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Lemona Nov 17
"You'll never be good enough"
"Your life is a waste"
"You're a failure"
"You'll never be worthy"
"You'll never achieve anything"

The voices in my head
That I must contend with every waking moment
Until I lay down to sleep.
At which point I'm convinced
That death is better than life
For with death,
Comes rest from these tormentous demons
Lemona Nov 12
Love; makes the world go round
Love; a spoonful of poison to one,
a breath of life to another.
Love; such simple complexity,
that has completely eluded me
  Nov 11 Lemona
I am a master at lying
It is an art
I’ve become so good at it
That when I say
I am fine
I almost believe myself
  Nov 7 Lemona
David J
Your eyes sang the song of loss
And I recognized the chorus
I was reading a book in a place no normal person would be. When I was accomponied by a lovely gal who had the same plans as me. We never spoke a word to eachother but I've never felt so understood.
Lemona Nov 7
When I can't say them, I write them
And when I write, I am consumed
in the beauty of written expression.

so often taken for granted
Yet these are my saving grace
Written words are my therapy.
I have often found it easier to express myself in writing as opposed to talking.
Lemona Nov 5
That blouse would look great on me

The bright flowers would complement my skin tone

That red dress, material so soft, color so deep,

would accentuate my hips and small *****

But the sleeves are just wrong.

They have such short sleeves, barely covering the elbows

Those sleeves cannot cover the marks,

The dark scars on my wrists

That I have been hiding for so long

— The End —