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The Bleak Poet Jan 2018
The cancer almost took you from me but you fought and won!

I'm so proud of you baby you have no idea

But now we face another obstacle

We can't be a normal couple, but then again we were never normal

I don't even care that your lips are dangerous I'm willing to kiss you anyways

You're like a drug to me and your poisonous lips are exactly the kind of high I'm looking for

So baby come a little closer and let's tempt the devil together

–Poisonous Lips // F.C.
The Bleak Poet Aug 2017
You said love triangles are messy and you didn't want to get involved

But you didn't listen to yourself and your feelings evolved

You say you always come in second place

But you don't even know how much I want to kiss your stupid face.

You're too busy chasing after this girl

That you're leaving me in this whirl

Of emotions, god you're too blind to see

What's been standing in front of you this whole time. Me.

But I respect your decision

Wouldn't want you to get any criticism

From being with someone like me; a dud

So for now I'll continue to be your bud.

You say you're always second best,

But that's my whole life, so I'll take a step back and rest.

Just know this, no matter how many times you've been second best,

You were never second best to me and for that you should feel blessed

– Never Second Best to Me // F.C.
The Bleak Poet May 2017
I'm sorry, mom.

I'm sorry I'm not the perfect daughter you'd always hoped for.

I'm sorry I'm a disappointment.

I'm sorry you have a daughter who cuts herself.

I'm sorry you have a daughter who smokes.

I'm sorry I'm not the person you think I am.

I'm sorry I could never live up to your expectations.

I'm sorry I'm a failure.

I'm sorry, mom. I'm sorry for it all, but Happy Mothers day anyway.

– Mothers Day // F.C.
The Bleak Poet Apr 2017
Why am I never good enough for people to stick around?

They say I'm a "great person" or a "very good girl" but they never decided to stay

Why is that?

Is it something I did?

Is it something I said?

I want to know why people say I'm this great person but never want to stick around long enough for me to believe their words

What's wrong with me?

Why is everything always my fault?

Why. Am. I. Not. Worth. Staying. For?

I should just leave because people would be better off without me.

– Not Worth Staying For // F.C.
The Bleak Poet Feb 2017
1 cut, 2 cut, 3 cut, 4

I feel like I could've done more

5 cut, 6 cut, 7 cut, 8

I am consumed with all of my hate

9 cut, 10 cut, 11 cut, 12

I grab more blades from the shelves

13 cut, 14 cut, 15

I cry silently to not make a scene

16, 17, 18

My bath tub will be hard to clean

19, 20

A few more won't hurt I have plenty


I wish I had a gun


I wish I was good enough for you


I'll finally be free


It's a good thing I'm ok with gore


Am I still alive?


I'm getting my fix


I know I won't go to heaven


I'm almost at Hell's gate


It's the end of the line


I'm not afraid of death, this I can guarantee

– Counting Cuts // F.C.
Possible trigger warning and I apologize if anyone is uncomfortable reading this
The Bleak Poet Jan 2017
I used to hate the taste of coffee. I used to scrunch my nose at the bitter taste and I'd only drink it if it was flavoured or loaded with sugar.

Now I take the first sip of scalding coffee and sigh in relief as it burns my throat and I get my fix.

As I've grown older I've gotten more bitter so I don't hate coffee anymore and find myself craving the bitter bean juice, just as I find myself craving our bitter relationship.

But since I can't satisfy that craving, I'll stick with the coffee instead.

– I Used to Hate Coffee // F.C.
The Bleak Poet Nov 2016
I used to hate the smell of cigarettes and coffee.

But now I've become familiarised to it and actually find myself longing for the scent

I’ve grown to love the smell just as I've grown to love you.

When you would kiss me it tasted of stale cigarettes and bitter coffee with a hint of whisky.

I used to be disgusted by it but now I find myself intoxicated by your kisses

The farther you pushed me away the more I wanted to be near you.

Now you've gone

And I've never felt closer to the very thing that ruined me;

The very thing that left me craving bitter coffee and stale cigarettes

– Stale Coffee and Bitter Cigarettes // F.C.
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