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LoneWolf Sep 2014
The wind is screaming around the trees.
Interjecting between my thoughts and psychotic capacity.
What is perception to reality?
Is it laying in the gutter looking up at the stars?
Is it laying in a bed stained with someone else's scars?
Are you wishing, hoping for a dream?
Are you as close as you'll ever be tearing at the seams?
Was it a dream hearing her say your name?
Or is this low carb diet your price to be sane?
You're drowning out a girl who you call your psychotic capacity.
You're wondering why she's no longer in love with me.
What if she's the one with the lie, perception is reality.
LoneWolf Sep 2014
If you're not in love do you stay or do you go?
Darling not to worry this isn't the case.
My love for you only has room to grow.
My love will fill all of the in between space.
You are the reason for the skipping beat in my heart.
This feeling will never part.
Mind, body and soul.
My sweet sweet sun you have me whole.
I will be your best friend through it all.
Each day the deeper I fall.
With new depths I've reached, a love I hope to keep.
I speak in circles and spheres.
Trying to hideaway all of my fears.
My best friend you have been.
Your brown eyes are my blue skies.
My oh my how love makes time fly.
LoneWolf Sep 2014
My thoughts race and race throughout my day.
I can never muster up my words I wish to say.
Though I felt fine, I can't help but long for what remains mine.
I'm on the run from the sun.
Her rays left burns as she called me a son of a gun.
Winter is around the corner and maybe she'll let me be.
It never crossed my mind that we weren't meant to be.
The beautiful sun and the little shining moon.
I hope to see your rays soon.

— The End —