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KieraYale Feb 2023
Enjoy the fruits of your labor,
or the fruits shall become labor.
KieraYale Oct 2022
slow dancing against you
with the lazy waves against our feet
i feel so weightless
KieraYale Oct 2022
I stopped writing
because I was happy.

The part of me that wanted to rip my heart from my chest
like the jaws of life just to watch it writher on the black top was gone.

Gone with it my desire to slash the caverns of my mind for some inspiration, bloodletting pain into something that could resonate with myself and maybe someone at Denny's at 4:15 a.m.

Yet like an addict I always seem to slither back to an old friend.
KieraYale Jul 2022
Love sits next to you
Like warm sun on summer swing
And I thank God for morning light
Next to your calm heart beat
KieraYale Jun 2022
i wondered once, upon the sea
in search of something beyond me
and in the storm i made my plea
please take me God, and set me free

but bow did rise against the wave
whistle of wind oh so grave
and storm of black she did brave
to new morn light the path she pave
KieraYale Apr 2022
when the smoke clears
and silence rings like static
Oh, shotgun in September
to my broken heart

crush my breath
like coal canary
Leave me gasping

red claws on your wrist
Was it truly her you kissed?
KieraYale Feb 2022
And at some point
we begin to understand
as familiar hands
become soft with age
this is all we have-
and we are grateful.
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