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Maxx Jun 2019
Poem 1:
Red and Black
Black and BLue
Here's a fact
I love you
Poem 2:
Green and Yellow
Purple and Blue
Let's make this Mellow
Just me and you
I finished my final in American Lit and got bored so here are these
Maxx Apr 2019
I'm sorry for being me
I'm sorry for leaving you be
I'm sorry for being scared
I'm sorry for having scars
I'm sorry for not joking
I'm sorry for not laughing
I'm sorry that I hurt you
I'm sorry that I'm just a piece of poo
I'm sorry for saying sorry
I'm sorry that I'm heavy
I'm sorry for being so blue
I'm sorry for never being there for you
I'm sorry for being helpless
I'm sorry for being worthless
I'm sorry for being unhelpful
I'm sorry for not being me
I'm sorry for my mask
I'm sorry that I'm an a**
I know you can never forgive
So this is goodbye
For all the wrongs I did..
This isn't one of my best ones but I figured id post it anyways
Maxx Apr 2019
I thought you were mine
I thought we were fine
I thought we wouldn't part
But you let something tear us apart
As if we were just a mismatch pair of shoes
As if you never cared
As you glared
My soul teared..
This is just a small one I wrote recently because of a breakup.

— The End —