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I was a visitor on
For my sister who was there
For whom I did care..
I came and read work of her,
Enjoyed the links and the flavour.

Then I joined and became a member,
Did not think it will be this fun time together.

Three years on and still counting
Two daily's and still enjoying,
Never thought it will be this much fun..

It's a cosmic connection,
World with no boundaries and
so rare,
Met so many people,
so many nationalities,
So many names
So many poems,
And yet,
It doesn't matter anymore,
All are connected with heart of writing,
Poems flow through veins and arteries,
And love oozes out in comments and likes..
Never thought the journey will be so much fun.

Thank you everyone
You make this platform a perfect body with no disease.
A body with glow and charm of its own.


Sparkle In Wisdom
Dec 2020 · 47
Good bye 2020

The year,
was a mixed
of emotions.

From virus being
few thousands km away to
keeping the virus
at bay.

From Namaste Trump🙏 to
bye bye Trump.

From heightened
China 🇨🇳 threat
Israel-UAE friendship.

From Shinzo Abe🇯🇵 stepping down
Joe Biden stepping in.

From Oli 🇳🇵stepping down
Nana🇬🇭 re-elected.

From Covid old
& Covid new
Covid Vaccines.

From being busy
being at home.

From being selfish
being caring.

From being practical
risen empathy.

The year
has shown it all.

This year has been
the biggest teacher
all times.

This year has bought lives closer
world wide.

This year has made world indeed with
No boundaries.

Welcome 2021.

Hope it's not same as 2020😭😂❤️

Sparkle In Wisdom
Dec 2020 · 80

is not
by bricks.

made by
we speak!


uttered in





are the
Building blocks
of a


Build the
solid foundation,

future generation,

Create the
harmonious structure,

which is
then remembered
generations and generations.

Use words - wisely,
Use words - sparingly,
Use words with - well defined meanings,

to have the
of your home.

Sparkle in Wisdom
Nov 2020 · 602
Celebrations in Heavens!
Heavens celebrate
Silver gates,
Silver flowers,
Silver crowns,
Silver tiaras,

Silver curtains,
Silver gowns,
Silver capes,
Silver drapes,

Shining blossoms,
Fragrance filled,
Echoing smiles,
Pearly clouds,

Angels clad in
brightest silver,
Fairies dancing around,
Harp with it's
silver strands,
Playing it's tune and sound.
Flute echoing from
far behind,
The ambience full
of cheer.

Stars assembled to bedazzle each and
every turn,
Moon brightens the nook and corner of the big heaven,
You are running around in the pristine silver attire.
Today's your 16th birthday,
Celebrations are planned in heaven, my dear!

All the Gods and Goddesses are invited,
Cakes are bigger than the tallest tree,
Trees are laden with chocolates and truffles,
Eateries bright and silvery too.
Making the atmosphere prestine and pure.

It's your birthday
dear son,
Celebrations are planned in Heavens!
Mom & Dad sends you love, hugs and kisses,
They wish you the
best of today
Lots of love travels  your way down here from,
The Earth.
Celebrations are planned for your birthday in Heavens.

Sparkle In Wisdom
My son Aayush had his birthday today.
He left for heaven 5 years ago.
Nov 2020 · 68

This Diwali,

**** the ego
Burn like the
Brighten the

Be the lamp,
that lights up

Be the smile,
That spreads joy

Be the perfume,
That spreads fragrance

Be the sunshine,
That brightens the world

Invoke the God within,
To see the beauty around

Raise your hand to give,
Praise the humanity

Happy Diwali.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Diwali - The festival of lights, sharing, giving.
Nov 2020 · 125
Gone with the Soul !

A life lost,
A soul gone,
A relative of someone,
A parent of a child,
A spouse of someone,
A child,
of someone,

Somewhere around,
Unknown to me though.

The pain is real,
The pain is mine,
The pain I can feel,
The pain I can relate,
The loss I can imagine.

The year has broken families,
The year has written history,
Around the world the loss is real,
The world has come to stand still.

Sparkle In Wisdom.
Pandemic diaries
At thirty-six,
What have you seen?

At thirteen,
What your child had seen?

At thirty-six,
What the world around you had seen in you?

At thirty-six,
What did you give to the world?

At thirty-six,
What dreams are there that you aspired to dream?

At thirty-six,
What is left after you left this world?

Gone too soon,
Taken by virus,

Corona has taken
smile away,

Each Home,
Each City,
Each State,
Each Country,
Each Continent.


What did it leave behind?


Sparkle In Wisdom
A life lost, a soul gone, unknown to me, a relative of my daughters teacher, but the pain is real, the pain is mine, the pain I can feel, the loss I can imagine.
Oct 2020 · 58
Search for Success
Humans perform their best,
When they are at their worst.

The maximum shine comes,
When discarded from all sides.


The success reaches it's pinacle,
When all hopes are dead.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Oct 2020 · 76
The Dreamers Paradise
Vast expanse of
Yellows and Reds,
Blazing Reds on greens
And greens becoming orange,
This magic occurs,
Under a clear blue sky
with white clean streaks.

