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I close my eyes and the story starts
I am standing there,
You say you’re fine, I know
you better than that,

So don’t you worry your
pretty little mind,
Staying back and watching me shine,

I go back to December
all the time, I agree,
I fake a smile so he won’t see,

And I heard you moved on, oh slowdown,
You are being too loud, you need to
calm down,

Oh, my God, who is she?
But I promise that you’ll never
find another like me,

I check it once, then I check it twice,
In my mind, saying it’s gonna be alright,

Let’s hear the applause,
Maybe I got mine, but you’ll
all get yours,

‘Cause baby now we got bad blood,
And now I am just waiting
for it all to turn RED…
June 2021
Can’t wait for the new version of RED
I still remember our first day at college,
the day we met each other,
Young, innocent, not knowing it is going
to be just us three, forever,

I smile thinking about the times when we laughed so hard, acted crazy together,
When we believed everything would stay the same, beautiful and forever,

Where are all those beautiful days gone,
Makes us feel, have we done
something wrong,

Eyes filled with tears, I only realize that
life was way simpler,
When we did not know pain, a time that
I will always remember,

Now I can’t believe life has changed to
“remember whens”,
But it’s because of those memories,
that we’ll always remain
best friends.
June 2021
This is for us
It’s us against the world, always…🖤
Cheers to the friendship that survived distance and time
Welcome to
“when life was simpler”,
When it was just me
my little brother,
And our tiny world revolved
around each other…
March 2021
Welcome to
“when life was simpler”,
And all I would think about was
going out with my
March 2021
My pen could write for
anyone, true,
But it never smiles about them
the way it does for you…
March 2020
My memories with you are
starting to fade,
I feel nothing no more, but
just a grey shade…
March 2021
A memory you have become,
a fading one...
We spoke with a look, a
smile as we pass each other,
God, will I ever forget that
feeling, I wonder,

You were a star I caught
while gazing,
Slowly starting to fade
as I keep waiting,

Now I just need you to know,
I wish I had said all the words
a long time ago,

While the night covers my tears,
My heart still aches
after a year…
March 2021
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