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chloe Aug 2019
why do we go back to the those who hurt us?

like they did us wrong,

why would we go back?

believe their lies again
chloe Aug 2019
my emotions are crazy

they control my life

they are the worst

they suffocate me till i can't breath anymore
i am having mood swings and they are going insane
  Aug 2019 chloe
the black rose
we share a space,
we fear a place
where we can never exist.
where the only lovers left alive
are clenching at fist.
too many standing in the way,
and when you run,
you run away.
and you may never see the day
where you witness your reflection
in the eyes of someone pure.
revealing all thats hidden,
all you’ve never seen before.
chloe Aug 2019
love is a funny thing

it can pull you in

and destroy your heart

or make you feel good a little while
chloe Aug 2019
you're my dreams
i can't wait to fall asleep,
fall into a deep

you're eyes, green as leaves
you make me believe
things are amazing

you make my world begin
and turn and turn and turn
you make me yearn

your arms around my waist
makes me feel,
feel as if there is not a care in the world

you're fingers intertwined with mine
brings me joy
a joy where there is no anxiety
chloe Jun 2019
sometimes the best thing is not keeping going but stopping

you need to stop and smell the roses to be happy they say

i listen and it helps
chloe Jun 2019
what makes me mad is that the poems i really like is the ones with the least amount of popularity
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