Here Comes
Fall with
A loud cheerful greetings
A loving Hi, from beautiful natural bouquet.

The hiya and hellos
Of nature and beauty,
The valuable treasure
Of scene and dreams,
The serene paradise,
Of poets and painters,
The perfect blend of nature and imagination.

Welcome Fall,
Welcome Life,
Welcome Change,

Welcome to the Dreamers Paradise.

Sparkle In Wisdom.
Inspired by a pic taken by my cousin of clean fall expanse in USA.
Oct 2020 · 48
Dried Flowers!
In the corner of the room lies the old vase,
Always decked with freshest of flowers,

The old dried flowers
are removed from
the vase,
To adorn the dustbin outside the house.

Is it not how humans behave in
their own life too?

Only freshest
relations matters,
Old ones are always
shown the door!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Oct 2020 · 31
World was supposed to become a better place to live,
Where humans will not **** humans for piece of land,
Where respect for making will prevail in highest form,
Where all will be equal with no queen and King,
Where it will be surrounded by peace, liberation and calm.

This could not be,
Civilisation taught us to be craving,
Craving for luxury,
Craving for better food,
Craving for better transportation,
Craving to reach the space,
Craving to be better than other tribe.

Had become a jugular a circus,
Had become unruly and tumultuous,
Had become unforgiving,
Had become painful,
Had become demanding,
Had become dominating,
Had become anything but loving.

Different borders are at war,
Threatens are heightened by super powers,
Global trade is politics,
Politics is economy,
Ruining a country is a flicker away,
Breaking a human a blink of an eye,
Trolls are everywhere,
Troubles for all,

Has become one platform,
But the love has just gone away.
The givers refuse to give,
The takers refuse to take,
Everyone want a say,
But don't want to share.

was imagined to be better place to live,
Imaginations has highly failed miserably.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Affected by "World news" on
France , US, Azerbaijan Armenia war, UK, India, Libiya, Mali, Chad, CHINA, Taiwan, Middle East.
Crime against women, crime in name of religion, racial crime.
Oct 2020 · 296
Moving on
You were never mine,
I was always yours,
I moved away.

You never expressed your love,
I always did,

I have stopped.

You wanted a tissue,
I chose to be one,
I refuse.

Relationship was never equal,

It is!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Lots of girls/women in India are in this type of relationships, many post marriage.
There's an apartment,
In front of my house,
All with balconies facing mine.

None has a green hand but one,
& that entresol is full of life.

A combination of frondescence brings life everywhere,
Pegions & birds sits on its roof,
Feasting my eyes and ears full.

A small 4'/6' space used so very intricately,
A garden in the edges,
It's a working space too,
With clothes line and washing machine.

Big green tomatoes,
Red peppers,
Lemon grass,
A big red Jasmine flower,
Abundant cherry tomatoes,
A small Mango tree,
A gooseberry tree,
A bamboo tree too
They all fill and fit in that small space.

The dedication of family amazes me,
Their empathy for plants fills me with gratitude,
They don't pluck anything,
All veggies and fruits ripe on plants,
A green cherry tomato turns red on the plant,
A green pepper turns shining red,
Jasmine blossoms on the tree till it withers,
It's an amazing thing,
It's patience and pristine.

The mezzanine in front of mine,
It's life in itself,
The otherwise dead apartment,
Comes alive just because of this foliage.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Sep 2020 · 94
Life was at Peace!!

Miss those days,
When money

When simplicity
was treasured,

When luxury
was dreamt,

When ambition
was high,

When fire in the belly was brightest,

When nothing
was impossible,

Life was at peace.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Sep 2020 · 156
तानाशाह हो, शहंशाह हो,
अंग्रेज़ी हुकूमरान हो,
सरकार-ए-हिन्द हो,
सब को एक दिन सुपुर्द-ए-खाक़ होना है।

हर शक्स अपने चरम पे
मग़रूर था,
आख़िर समय में कफ़न में लिपटा
किसी के कंधों पर मजबूर बना था।

मेरे मुल्क ने ज्यादतियां देखी,
मग़रूर की मस्तियां देखी,
इतिहास गवाह है,
इन सब के बाद भी हिंदुस्तान ने
फिर से एक सुनहरी किरण देखी।

हुकूमते आयीं और चलीं गई,
मेरे मुल्क ने किसी को प्यासा नहीं भेजा,
जागीर लुटा के आने वालों को जागीरदार बनाया,
भिकारी को भी यहां तख्त से नवाज़ा।

आज का दौर भी गुजर जाएगा,
इतिहास बदला जाएगा,
बेजुबानों को सुनने वाला,
कोई ना कोई जल्द ही आएगा।

Sparkle In Wisdom


The effort should be to raise high,

Going lower is natural.

The effort should be to elevate in the higher vibration,

Drop is natural.

Sparkle In Wisdom
The bread and butter that I eat,
The parties and fun that I treat,
The outings and gatherings that I visit,
Do not give me peace and solace.

Each day I see poor become poorer,
Each day I see pain in their eyes,
The house girls moving around,
Lost jobs due to pandemic,
Their husbands too have no work,
No construction happening anywhere!

