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Jan 2019 · 237
Saliva of the mouth
Or mucus of the nose
Dirt of a horse’s hair
Or ***** training of a rose.
We call these ***** things
But nature’s ways only nature knows.

Cherish the magnificent beauty
That nature has composed.
Cherish your gorgeousness
No matter what comes and goes.
Jan 2019 · 225
Keep breaking your heart
I’d been in a rush all my life chasing people, love and work.
I’d been in a constant hurry to meet someone, to do something,
Always did I feel something missing
Chasing something unknown, as if tied to some unknown string.

I’d been in a constant battle with myself
I was afraid to be frozen and to feel out of control.
I’d been hurting myself so much to hold on to this temporary world
Oh! I was so afraid to be numb, still and all alone.

Like a roaring cyclone wearing jackets of ice
I was afraid to melt in front of anyone new.
So I trusted too much but I loved a few.
Clinging to them, I let my head become an a 24x7 open zoo.

Out of it I got nothing
I got lost, feeling powerless and suddenly all alone.
On roads full of racing people, lights and cars
I dragged myself like a dead pole tuned out into a sleepy zero zone.

But then I realized
That all of this isn’t that bad at all.
When there is no one alongside
Suddenly I can start melting, I can break my walls.

I got no one to show, I can enjoy myself
The pinkening orange skies and quiet long walks.
I release myself, I let go of anything, everything and all
In warmth of my tears, I can listen to my own talks.

I got nothing to look forward to,
I got nothing to lose.
So I start building a life
A life I, myself can choose.

Let’s rush, let’s roll
But not like a machine, instead like a waterfall.
Let’s hurry, let’s chase
But only the passing breeze, and not some unknown maze.

We’re too afraid to bear the pain of a scratching, blistering and burning heart
But be thankful every time your heart gets broken.
As Rumi also says,
Keep breaking your heart until it opens.
Weak people will try to pull you down
So that they can feel powerful.
Weak people will blame you, shame you
They will crush you in ways that are awful.

Strong people will inspire you
They will ignite a fire in your heart.
Strong people will teach you to be happy alone
To live to the fullest even when they are apart.

Weak people will sound lovely on the face
But attack you behind your back.
Strong people will encourage you to push harder
They will inspire abundance in you, not lack.

No matter what life throws at us
We ought to be strong, not weak.
We ought to look beyond words and dualities
And speak only with love and truth if we wish to speak.

We ought to build each one up
And live in harmony, not competitions.
We ought to keep our heart open
And learn to share our love without conditions.

Those who blame and hurt are already suffering
Bless them love and let go of what is already gone.
What’s the use of fighting with those
Who are weak, who have no strength of their own.
Be strong, and let go of what is gone.
Jan 2019 · 646
Unbecome everyone’s dreams
Unbecome everyone’s scars
Unbecome everything fake
To be what you truly are.
Jan 2019 · 382
Life is Hard
Life is hard. Yes it is.

All motivations are temporary,
And so is all the outside attention.
When life slaps you, take it as a new break
Life’s slaps are still permanent but its claps are all fake.

If you take a decision, don’t look back
Don’t live in apologies and permissions.
Even if you do, don’t blame yourself, don’t regret
Never feel guilty for following your unique path in any condition.

Never let someone else’s beliefs
Become a barrier in your way.
Act with love not with aggression
Don’t let someone else’s bitterness harden your heart’s clay.

Don’t suppress your love, don’t suppress your voice
Just because people are afraid of your roars.
Don’t depend on anyone for believing in yourself
Learn to find and open your own doors.

Life is tough. Yes it is.

Cherish your sensitivities
But never let them become your weakness
Love someone with all your honesty and heart
But don’t be afraid to let go, don’t sacrifice your uniqueness.

Prove yourself to yourself
Not to the people, not to the world.
If you ever need to choose, choose yourself
You’re not needy, you’re a free bird.

Shed rivers of tears
Then gather all your gear
If you can’t fight with anyone else
At least fight with your own fears.
There’s snow outside my room’s window
A blanket of white fullness, a fullness of love
And a subtle fire inside my heart, vibrating up and below.

