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Feb 2020
I've always separated sections of my life
By who I loved most.

First, it was my dad.
He was my hero.

Then my mom.
She was my everything

Then, my brother.
My best friend since his birth.

Then, it was a boy I met at school.
He made me feel smart.

And after that, a boy I met at camp.
He made me feel content.

Following that, it was another boy from school.
The first one to make me feel pretty.

Then another boy in my class.
He made me feel alive.

Then, it was my grandparents.
They gave me everything I ever needed.

Then, it was some boy who made me laugh
And another who included me.

And then another who I thought would be my friend forever
But he left me behind as soon as we were apart.

For a long time after that, it was my best friend.
She makes me feel loved.

And then suddenly,
Like a flash of lightning.
The person I loved most
Was me.

I became everything I wanted to be.
Everything I needed.

But after a while, the person I loved most became him.
The boy I loved all my life.
The one who was my hero
And my everything
My best friend.
With him,
I'm smart.
I'm happy.
I'm pretty.
I'm lively.
I have everything I need.
I'm included.
I am loved.

But most of all,
I am myself.

Just maybe,
The timing is finally right.
For me to be who I want to be.

Maybe all it took was for me to love myself first.
I debated whether to make this loving or self-confident, so I went with both.
Written by
CAM  17/A small lonely hometown
(17/A small lonely hometown)   
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