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 Nov 2016 Mitch Nihilist
I didn’t want your commitment,
Maybe just a little bit of your time.
let us stand together.
you can stay sitting.

Let us stand
by our inability
to stay out in the sun
too long.

In fact,
would someone mind
erecting a gazebo
for us to stand united

Thank you.

having proven
that we cannot demonstrate
our superiority
through sport,
business acumen
or military might

Let us instead
prove it beyond all doubt
by gathering in groups
and chanting slogans.

Flags are good, too.
Dagnab it,
just look at the way
we can wave those flags.

If that
doesn't qualify us
as the Master Race,
then I don't know what will.

And thus anointed,
let us expunge the world
of miscegenation.
Let us cleanse public radio
of anything other
than Bavarian folk music.
Let us revel
in boiled beef
and wheat-based foods.
Let us return
the mineral wealth of the world
to the tarnished, coloured nations
from whence it came.

Let us reject
foreign mythologies
apart from that one
about Jesus

Let us all return
to the country, town,
and house
of our birth.

History is with us, brothers.
If there's one thing
it teaches us
it's that nothing should ever change
and empires
never fall.

Sieg heil!
 Jun 2016 Mitch Nihilist
You're dying, you know
Your memory
The way you smell
Almost gone
The flecks of colour in your eyes
Are fading
The callouses on your hands against my bare skin
Did that ever happen?
Your voice,
Could've been the wind,
Or a crows call
You're dying
If not for the sound of your heart,
Still beating in my ear,
You'd be dead already
The memory of you will fade,
And fade
A memory of a memory
I will forget your smile,
The sound of your voice,
I'll forget the way you always smell like freshly cut grass
The way you look in orange
But the sound of your heart beating,
When I laid my head on your chest. . . . .
 Jun 2016 Mitch Nihilist
Poisonous fairytales
Princesses sleeping
True loves first kiss
Secrets not worth keeping
All lies
Mere madness
Cruel truths
Surrounding sadness
Give your heart
Get tears in return
Give love a match
It'll watch you burn
Poisoned by fairytales
Raised on lies
No happily ever afters
It all ends with goodbye
The princesses in towers
Will never be free
And frogs stay frogs
Just kiss one, you'll see
There are no knights
Shining in white
Wishes on falling stars
Don't make things right
Sleeping Beauty and Snow White
Were never kissed and awoke
Prince Charming was a liar
He wasn't rich, he was broke
Poisonous fairytales
Cruel lies
Don't drink the cool-ade
It all ends with goodbye
 Jun 2016 Mitch Nihilist
What does your heart cost?
Can it be bought?
Not with money
That's a silly thought
A million kisses,
Maybe two
Gentle carresses
And "I Love You's"
Late night laughter,
Secrets whispered and kept
Promises of smiles
No tears to be wept
"How was your day?"
Asked with care
The complete reasurance
That I'll always be there
What does your heart cost?
I'll pay any price
Just to hold your heart
And see love in your eyes
 Jun 2016 Mitch Nihilist
Kissed by the wendigo
Driven insane
Stalking death
For release from the pain
Waiting in darkness
For killers of the night
Yet even the moon
Hides from my sight
Scratching at tombstones
Of those long gone
Begging passage
To where I belong
Skin gone grey
Heart, lacking a beat
The wendigo's kiss
Left me in defeat
How I still love it
That wendigo, its pain
Kissed by the wendigo
Driven insane
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