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CAM Feb 2020
I've always wondered
What it would be like.
To be in love with someone
Who doesn't like art.

Someone who hates the way music flows
Who can't draw a line as anything but straight.
Who can't see the beauty of the world,
Who hates the way words string along.

I think I'd hate it.
I don't know how someone could hate
The way a pencil glides across a page
Or the way clashing notes solve themselves into harmony.

I don't see how you could hate the colors of the sky
Or the contrast in someone's hair.
Or the way a poem feels
I don't think I can understand that kind of love

Everyone knows love stems from hate
What did art do to you?
CAM Feb 2020
What if we are
Like universes crossing

Eerily similar
But not the same
We're the same in almost too many ways
For it to be just a coincidence

We've met and re-met too many times
For it to not be fate

What if our timelines are linked
Just not in the way we want them to be

What if I never see you again?
I would much rather spend every day

Noticing your eyes
And smiling because they stay the same
CAM Jan 2020
You are amazing
At asking if people are okay
People never seem to ask if you’re okay
Are you okay?

I promise you that I really care,
And I promise I'll listen to you.
Talk about anything in the world,
And I'll still be interested because of you.

You are sweet,
And kind.
You have a soft soul
And a sharp mind.

You are amazing at being secretly powerful
You are soft and sweet on the outside
But under it all
You have abs of steel and the wits of a wizard.

You have an all-time minimum
When it comes to self-confidence
Maybe if you saw what I see
That wouldn’t be true.

You are gorgeous,
In every way I can see.
Your smile lights up every room,
When you take your time to show it.

Every single thing you say
Every single thing you do
Makes me in every kind of way
More and more into you.

I never thought that it was you
Except inside I always knew
You were always there
But you were always new

Always changing,
Never the same.
Nothing good
Will ever stay the same.

You are flawed
I know that much for sure
But it doesn’t really matter
Because your flaws make you yourself.

You are not perfect
In the traditional way
But you have always been perfect
To me.
This is for the dude I like. I never really know how to describe him accurately, but I think I did it pretty well here. If you can see this, hello. Please say hi back.
CAM Dec 2019
I've tried a million times not to think of anything
Not when I write.
I've tried blocking things out,
Listening to music,
Talking to people,
Singing a few notes,
Writing out a song,
Working on homework,
But nothing gives me inspiration more than you.

I get inspiration at random times and I write it out.
Once I wrote a full poem, a deep one, but I reloaded the page and couldn't remember what it'd said
When I woke up the next morning realizing I'd had no wi-fi.
I write for myself,
That's what I say,
But I write for other people,
Things I wish I could say,
Things I'm too scared to say.

I'm not even counting stanzas anymore,
Just writing without a care.

I could write about how my birthday's in two days,
How my parents are tearing me apart,
How school is breaking me down,
How my best friend likes a guy who liked me,
How my friends are going through a ****** assault crisis
That happened a year ago,

But I write for you instead,
Wishing I told you I liked you,
Wishing I could ask you to homecoming
Wishing I could ask you to hang out,
Wishing I could be less awkward,
Wishing we hadn't been called out,
Hoping we won't by another,
Wishing I could look at you without her telling me not to,
Wishing you didn't have a girlfriend.

I like you a lot and I don't know what to do
Because someone else likes you too,
So we're going to stay friends,
For as long as it takes.
For you to like me back,
Or me to get over you.
I cannot believe I did this last year the last stanza hits hard
CAM Dec 2019
I LIKE talking to you every day.

I LIKE making eye contact with you like we’re sharing an inside joke

I LIKE hearing you laugh and seeing you smile

I LIKE boosting your confidence

I LIKE that you boost mine the same way

I LIKE that you look me in the eyes when we talk

I LIKE talking to you about things that are happening in my life

I LIKE that you’re my best friend

I LIKE you

I just want to ask you out already

But I don’t know how to
Well this is a thing that exists
CAM Dec 2019
I grew up thinking love *****
My parents loved each other
And they fought and
My mom cried
My dad yelled
My mom lied

I still thought love *****
I went into my first relationship
But he just wanted to be worshipped
For his pretty eyes
And his pretty hair
But all he wanted
Was the one thing I wasn't willing
To give him

I spend my days looking at you
And seeing you looking back
You treat me like a queen,
Like I am worthy of praise
I feel safe
I feel warm
I feel hopeful
Is this what love feels like?
CAM Dec 2019
Yawns are contagious,
And so are colds.

And apparently,
So are smiles.
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