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  Jan 2016 mazzy
Taylor Forbez
Long ago,
There was a boy,
He felt alone,
Without a joy,

All that he had,
All that he’d done,
He deserved so much less,
Than what he had won,

This boy was broken,
Shattered like glass,
He thought himself stupid,
A pain in the ***,

But then he met her,
On a cool autumn’s day,
She lit up his world,
She showed him the way,

She picked up the pieces,
No matter the cost,
And put him together,
Not a single piece lost,

She gave him her all,
And he gave her his,
And they both discovered,
What true love really is.
Just a story about a boy.
  Jan 2016 mazzy
Victoria Jennings
I have a new bed
And I love it
But it doesn't feel right
Without you holding me in it.
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