Since the moment I’ve seen someone suffering
In dark clouds of power, control and ego.
I never knew how strong I was
Until I had to move on and let them go.

There’s snow outside my room’s window
And tears trickling down in my shadow
For, I never knew the powerlessness of power and control
Until the power of love defeated the love of power breaking open my heart’s window.
Jan 2019 · 454
Let's get wild today
Let’s get a little wild today
After all, freedom isn’t too expensive.
Let’s dance in the rain today
Don’t resist, don’t be defensive.

Let’s re-write the story
Let’s turn the page
This is your life
Have no time for others’ garbage.

Let’s shatter all the bars
Let the dam of emotions break free
Why do you look for permissions
You can become what you want to be.

Let’s stop searching for love
Let’s become it
Let’s begin to live again
Moment by moment, bit by bit.
Sunrises and lemon juice
Sunsets and tooty fruits
When life gives you lemons, drink their juice
When life gives you fruits, relish the juicy fruits.

Heart gets broken.
And tears flow with all words unspoken
Sunrises and sunsets are simply the signs and tokens
To stitch your pieces and create an embroidery from the heartbroken.

Life goes on. No matter what life offers on the shelf,
Just be a champ and believe in yourself!
Jan 2019 · 356
You are not lonely
You are not lonely.
Look at the flowers that dance
And feel the branches that swing
They are here for you
You are not lonely,
You’re filled with enthusiasm and zing.

You are not lonely.
Look at the animals that play
And the birds that fly
They are here for you
You are not lonely
You’re filled with infinity of the sky.

You are not lonely
Feel the babies crying and kids laughing
Feel both the happy and sad, feel all that is there,
They are here for you
You are not lonely
Even your tears are filled with gifts of your prayers.

You are not lonely
The Sun, moon, earth and stars
The streets, buildings, people and cars
The universe is here for you
You are not lonely
Your heart is filled with love, let love fill all your scars.

You are not lonely
You are filled with stars.
Just let love in, let it fill all your scars.
Jan 2019 · 275
Of what use is your power
Of what use is your name, fame, money and power
If you are stuck in the box of your mind.
Of what use is all your words and arguments
If, to your own heart’s guidance, you are blind.

Of what use are your victories
If you can’t even feel your own emotions.
Of what use are all your fights and battles
If you don’t know how to access your freedom, your own love, an infinite ocean.
Fill your pockets with sunshine
And your palm cups with rainbows.
Fill your eyes with fire of love
And get drenched in it from head to toes.
Fill your lips with the kisses of breeze
And your ears with the music of ocean’s flow.
Fill your moments with the blissful joy
Always keep your inner child alive, play and grow.
Jan 2019 · 239
Life is Too Short...
Take a motorbike,
Slip into a zipper jacket, do some hike.
Walk in hilly roads,
Taste some hot and spicy street food, be childlike.

Whether you’re sad or broken,
For a few moments, gather all your fragments and be whole.
Stitch your heartbeats together,
And laugh and cry and dance and roll.

Life is too short,
To be confined into structures and goals.
Sometimes just be alive, be innocent, be wild,
Coming out of all the roles, out of your thought holes,
Sometimes, just step into your soul.
Jan 2019 · 215
I'm still alive
I fall silently,
I want to fight back loud
Wearing shoes of diamond,
I want to step over the clouds.

The fog is still heavy
Blinding me, the ashy smoke also arrives.
While the dark night is still looming,
The rising Sun reminds me, that I’m still alive.
Jan 2019 · 420
Just talk to me my heart
With a tiny spark of love,
I will erase the billion years of darkness in your eyes.
With the umbrella of my heart,
I will protect you, baby I won’t let you cry.
No matter what the world has done to you,
Just talk to me my heart and together we’ll conquer the sky.
Jan 2019 · 290
They tried to encase me
They tried to encase me
To imprison me in chains and boxes.
They tried to push me past my breaking point
To inject my veins with their words like toxins.

