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Jan 2019
Weak people will try to pull you down
So that they can feel powerful.
Weak people will blame you, shame you
They will crush you in ways that are awful.

Strong people will inspire you
They will ignite a fire in your heart.
Strong people will teach you to be happy alone
To live to the fullest even when they are apart.

Weak people will sound lovely on the face
But attack you behind your back.
Strong people will encourage you to push harder
They will inspire abundance in you, not lack.

No matter what life throws at us
We ought to be strong, not weak.
We ought to look beyond words and dualities
And speak only with love and truth if we wish to speak.

We ought to build each one up
And live in harmony, not competitions.
We ought to keep our heart open
And learn to share our love without conditions.

Those who blame and hurt are already suffering
Bless them love and let go of what is already gone.
What’s the use of fighting with those
Who are weak, who have no strength of their own.
Be strong, and let go of what is gone.
         TheRaven, ---, Crow, White Widow, ThatBrokenOne and 2 others
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