your worry has gone away
I wonder where it went
Maybe it isn't really gone
And you just passed it to your "friend"

All your stress has gone away
A miracle, heaven-sent
A classic game of pass-the-blame
And now the problem's in someone else's bed

All your pain has gone away
It didn't even leave a dent
Funny how quickly you change
And ignore others slow descent
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Sometimes, I think I have nothing left to say
And then I remember I am alive
So surely, there is a reason I still stay
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Why is it that a sunset holds so much magic?
It happens every night
And yet it always brings the same feeling
A feeling of hope
And a sight of otherworldly beauty
As the sun hides and floods the horizon with colour
Oranges and reds
Purples and pinks
Birds gliding in this painting of the world ablaze
And all I can do is watch
And I will, happily, until the day I die
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Clouds sulk across the sky
As the winds wail in pain
The loss of you has upset even the gods
So much so that the sky is crying
And my pillow is stained
A Wandering Soul May 2021
Now you're with someone else
And I'm sitting in hell without your hand
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
Please don't think that I don't miss you
My mind is always flooding with memories of you and I
And the feelings I felt all those years together
But I try not to let them in too often
Because while they make me remember the good times
They also make me remember you are gone
And I still don't think I can handle that.

— The End —