I slipped away wearing a will of steel
I stepped out of their controlling world.
I tapped into love, into the guidance of my heart
And started sharpening my own sword.
Days pass. Months pass. Years pass.
Some people in your life will come closer to you,
While some will just come to bypass.
Some will mend your broken heart,
While some will get it broken into shattered mirrors and glass.
Some will envelope your pain in their arms of warm love,
While some will crush your love each time you open your heart and let them trespass.
Some will lift your spirit high and higher,
While some will put you down, low and lower just to surpass.
Some will inspire you to express your inner child, your true self,
While some will constantly attack it with their false power and show of class.
Some will accept you, will respect you despite of your flaws,
While some will use your talents and then throw you like an obsolete mass.
Some will embrace your emotions and sensitivities,
While some will try to clog you with their toxicity calling you middle class.
Some will make you feel passionate and alive,
While some will tell you to suppress and shut your voice as the time slides in an hourglass.
Some will love unconditionally, some will trust even the tiniest bit of you,
While some will blame you even if you offer them the entire universe with Sun, stars, moon, flowers and grass.

Days pass. Months pass. Years pass.
With passing days, months and years,
Don’t just live to survive, don’t just let this moment go.
Live to bud and bloom, live to grow,
Remember that with people, pains too come and go.
Whether they put you down, whether they shatter your glass.
Stitch your pieces together, no matter how slow.
Decide to take your power back,
This moment, today, not tomorrow.
You’re the winner, in the end only your truth will glow,
Just hang on to your heart, listen to your heartbeats flow.
No matter what season it might be,
Stand tall like a gorgeous pine tree, baby don’t you again bow.
Don’t you ever doubt yourself,
Listening to words of people whose hearts are empty and hollow.
Hold high your head,
With light of confidence shining from your shoulder to elbows.
Rise. Rise like a phoenix,
Let them make the noise. You owe your life. They don’t owe.

Days pass. Months pass. Years pass.
May this year you finally decide, you finally get to know,
That you deserve unconditional love with all your shadows.
May this year you choose to go,
On the pathway of your own happiness and flow.
May this year you choose to value yourself,
And not to suppress your expressions, not to bow.
May this year your dreams sit in a spaceship,
And take you where you desire to go.
May this year you shine like a star,
And glow bright in your colours like a rainbow.
May this year you do and achieve everything,
That you wanted to, years before, a long ago.
May this new year you are born as a new life,
Like a new day’s golden Sun emerging from bright white snow.
Happy New Year to all of you,
Be happy. Learn, express, achieve and grow.
Dec 2018 · 180
Let it Flow
But only if we could realize
That pain of rain and burn of Sun, both are required
In order to make a sapling grow
Then we would strip away the false layers and sheets.
Layers of fears, confusions and manipulations
That rust our hearts and unconditional love
Scratch and dust away the rust off your heart
Strip away the splinter of fear apart
Let loose the dam of tears, let it flow
Let the mind fly free like a dove.
Dec 2018 · 332
Just wait till you heal
Some heartbreaks are those seasons
That harden even softest of heartbeats into sharp attacking stones.

There are frozen eyes and there are stilling voice tones
But the screams are still boiling
From under the blood, skin and bones.

Just wait till you heal, be patient till your wounds seal,
Till your scars turn into a pathway of cobblestones.
Dec 2018 · 186
Like a Dark Night
When the ghosts of the past
Hover over your head
Pouncing upon crumbs of your attention
And eating away your time’s threads.
When the bundles of fears and resentments
Shout between your ears, when they scream and yell.
When the bruises, blisters and scars
Those are invisible yet hurt like hell.
Let go of it all
Like a dark night that passes away
Be courageous enough to take a tiny step forward
And life will welcome you with all that you want, sing, dance and sway!
Dec 2018 · 202
Move on
It’s not easy to move on. No it’s not.