When I plan to cook something luxurious,
I loose my appetite,
I feel the hunger felt by the poor,
I change my menu subconsciously to simple.

The guilt is deep in my heart,
How I wish I could help each one,
How can half of world celebrate
and other half left to die?
How can one part enjoy
and other part left to suffer?

Is not pandemic same for everyone,
Rich, poor, old and young?
Is not death a certain future?
Why then there's pain for some?
Enjoyment for another section?
Is not this time a reminder of our duty to share,
When country is surrounded by toughest time ever?
How can people laugh and enjoy,
party and roam around?
W are well aquainted with
The plight and sufferings of humans around!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Pandemic diaries
It's time to be little considerate,

It's time to learn to accommodate,

It's time to teach empathy,

It's time to nurture giving,

It's time to heal from within,

It's time to practice sacrifice,

It's time to give the food
from our plate,

It's time to share smiles with tears flowing
on cheeks,

It's time to live life simple,

It's time to acknowledge our neighbours,

It's time to remember we are becoming part of history,

Where future will ask questions for our actions,

It's time to preserve our deeds,

It's time for Google to store the stories,

Of all the good the humanity did,

It's time to raise above all the past examples,

Of best deeds of mankind ever,

Just be kind,

...And the pain will go away!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Pandemic diaries
Sep 2020 · 48
Just wait..
Soon the
Time will come,


The sun will shine high again,

The world will know the bloom again,

The dreams will be fulfilled again,

The peace will prevail again,

The smiles will be real again,

The worries will be done and dusted,

World will be surrounded with happy times again.

Just wait...

Sparkle in Wisdom
Pandemic diaries
Aug 2020 · 83
It's about you and me.

It's about you and me.

It's not about why,
Ifs and buts,
It's about you and me
dear God

It's not about wrongs
and rights,
It's not about questions
and accusations,
It's not about reasons
and answers,
It's about my discussions with You,
It's just about you and me dear God.

It's not about wisdom and foolishness,
It's not about lying and cheating,
It's not about luck and lost,
It's not about dreams
and reality,
It's about trust I have in You,
It's just about you and me dear God

It's not about pride
and humility,
It's not about being
tough or rough,
It's not about the Belief
I have in you,
It's just about You and me.

Ignorant will raise doubts,
Intolerant will suppress anger of loss,
Doubters will doubt Your existence,
Non believers will question Your presence,
I exist because You existed,
I am because You created,
I behave in the way You crafted,
I devote my entire life in Your feets,
Where it's just You and me,
Because that is what only matters.

Sparkle In Wisdom
July 22,2020

and everything
That happens in my life
Is created by the God.

All the goods I have,
All the bads that ever happened,
All was designed by God.

I cannot take credit
of my wisdom,
Nor I owe anything
to my ignorance.
All was destined
the way it's happened.

One can plan good for me,
I don't give them credit.
One can plan evil for me,
I don't blame them either.
They are just the mediator between God and me.

The time they spent on planning the good or evil,
I can assure them, God was with them at that moment.

In His presence they planned,
If they wished me well,
God might have blessed them too.
If they wished me ill,
God might have
written it for them.

They are just mediators
in the life I live,
They can benefit by
thinking about me,
Because when they
think about me,
God reaches them too, through my thought.

It's just not about me,
It's about everyone
walking on the road,
Dog, Ant, Fly, Lion,

Why be proud of achievements?
Why lose heart
over losses??

Sparkle In Wisdom
Jul 2020 · 83
Be the ruler you are!

Let's not others
demean you,

Don't value them more
than yourself,

It's you who matters,
Rest all are trifle.

You don't need to prove anything to anyone,

You live for yourself
not for them,

Give yourself the
trust you deserve,

Pamper yourself
with your love,

Don't give anyone the power
To break or make you,

You are the ruler
of your life,
Don't let others control
your life.

If you don't want
to do anything,
Lie back and relax,

Take the rest your
body needs,
Take the nap your
mind needs,
Don't let others force
you to break your sleep,

And remember it's you
who chose to sleep.

And then,

When you have rested,
When you are fresh,
When you are calm,
Come out of your cocoon,
Bloom yourself in the beautiful human-being
you are,




Always be the ruler you are!

Because you deserve to be the ruler you are!

Sparkle In Wisdom.
Jul 2020 · 80
Relations in Isolation!!

Orange hue of Gulmohar,
Saffron colored palash
Hanging golden laburnum,
The beauty I had lost!

Blazing sunrise,
Golden sunsets,
Silent lakes,
Nature I
took for granted!

Family meetings,
Friends get-togethers,
Laughter and fun,
I wish, I had attended
some more.

Lockdowns, Isolation and
Bought reality in my thoughts,
Small frictions and meaningless anger,
Busy earning the useless money,
Stole my days of life once lived,
My carefree time enjoying
nature & its beauty!

I promise, now the priorities will change,
Life will never ever be in the back seat again!

Sparkle In Wisdom.
Gulmohar and Palash are Indian ornamental flowering trees both referred to as Flame-of -the-forest. Both have intense golden orange colored blossom flower just like cherry blossoms.

