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chloe Jun 2019
what makes me mad is that the poems i really like is the ones with the least amount of popularity
chloe Jun 2019
the leaves moving in a rhythmic motion
i watch them sway back and forth
i notice a certain pattern
do i notice the pattern
why do i continue to watch
why am i so concerned about this one little thing
chloe Jun 2019
people ask why I wear bracelets

It is the same reason why I wear long sleeves

can you guess why?
I wear bracelets and long sleeves for the same reason to hide something.
chloe Jun 2019
EVERY sound out
of your mouth
makes me
stop talking
I can't bear to hear
anymore of your VOICE
chloe Jun 2019
I am scared to go
It makes me low

When I think about going
I don't feel like showing

I have a major choice to make
My brain feels like an earthquake
I have to go back to Florida for the summer and I am scared to see my dad
  Jun 2019 chloe
Keiya Tasire
Great Grandma said it.
Grandma said it.
Dad Said it.
Mom said it.
Teachers said it.
Bosses said it.
Husband said it.
Children said it.
I said, Hell, no!
There comes a time that we realized that somethings are just traditional patterns and other times it is used for control. When it is used for control I have a response!
chloe Jun 2019
It not only moved from her *******
but to her brain, and lungs

Why does God have to be so cruel?
Why does he hurt the good in the world?

Why can't he give cancer to the bad people?
I am tired of all the loss in this world

We need to find a cure soon
I can't lose my role model
My Nana has cancer and it has spread and she is dying. She is my role model for being a chef and I have lost so many people due to cancer and I can't do it again.
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