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Mar 2020
Dear Corona,
I would like to write this letter to you to express my absolute contempt at your taking over of our world. The death needs to stop. All the people you are removing from their jobs and the pay that thus keeps them afloat. All the people stuck in their homes without the medical attention they need because something bigger and stronger is out there.
I am angry. I am absolutely outraged at the way the citizens of my species have been treated. As a senior in high school, I have been removed from many people I love.
I will never get a senior prom. It's up in the air whether my graduation will take place online. Whether I will ever have a commencement. Whether I will ever have a chance with the boy I like before I leave. I may never have a graduation party, and I barely got a senior musical. I may never get a senior season in the sport I love most. I may not see my friends again until it's too late and we all have to say goodbye, until we meet again, which may be never.
But none of that is what I am angry about.
I am angry that you took away my knowledge. I never knew my lasts were my last. My last musical performance. My last dance at prom. My last hello to my best friend. My last walk through the halls of my school. My last hello to my teachers. I didn't even know they were my last. I said "See you on Monday." I said "I'm excited to do this again." I walked out, without a single thought of whether I would walk back in. I walked out of my last practice, my last class, and my last day. And I didn't even know it yet. You didn't even let me know.
Dearly Signed,
One Person,
Out of Millions Who You Have Made Feel Like This

P.S. You ****
Written by
CAM  17/A small lonely hometown
(17/A small lonely hometown)   
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