Gulmohar - Royal poinciana,
Palash - ******* teak, Parrot tree.
Jun 2020 · 61
Be Strong

Get up, get going,
It's not that tough.

Throw away, move away,
They are just thoughts.

Shut your ears,
Close your eyes,
Soak your voice,
Shout your heart,
Clear your mind,
Love yourself,
You deserve to be
RULER you are!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Fight the ugly thoughts away.
May 2020 · 105

For the first born of the family,
For the one who led the stock,
For the first born who a set the bar high,
For the naughty siblings to try,
For the first born who taught us to smile,
On all occasions big or trifle,
For the first born who cared for all,
Be it elders or small,
For the first born who have a naughty chuckle,
Always filled with mischief and tickle,
For the first born who full- filled our wishes,
No matter the extent of dreams we dreamt,
You, the first born had done it all,
That a elder sibling can ever do!

Here's a direct wish from heart,
For the first born of the house,
With whom were born Mom and Dad,
Who created Uncles and Aunts,
Who made the Grand parents proud to be called by their names,

A wish for a sweet happy birthday,
A wish for good health and joy,
A wish for name, fame, success and shine,
May all your wishes come true with time.

Happy birthday dear eldest,
Happy birthday dear sister!
Love you loads,

Love you always for everything you did.

Sparkle In Wisdom
अगर तुम साथ दे देते,
तो मैं वफा कर जाता
बेवफा इस दुनिया में
तुम्हारा नाम कर जाता।

तुम्हारी एक हंसी के लिए
दुनिया से लड़ जाता,
अगर तुम हाथ पकड़ लेती,
मौत से भी भिड़ जाता।

अब तो बस अलविदा के पहले,
तुमको नज़र भर देख रहा हूं,
गुज़रे वक़्त के कई सवालों को
पूछने से रोक रहा हूं।

पर फिर भी,
तुम्हारी आंखें दगा दे रही है,
और इसीलिए,
यूं ठहर के बस एक ही सवाल है,
क्यूं यह नज़र शर्मसार है?

सिर्फ साथ मांगा था,
हर आज़ादी के साथ,
जो तुम साथ दे जाते,
दुनिया से लड़ जाता।

उम्र भर तुम्हारी आंखों में
ज़िन्दगी तलाशता रहा,
मेरी उम्र के अंतिम पड़ाव में
ख़ुशी झलक रही है उनमें।

जिस चिंगारी को उसकी नज़रों में अपने लिए तलाशा था,
वह मेरे गुजर जाने से आएंगी,
सोचा ना था।

क्या मांगा था तुमसे
सच्चा प्यार ही तो ना?
नहीं था तो कह देती,
यूं झूठी उम्मीद में तो ना रहता।

आज मर के भी सुकून नहीं,
जीते जी भी कहां सुकून था,
मोहब्बत खोजता रहा जिसमें
वह बेवफा निकली।

पूरी उम्र जिस शक्स से दिल लगा बैठा,
पूरी ज़िन्दगी में जिसमें जीने की चाह ढूंदा,
आज जा कर पाता चला,
वह तो पत्थर की गुड़िया निकली।

Sparkle In Wisdom
जब सुनहरी किरण छुएगी
धरती का पहला छोर,
उस क्षण तेजोमय हो
झूम उठेगा धरा की कोर कोर
उस एक क्षण में नभ, आकाश, धरातल, पाताल सब तल्लीन हो एक ताल पर थिरक उठेंगे।

केसरिया सुनहरी आभा मानों धरती की हो अप्रतिम चीर,
नील जल बहती गंगा जैसी
निर्मल पवन गगन झील।

आसमान में उस पल पक्षियों
का कोलाहल होगा,
मानों सैकड़ों घुंघरू बांधे अब
नृत्त, नृत्य, नाट्य का
प्रचंड संगम होगा।

एक स्वर्णिम मरीचि की राह
जोहते सारी विभावरी रत्नगर्भा,
नक्षत्रों की चादर ओढ़े
ना झपके नयन पल भर भी।

नयी सुनहरी लालिमा की
हम सब भी हैं जोहते बाट,
कब आएगी वह पावन सुबह
भस्म करेगी सब विरक्त विचार।

यह जो कालिमा की बदरी है,
घनघोर विपदा छायी है,
शूलों के घातक प्रहार से
जन मानस में अक्रंद मचाई है,

यह रुदन को दूर हटाने को,
जड़ीभूत हो नि:शब्द अचला खड़ी।

मृदंग, ढोल, ताशे, ताल सजा कर,
घुंगरू पैरों में बाँध कर,
गूंजने के लिए गर्जन भारी
चीरती उसकी क्रंदन है,

तांडव अब यह थमना चाहिए,
बहुत हुआ✋🏻
यह उर्वी की चीत्कार है।

Sparkle In Wisdom
Apr 2020 · 154
Wisdom in Isolation!
Throw away the hatred
Fill the home with love,

Throw away the anger
Bring peace instead,

Throw away the pain
Heal your heart inturn,

Throw away the anxiety
Fulfill the dreams in return,

Throw away the guilt if any,
Just re-live again,

One day at a time
Cherish the moments in your mind,

Your never know who all will make it tomorrow
Don't keep grudges anymore.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Apr 2020 · 94
Quarantine Blues
Hugging is that exercise
That melts the heart away,
Hug your child a little more
To melt those blues away.

