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Press your hand against mine
And see how even our scars interlink
Let me trace you fingerprints
And memorise every curve of your identity
So much so that a clone could touch me and it would feel like a stranger
So much so that you could touch the air and I would know you were reaching for me
A Wandering Soul Oct 2021
Is there anything like the beauty of Autumn?
The change of the leaves to glaring red and glowing yellow
The comfort of rain against the window
The subtle heat of a drink in your mitted hands
Or the breeze's gentle blow against you
The feeling of inner warmth not even the sun could dream of
In soul and spirit
Care and comfort
Autumn blesses the world in all its beauty.
A Wandering Soul Aug 2021
A deadly thief
And a brutal teacher
One that waits round the corner
To break gentle creatures

A sad occurrence
But one that is needed
For without this killer
These creatures would be cheated

Unclear when it comes
And it does so unapologetically
This murderer of light
Follows us desperately

Let just one be happy
Let just one remain
A happy, unharmed creature
In this world we have today
A Wandering Soul Jul 2021
Is it wrong to tell you how feel
When I know you're with someone else?
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
I just want to feel that light again
Like a bird coursing through the sky
Fly, o' I'd fly through the night
Lifting my hands against the wind
And at the top of my lungs I'd sing

But I'm no bird
And I can't fly
But I can try my best to win this fight
Before I die
I'll take in this beautiful sight
Of the world and silence my mind
And now at least I can promise you
I won't cry tonight
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
Please don't think that I don't miss you
My mind is always flooding with memories of you and I
And the feelings I felt all those years together
But I try not to let them in too often
Because while they make me remember the good times
They also make me remember you are gone
And I still don't think I can handle that.
A Wandering Soul Jun 2021
Why did I ever wait
To ask you for that precious date?
Months I daydreamed of what you'd say
But then came that dreaded day
I heard you were asked by someone else
Someone brave enough to tell you how they felt
I regret every day spent pondering what to do
For maybe if I'd asked, it would be me with you
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