When flashbacks like seasons and words like radio
Hover in your noisy head
When repetitive heartbreaks and betrayals
Scream inside your body numb and dead.
When this happens,
It’s not easy to move on. No it’s not.
But with a faith as tiny as a thorn and light as tiny as a seed
Pick yourself up, and move on from everything done and said.
Rebuild your life, just move on from everything done and said.
Dec 2018 · 528
Be the Moon
Be the moon, be a child
Be the kind of wolf with eyes rosy wild
Be sensual, fulfilled and tenderly styled
Be the infinite ocean, fiercely roaring yet softly mild.
Dec 2018 · 184
In return of your love, some people hurt you repeatedly
So much that after some time
Your own brain starts hurting you by default.
During walks, during talks
And to do even the simplest of things,
Your own brain attacks and assaults
If this happens with you too, remember that,
Despite of it, you ought to be strong. No need of your words.
**** them with your silence, **** them by loving yourself, there’s no need to revolt
There is innocence in your wilderness
And wildness in your limitlessness
Love yourself with such an intensity
That in front of your love, your own demons are powerless.
Dec 2018 · 168
Your Body Verse by Verse
Your body is not just flesh, blood and bones
It is the home of stars,
A vessel in which flows the ocean called universe.
Touch it, feel it, its every vein and zone,
And love it like you love a baby
Connect with it verse by verse.
To a heart that has been broken after and after
There’s no difference
Between a monster’s face and a God’s face
For, it has seen numerous times,
Her life being destroyed by a God’s face
And a God’s smile turning to a monster’s face.
Dec 2018 · 170
Your Heart's Tone
A blanket of hollow darkness
In which you’re all wrapped up
From head to toe, from cell to bone,

Strip it off layer by layer
By being true to yourself
Before you listen to anyone else, listen to your heart’s tone.
Dec 2018 · 189
You are not a battleground
You are not a battleground
For people who can’t fight their own battles.
You are not a milk giving cow
To some monster feeding only on cattles.
You are a pure ocean
Not an animal to be slaughtered.
You ought to love yourself
And stop taking others’ polluted thoughts in your holy waters.
Dec 2018 · 175
is a very personal thing.
Like juice of stars
And a box of poison
Find it within yourself
And learn to treasure it.✨
Dec 2018 · 153
Biscuits and Coffee
Biscuits and coffee
Chocolates and toffee
Those who put you down don’t deserve your love
Enjoy the sunlight and kick them out of your head with a hockey!
Dec 2018 · 150
He walked away
These days I wonder
How easily we rip open our hearts
To people who see no shame in ******* it dry
The ocean of our love, filling it with their ashes and *****
The cracks bleed. The heartbeats scream. The tears burn.
And they just walk away.
I wonder, how easily, they just walk away.
He walked away.
Dec 2018 · 143
Only Love
My blood was made of stars
Someone ****** it dry
He filled it with ashes
I went numb, I couldn’t even cry.

But then I realized
Even ashes can make you rise
Like a roaring fire if you let it
Slowly secretly let the hope arise.

Just a touch of your hand and a trickle of your tear
Will make you fly like a soaring kite
‘Cause of all and everything,
Only love, only love is infinite.
Dec 2018 · 137
God dear
God dear, I'm sending you messages in bottles
With scars and bruises that won't heal
Hope you put a dressing over them
And return me my lively zeal.
Dec 2018 · 129
Love Yourself
If you don’t pick yourself up, who will?
If you don’t start loving yourself, who will?
Some people only know how to take.
They don’t know how to give.
So let go of your desire to fix their pain
Darling, love yourself and just chill!
Dec 2018 · 220
Once broken never returns to its original form
Someone once broke my trust
So much that even my heart doubts
Whether these are my own heartbeats or his
Little by little, he shattered me.
Dec 2018 · 221
If they were dumb enough
If they were dumb enough
To use you as a dumpster,
Show them that you're smart enough
To dump them for once and forever.
Dec 2018 · 252
His Love Transformed Me
With his arguments and words
He put me down
Crashed my dreams
Under his dusty shoes brown
And then slipped away
Like a hungry dog wearing my golden crown.

Diamonds in my eyes
that once he adored.
Appeared garbage to him
He said he was just bored.
But soon he left, God said to me
Baby you're the diamond, he was your garbage stored.

His love transformed me
Yes it changed me a lot.
I now love myself unconditionally
To ignore him ruthlessly and not give a shot.
Always love yourself unconditionally.
Dec 2018 · 741
I loved him like God
I made him thrive.
He left me cold, shattered and numb
Half dead half alive.
While he was kissing his wife
I was struggling to survive.

— The End —