Kiss the babies cheeks
A warm kiss on forehead,
Just to cheer that sullen face
And to pamper with all the love you have.

It's a tough time we are living in
No future prediction can be true,
Don't leave anything for tomorrow
Just finish all the task today.

Share the childhood
Pen the thoughts somewhere,
Let the world know,

That you are a fighter,
And the fighter you will be tomorrow.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Changed the last paragraph.
Apr 2020 · 59
Prayers for the Young -2
I thus pray to God,

To let the kids be alive
hail and healthy,
Let them be unscathed with this horrible disease,
These kids will become the future tomorrow,
They will read the history that He created,
Let them be the least affected,
For they can lead the human race forward.

Not many from us will
move forward in this
turbulent time,
But let the kids go forward and live a long life,
For we have given them all the knowledge,
that Noah might
have known on that ship
to create a fresh world!

Let them be happy and shiny,
For they have to believe You existed,
We have filled them with all the prayers,
They will carry the legacy of human kind forward.

You just take care of them when we are gone away.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Last stanza of a long poem of mine.
Apr 2020 · 116
Prayers for the Young
Generation growing up today,
Feeling the pang inside,
Feeling the urge to do something,
That urge they never
felt until tonight.

The kids have seen it
all in one go,
Their history books recreating all scenes,
The epidemics of pasts
all zooming by,
The partition trauma they saw with immigrants moving,
The thousands of death
they saw happening,
No wonder they grew
a lot in a week,
Innocence making
conviction of becoming
something one day.

Kids today learnt the careers and career paths,
They understood the reason
to study,
to earn,
to contribute
to the society,
They have grown a lot tonight with clear meaning of purpose of being born.

The generation that
grew on technology,
Never really understood much of old beliefs,
Washing hands,
feets, mouth seemed
unreasonable burden,
To eat fresh veggies to increase immune system
was out of question,
Tonight they have become intelligent  that books
couldn't make them,
Immunity and germs they have learnt a lot.

I thus pray to God,
To let them be alive,
hail and healthy,
Let them be unscathed with this horrible disease,
These kids will become the future tomorrow,
They will read the history that He created,
Let them be least affected Dear God, for they can lead the human race forward,
Not many from us will
move forward in this
turbulent time,
But let the kids go forward and live a long life,
For we have given them all the knowledge,
that Noah might
have known on that ship
to create a fresh world!

Let them be happy and shiny,
For they have to believe You existed,
We have filled them with all the prayers,
They will carry the legacy of human kind forward.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Turbulent times.
Mar 2020 · 113
Prayers for Calm!
Few hours from now
A new dawn will arise,

Few hours from now,
New hopes will blossom,

Few hours from now,
The whole gloom shall disappear

Few hours from now,
The world will be united in joy,

The world was never one,
The borders, the states, was created through civilization.

The shackles of names of countries
Disappearing under oneness.

So much love is around
All hatred disappeared,

People now have care
All selfishness gone.

No one can say I rule,
No one is spared

Even the crown Prince
Cannot claim his rule.

Let the dawn bring
And laughter

Coz' it hurts to see
Earth crumble up in despair.

Sparkle In Wisdom
It's a New year in most of India today.
Prince Charles tested positive for Covid 19 today.
Mar 2020 · 104
A World with No Boundaries
Lock down everywhere,
Quarantine is the word,
Nations cutting ties with other nations,
World at stand still,
Just trying to be safe.

Are we becoming a bordered state,
Turning borderless finally?

A world with no boundaries.
#covid 19.
Mar 2020 · 44
Moved on...
I have moved away
Far away from where
we left ages ago..

I have forgotten the
words you said,
I don't even remember the emotions,
That we shared ages ago.

I have spent hours of agony,
Cried till my eyes refused to shed tears,
I have no images of those memories
That we shared back then.

Today, you want to ignite
the flame
of left over relations,
How will fire burn on something that doesn't exist?
I don't even feel the pain that you gave me ages ago.

We had shared the best relation back then,
But then it withered
like dried flowers,

We had shared our emotions
Just by mere exchange
of glance,
But then we stopped
looking at each other,

Life had moved on,
So had I,
You left me back then,
Why try again?
I am not sorry
I have moved on.


There is always a you in him,
And a him in you,
I see a lot of him when I see you,
I see a lot of you when I remember him.
I become satisfied when I see you,

Because my eyes search for him,
I am searching for those glimpses that brings him out in you.

I am reaching out to your your cheeks,
In desperate attempts to feel him,

I look beyond your eyes, deep,
Just so that I can see him within.

You remind me of him,
I had one before you.

