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chloe Mar 14
My grandma always told me that bad stuff comes in threes
It has always stuck with me and know I except more difficult things
I never realized how sad it was until I got older
It never seemed to fail me
When she passed, I failed 5th grade, and my cat died.
When I ran away, my boyfriend broke up with me, and I lost a house.
When my uncle died, I had to see my dad, and my mom had financial issues.
Life is a cruel game and you can never beat it
My grandmother was a sassy old women and I was thinking about the sayings she would say and this one just stuck
chloe Feb 14
I don't want to write about love like everyone else
I want to write about the sadness
When you look around and see all the gifts
You get this pit in your stomach
Your heart feels like you have never been loved
You feel alone and nobody likes you
Don't worry someone likes you and is just scared and nervous
Don't worry your friends will always love you
Valentines day is not fun for me because I am single but I love my friends and love to show them how much I care for them
chloe Feb 7
Why don’t we have show and tell for scars?
They are more important than materials we show
They show the memories we can’t explain
Scars last forever, but memories will eventually fade
This world only looks at materials
Some things you can’t hold but love more than the things you can
Scars show how strong we are
Scars show the hardships you lived through
Scars show all the mistakes we did
Scars show that you got back up again
Scars are beautiful so embrace them as you do to your items
I need feedback so please don't hold back I am entering a poetry contest for school and need help
chloe Feb 3
Dear Dad,
Even though I have hate
I still remember being scared of catching bait
I haven't seen you in 2 years now
When you didn't allow
Me to climb the trees
When we sit at the beach and feel the breeze

You have not been here for me
We don't agree
You choose drugs over us
We would never discuss
I was scared to be around
I felt like I was bound

Even though I sit here and cry
I think do I even qualify
For your love and care
Hearing you call me bear
And you sing me to sleep
All the memories I keep

You don't text back
It really hurts when you lack
Someone, everyone else has
You were always bias
I just wish you cared about me for once
This is for my dad he is not dead. He lives across the country and does not like me. He left my mom years ago and just got out of jail AGAIN
chloe Jan 25
I am tired of all the meds
The meds make me blurry
They are evil
They look for your weak spots and attack
Just got back from the doctors and they prescribed me a NEW medication to add on the 5 I already take.
chloe Jan 25
Being lonely does not mean actually being alone
Being lonely could mean you have loads of friends,
But you are alone in your head
You don't trust your "friends"
You don't need to be single to be lonely
You can be dating someone and feel empty and alone
Being alone is such a dark thing
Looking around and seeing everyone but,
Feeling lonely
Being lonely is like your eyes see black all the time
I randomly wrote this in freestyle so yeah it is unedited and I don't care if it is sloppy. I am just a sad teen
chloe Jan 23
Many ask why I do it
I get release
I feel for the first time in a while
I do it to feel pain
There are many reasons why I do it
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