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  Mar 26 ToxicMellowFellow
After a long time,
I found the courage to write again
but it was the same as before
I am still hurting,
just in a different way
We are surrounded by darkness,
and here I am guiding you,
I have lent you all my light.
and now I've lost sight

you've drifted into the vast ocean,
longing for a new light.

You didn't stay for too long,
too bad you only got lost.
But still, I met you.
"When oceans roar and the storm gets strong, I'll be your lighthouse"
Sometimes a second is all it takes
a moment of silence for those who are gone,
I don't even know what I've done.
But maybe that's the thing,
for I have done, not a single thing.
  Jan 19 ToxicMellowFellow
my sheets know your secrets
my pillows, your thoughts
my blanket misses your warmth
and i,
i miss your touch
When clouds are overhead
It doesn't bother me,
I lay my weary head
Right on my lover's knee,
With her fingers in my hair
To soothe away dull care.
I go walking in the sunlight of dreams
In the sunlight
Radiant sunlight
In the ultra-white
I'm alright
Sunlight of my dreams.

When lady luck won't smile
I send her on her way
The weather may be vile.
All the livelong day.
But if wintry winds do blow
And summer doesn't show
I go walking in the sunlight of my dreams
In the sunlight
Happy sunlight
In the living right
Sunlight of my dreams.

Where skies are darkest blue
And trouble's far behind
Young love is ever true
And hearts are always kind.
Everyone has time to spend
And pleasures never end.
I go walking in the sunlight of my dreams
In the sunlight
Laughing sunlight
In the dynamite
Golden bright
*Sunlight of my dreams.
This is poem I found that was written by my grandfather in an old book of his poetry. This was my personal favourite, so I thought I would share it on here.
Today's present will be tomorrows past,
make memories today it will somehow last.
All that's gone will come back someday,
we will part our ways but it won't be today
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