You complete me,
But he created me,
long before you came,

You fill me with emotion,
That he stirred in me,
long before you existed,

You make my life complete,
That he started with his footprints, long before God sent you,

You try to bring smile on my lips,
That he started to draw,
before he decided to call it quits and left us forever,

And so, my little angel,
You are now left to fill in for the two.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Siblings, one in heaven, another on Earth
I need to share today a post dedicated to special mothers. The MOTHERS OF DIFFERENTLY ABLED KIDS

Today is the day a special mom was born.
I want to tell the world that when a special child is born, the mother doesn't know anything of his/her needs. She learns, she grows with the baby.

When a special need child is born, doctors don't know the future, the baby doesn't tick the parameters, the child doesn't bother to follow rules set by normal people, accepted by world, a special mom learns it all by experience.

When a special need child is born depending on severity the doctor pronounce the verdict, considering themselves nothing less than God, they declare the child will be
Vegetable.(I was told this for my son, when he was 9 days old... I WAS A NINE DAYS OLD MOM!)
Mild­ delayed.
Time will tell.
Etc, etc...
Just like routine

Imagine and feel, when a doctor tells a new mom all this, little do they think that the mom was a girl few months back, she don't even know how to care for "so called normal child" keep apart caring for a special need child.

The mom learns, the mom grows.

Respect and love special need mothers.

No compassion, no sympathy, empathy may be.

Sparkle In Wisdom.
A small tribute to Special Mom, for them the world revolves around their special need child.
Oct 2019 · 137
Making of a Soul.

To listen to evil is not in
one’s control,
To react is.

To give a cold shoulder to the
evil doer is not in one's control,
To believe is.

To pacify the evildoer
is not in one's control,
To judge is.

Use thy wisdom to
maintain the balance,
Use thy power to control
the emotions to be neutral,

Be on the right side
of the thin line,
That separates thee
with the evil doer.

Always be in command
of thy tongue.

Pacify one can,
Accuse thou shouldn't.

To be a support is one's nature,
To take a side will determine thy character.

The belief will become one's soul,
On it, your future generations will remember thee.

Sparkle In Wisdom.

Think and act wisely.
Oct 2019 · 514
Love has been on this
planet for long,
We should not own
it as ours,

It's a feeling on
the earth,
From time beyond
and bygone,

Love resonates in flowers,
trees and animals,
In Sun, Moon,
Sky and Sea,

Love shines in
Venus and Mars,
In beauty of rocks,
River and breeze,

Love has been on this planet
before me and you were born,

Don't judge it,
Don't name it,
Don't bracket it,
Don't command it,
Don't demand it,


Sparkle In Wisdom
Oct 2019 · 283
Wilted Flowers
Wileted Rose,
Dried Jasmine
Shredded marigolds,
Age defying,

The moments of life aging so soon,
From bud to bloom and sundried gloom.

A fast forward take on passing time,
A thing to learn from aging and dying..

The flowers life teaches to spread-

Sparkle In Wisdom
Sep 2019 · 189
Gift of Politics
For them life is to,

Show off,

This is an identity of politics.

Sparkle In Wisdom
उनके लिए ज़िन्दगी

दिखावा है,
छलावा है,
बेहलावा है,
धोका है,
दर्द है,
नफरत है,
जुनून है,
झूट है,
सनक है,
फरेब है,
रोष है,
जोश है,
द्वेष है,

राजनीति की यही तो पहचान है।

जो इन बेहकावों में गिरफ्त हुआ,
उसका समझो काम तमाम हुआ,

ना यारी- दोस्ती पर विश्वास रहा,
ना समाज का डर रहा,

इनकी भक्ति करने वालों का भी
बुखार से बुरा हाल रहा,

अपनों का साथ छोड़ दिया,
राजनेताओं पर विश्वास हुआ,

जब घर आयी विपदा तब,
गलती का एहसास हुआ,

जब राजनेताओं से मिली यह सौगात,
तब अपनों का साथ रास हुआ!

Sparkle In Wisdom.
Devoted to politics, politicians, supporters and specially to friends fighting over politics.
Translation Gift of politics.
For them life is to,

Show off,

This is an identity of politics.
Sep 2019 · 238
My country.
With proud and respect,
Lives the elders here,
With pride and head held high,
Lives youth here,
With dedication and devotion,
Farmers ploughs field here,
With confidence and sacrifice,
Fights the soldier here,
With love and laughter,
Grows the kids here,
With intimacy and simplicity,
Wives manages house here,
This is my country,
None other like this exists.

Slowly the country moves,
To become the golden bird again,
No enimity with any nation,
Making it's identity alone,
With peace and humility,
Becoming a symbol it stands high.

It has never divided nor will ever divide,
This is united India(country) of mine,
Built by Lord Krishna and Ram,
Dreamt by Maurya,
It didn't break when it was  ransacked,
Though weakened for a second,
But became stood rock solid and strong.

Each drop of blood flowing from,
the nerves of each individual here,
Shouts and recites loudly
Great is my country,
Great is my country.

