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brandy hall May 2018
Why do I even go to school anymore
I don't learn anything new or at least anything I'll need after school
In history I've learned about the american revolution every year since 4th grade
In English we've covered smilies and metaphors every year since 5th grade
In math I know I won't need to know how to solve x=15y+11 after school
In science when am I going to need to know how to dissect a frog
So why do I even go to school anymore
I don't know about you guys but this I how my school goes
brandy hall May 2018
I've been lost
I've been broken
But I haven't given up
And I won't give up now
Because I know how to fight
All my demons within
And how to aid the
Angels struggling
To set me free
So once I'm free
I hope you'll still be
Around, so I can help
You to get free as well
So that maybe we can both
Be free, able to live the way we
Want to be, do you want to be
Free with me or do you like
The darkness & demons
That prey on you
Every night
Won't you be free?
I did this before school started
brandy hall Apr 2018
A show I once thought would be just another feel good show...
I was wrong, so wrong
It has so many songs & feels
It's made me feel emotions I never knew existed
It's made me laugh & cry & sing & dance all at once
It has inspired, some times even driven me
It has become one of my favorites
So yeah if you haven't watched this show you should
brandy hall Apr 2018

My favorite pokemon is absol
why you may ask
dosen't it cause destruction others may say
i say no
all it ever wanted was to warn you of a coming disaster
but you caused it to hide up in the mountains
so now it can't help you...
no it's not that it can't, it's that it won't
all because you drove it away
Just a little thing I wrote about absol

— The End —