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OJ Anuy 11h
Hello my love, my angel, my queen
Two years ago, tonight, was the greatest night I’ve seen
So beautiful and perfect, it could have been a dream
I have never been happier, my joy was supreme

The look in your eyes, the glare, the gleam
Thinking about it now makes me want to scream
How happy we were October Nineteen
During the year of Twenty Eighteen

Do you remember the night, do you have a clue?
Do you remember the beauty as we took in the view?
The sparkle of the Eiffel Tower at the top of the hour
More beautiful than the freshest flower

I remember than night like it was yesterday
I remember wishing, in that moment to stay
I remember the peace as the world went away
As we looked out over Paris and took in the display

That night as we cuddled and fell asleep
I couldn’t help but gently weep
For the feeling I had was so supremely deep
Your love, I knew then, I desired to keep

And how far I did stray from that moment in time
To let you go, I consider a crime
To be with someone who makes you feel sublime
Which is why I must write and continue to rhyme

In the hopes that one day we can return to the Arc
And again look out at Paris in the dark
On a new adventure we would embark
And this time, forever, we’d leave our mark
OJ Anuy 1d
No matter the distance or time apart
Nothing will remove this mark from my heart
A combination of letters, that to me, looks like art
Your name, my love, will never depart

The needle and ink that spells out your name
And love that will burn like an eternal flame
Just grows each day without any shame
And I only hope that you could feel the same

The place you hold inside of me
Its permanent for all to see
Look into my eyes, they won't disagree
But my love for you, they will decree

Love that has stayed and always remained
Over time has sustained and steadily its gained
Power and strength not to be restrained
Because deep to my core, my love for you is ingrained

No matter what you need, the time or place
I will always be there for your embrace
But for now I will try to give you your space
With hopes that one day you want to see my face

And on that day I promise to be there
No matter the problem, I simply won't care
Even if its only a moment we share
It will have been the answer to my single prayer
OJ Anuy 2d
Saturday night, not out on the town
I’m home alone wearing a frown
Beneath the weight of my pain I drown
Missing your laugh and face around

When will this change? I do not know
When will I be able to let you go?
And move on with life and start to grow
Away from my feelings that always flow

I want this pain to cease and stop
But still I think of you nonstop
Afraid to let you out of my mind
In case love for me, you’re able to find

But I owe it to myself to go and try
Because the odds are poor, I cannot lie
But inside there’s a thing a can’t deny
That I’ll love you until the day I die
OJ Anuy 3d
Today was a day filled with more of the same
Struggling alone with the hurt and the pain
In love with you I still remain
Hoping to return to your life's campaign

The conflict within, playing a mental game
The heat of my love a never ending flame
And the rain of this pain as it tries to contain
My hopes and prayers to return to your domain

To let you go, the flame must go out
But for now the inferno remains ever stout
And from the ash my hope is a blossom will sprout
And grow into a tree of love throughout

With bark a strong as a diamond shell
To protect us from this current hell
Of being apart and feeling unwell
But will grow with our lives and our love to propel
OJ Anuy 4d
I get your message the silence is deafening
That doesn’t mean my love is lessening
Or that my heart will stop it’s deadening
But perhaps this is a day of reckoning

I know today like I knew before
There may never be one that I’ll love more
But from this point on I will try to explore
And perhaps my happiness I can restore

And who knows what the future will hold
A mystery that is yet to unfold
Perhaps in months or years, I’ll hold
Your hand again, ‘till we grow old

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope
But for now I’m trying not to mope
I’m looking for ways that I can cope
Otherwise I’ll drive myself to the rope
OJ Anuy 5d
You broke my heart again this week
As this pain and hurt has reached its peak
When we broke up you made it clear
You said you cared and held me dear

Yet yesterday when I wished you well
And explained my struggle, that I'm going through hell
You still decided to not even respond
When I reached out hoping to correspond

I know in the past I've done you wrong
But after we loved and cared for so long
How could you leave me out alone?
That's not the girl that I've loved and known

The girl I love has empathy
Kindness and a heart, strong as can be
The girl I know wouldn't leave me in the cold
When I just wanted to tell you my love I still hold

But the strange thing is, this doesn't change a thing
While I'd like to move on, we weren't just a fling
We were much more than that, many years together
And through how many storms did we fight and weather?

There is no easy path for me to let go
Because through this pain, there is one thing I know
That I still love you, despite all the hurt
Despite all my efforts for my love to divert

Its all about you, it always has been
That'll never change, it is too deep within
I love you my angel, to the end of time
And still I pray, one day you want to be mine
OJ Anuy 6d
Today could be the day, that I reach out and say
"I love you and miss you" and continue to pray
That you feel the same and think about me
That I'm the one in your future that you see

It scares me to death that you may shoot me down
But what have I to lose, in my tears I drown
It's not like rejection can make this much worse
But if there's a chance for this feeling to reverse

I owe it to us and to me to go out
On a limb, my true feelings I simply must shout
And perhaps you still may not even respond
But at least you will know, I still feel a bond

As I always say, its always been you
Through the good times and bad, its always been true
And as we proceed on paths split apart
Its more apparent than ever, inside of my heart

That the one thing I want and need on this earth
Not money, not cars but something with worth
Its only your love and your presence with me
So together we'll stay, for eternity
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