Sparkle In Wisdom.
Translated work from my Hindi poem,
Bharat desh mahan mera!
गर्व से सम्मान से,
जी रहे बुज़ुर्ग यहां,
गौरव से अभिमान से
जी रहे युवा यहां,
समर्पण से त्याग से
सींच रहा किसान यहां,
आत्मा विश्वास से, बलिदान से
लड़ रहा जवान यहां,
उल्लाहस से प्यार से
बढ़ रहा बच्चा यहां,
अपनेपन से सादगी से
संभाल रही गृहणी घर यहां,
यह भारत देश है मेरा
मिसाल इस जैसी कहां।

धीरे धीरे बढ़ रहे कदम,
बनने चिड़िया सोने की यहां,
किसी मुल्क से जंग नहीं
अपनी पहचान खुद बना,
अमन से शांति से
बन प्रतीक यह खड़ा यहां।

ना बटा है ना बटेगा,
यह अखंड भारत महान मेरा,
निर्माण राम - कृष्ण का,
सपना मौर्य का,
टूटा नहीं जब लूट मचाया,
कमज़ोर हुआ क्षण भर को,
पर चट्टान सा मज़बूत बना,

हर शक्स के अंतरमन में बह रहा
जज़्बात यहां,
हर धधकती धमनियों के
रक्त में ज्वार यहां,
चीख कर शोर मचा हर ओर
यह एक यहां,,
भारत देश मेरा महान,

भारत देश मेरा महान।

Sparkle In Wisdom
Translation tried in notes section.
With proud and respect,
Lives the elders here,
With pride and head held high,
Lives youth here,
With dedication and devotion,
Farmers ploughs field here,
With confidence and sacrifice,
Fights the soldier here,
With love and laughter,
Grows the kids here,
With intimacy and simplicity,
Wives manages house here,
This is my country,
None other like this exists.

Slowly the country moves,
To become the golden bird again,
No fight with any nation,
Making it's identity alone,
With peace and humility,
It stands high becoming a symbol.

It has never divided nor will ever divide,
This is united India of mine,
Built by Lord Krishna and Ram,
Dreamt by Maurya,
It didn't break when it was  ransacked,
Though weakened for a second,
But became stood rock solid and strong.

Each drop of blood flowing from,
the nerves of each individual here,
Shouts and recites loudly
Great is my country,
Great is my country!!
Sep 2019 · 227
Let my soul be free!
Your spirit have come today,
Covered in blood stains,
Questioning my intention,
with compassion.

Your spirit have come today,
To see me in prison,
Looking a lot tired,
Questioning about our
girls well-being,
Without accusations.

Your spirit have come today,
To finally "see" me,
All drained of anger,
Questioning my love for you,
with tender warmth.

Love got ruined,
Peace got robbed,
Neither you lived,
Nor am I free,

You punched me in on
my face,
I killed you in fit of rage,

In that moment our
lives shattered,
You gone,
Me in prison,
Our girls orphaned.

The time we loved each other,
Married defying all odds,
Did God write in lines of my palms,
I will ****** my beloved?
Did God plan your death
by the hands you once loved?
Did God plan for our girls
future a life without us around?

How will our girls live
without our love,
They who can't even cook,
Can't sleep without us,
They who must be afraid
in the big world,
Without us around
they will be so scared.

Your spirit have come today,
I guess,
To ask questions,
Of my actions,
Repent your actions,
Of discussing the life
That could have been
I wouldn't had acted
in rage,
The trust we both lost,
The love that became
Ego's and hurt,
Violence and pain,
Fights and anger,
Duties and Responsibilities,
Rights and wrongs,
Of finally,

You have come today
in your spirits and soul,
Wait till I come to you
to discuss these questions,
Let me be released and
set upon free,
Not from the prison but
from my rented body,

Let me be free..
Let my soul be free..
Let my soul match your soul.

My thoughts after a wife murdered her husband by kitchen knife, I knew the family personally, it hurts.
Sep 2019 · 247
That feeling of anxiety,
When the intution is strong,
Of something wrong
About to happen,
Somewhere, unseen,
but close enough to hurt,

When mind goes
topsy turvy,
Heart skipping a
The nerves on
restless path,
The feeling that takes away
the calm,
The endless walking,
The thoughts going berserk,
It kills the smiles,
It makes life hell.

Spiritual readings,
Diverting of thoughts,
And still the
Palpitations continues..

And then
One day,
Sanity returns,
Flutter ends,
Silence prevails,
Storm has gone
No harm done,
that day


Sparkle In Wisdom
Sep 2019 · 638
The loss of worldly things can be calculated,

What about those emotions that went with those stored things.

The ink on letters were erased away in flood,
The old stored letters washed away too.

People are crying for the loss of
their house,
I had left my heart long ago.

I had been living a life of
Love, I had left long ago.

I was engrossed in life full of responsibilities,
Did not had time to remember my memories.

Today the whole city is filled with flood,
They are crying for their loss.

But I had lost my beloved's letters, poems, memories,
And today I am crying for the loss
of him.

The relation was lost long ago,
Emotions got water burial today,
For that loss of mine
I got the freedom to cry today.

Sparkle In Wisdom
(A translation of Hindi poem Sailab)
(The speaker parted ways with her beloved, got married and was living with adjustments in new life for years, in flood she loses all her belongings but the most painful was loosing old letters of her beloved.
She did not get freedom to cry when she left her beloved, today under the disguise of crying for lost worldly things, she is actually crying for her long lost relationship)
Aug 2019 · 559
You charm around the crowd
They start branding you,

You sparkle in brilliance
They start cornering you,

You shine among the people
They start breaking you,

You listen to them more
The more they weaken you,

You change for them more
The more they tame you,

You begin to understand them
They start manipulating you,

You start feeling yourself worthless
They start being generous with you,

You embrace the thought of dependency
They begin to treat you like Royalty,

You start enjoying being pampered
They start criticizing you,

You start accepting bullying
They start torturing you,

You speak their language
They call you foolish,

You shrink in wisdom
They brand you invalid,

You changed your perception,
They thought you were dumb.

This is a life of women,
Don't let this happen to you,

Don't change your thinking,
Overpowered by anyone,
Listen to all but,
Speak as you want,
Don't give back but,
don't listen harsh

You have a brain of yourself,
You always had,
Use it harder.

Women, you are half of the world,
The better world holds you strong,

Don't wait for anyone to
Your beautiful presence on PLANET.

Sparkle In Wisdom
Aug 2019 · 928

Lightens the tension,
Relieves the pain
Brightens the spirits,
Heightens the desires,
Power of rain,
Restores the life,
In purest form,
Abundance of greens,
Purity sublimes.
Soaking in rain,
Love the rain drops,
Drowning the face,
Walk with nature,
Energises the soul,
Beauty of nature,
Paints the sketch,
With brushes of freshness,
Blossoms the life,
With colors unlimited,

Sparkle In Wisdom.
Aug 2019 · 127
सामान का तो एक बार
हिसाब लगा भी लेंगे,
उन जज़्बातों का क्या जो
बाढ़ में तबाह हो गए।

कितने पुराने किस्से थे
जो स्याह से सफा हो गए,
उन खतों का क्या को
बाढ़ में सफेद हो गए।

लोग रो रहे हैं अपना
बसेरा लुटा के।
हम तो अपन अपना घरौंदा
बरसों पहले बिखेर आए थे,

किताबी रिश्ते निभा रहे हैं
मुद्दातों से,
अपना सब कुछ तो पहले
ही लुटा आए थे।

जिम्मेदारियों के बोझ में
ऐसे फंसे थे,
यादों को याद करने का वक्त
ही नहीं रहा।

आज पूरा शहर पानी में
डूबा है,
लोग रो रहे है लुट जाने के
सदमे से।

उजड़ उनके नग्मे, ग़ज़लें,
खतों का पिटारा गया है,
अश्कों का सैलाब हमारा
अब उमड़ा है,

बरसों पहले बिखरे रिश्तों को
जल समाधि आज मिली है,
उमर के उस हिस्से के लिए खुल
के रोने की आज़ादी आज मिली है।

Sparkle In Wisdom

The loss of long stored things, old clothes of loved one, old letters, first dress of baby, first toy... Etc... Loses like these are painful, very hurting, compared to loss of valuable items from the house flooded with water in monsoon.
Aug 2019 · 249
I remember my rides
With high speeds ..
The thrills, the adventure in rain, hail and shine..
I remember my days spent wandering...
In countryside and beyond..
I remember heavy rains..
Made sudden urge for drive...
The unplanned long drives,
The eating out was always a norm..
And junk food was so much fun...

The speed kills, never detested my love to ride back then,
Life was so much fun...

The adventure is all changed now,
Since my daughter came along,
I started to watch my speed,
And 30-40km/hr became a check point in my life,
Rain became a slippery mess,
And I became a careful rider..

I cannot meet an accident,
Getting injured or sick is out of question,
Being healthy is a compulsion..
And life cannot be taken for granted,
Cause I have to take care of my little one.

I cannot be a careless mess,
I cannot eat burger for lunch..
My daughter demands pizza and fries,
I serve her baked veggies topped with sunshine..(fried egg)..
She give me a harsh look to ****..
I give back her a smile..
She knows her gaze did not ****..
She attack her food with no fun...

All my ABC's start with veggies and fruits..
Cautious me is always in a fret..
A bit cold makes me a nurse,
I wrap my daughter in coat doubled of woolen.

When she overhears my adventure days,
She can't believe her ears and feels all untrue..
One day she saw my album of old pics..
Questioning eyes, accusing eyes all was on her face..
The pic had me..
Riding fast..ending on a pizza joint, with spirits in my hands ..
And now,
I have a sheepish smile to hide my fear.
Trying time of explaining stuff that had been a distant past..

Next thing on my list was,
To hide the album deep,
For never to be found again till she becomes a parent, a mom....!

The adventure of being a mom are too high...

Mom can't have a drink and sleep carefree...
But with sleepless nights, she become a zombie.
Mom can't go for long drive , can't spend night- outs with her friends,
And she ends up with tension high degree, When daughter doesn't return from her friend's birthday celebration.
Mom can't spend time on the foolish talks with her friends on phone ...
For the energy drains with arguments with daughter for rights and wrongs
And for the now that's wrongs, which was once right .

Being a Mom is toughest thing...
To live a life with example is the adventure in itself.

Sparkle In Wisdom
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