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JoshuaX Apr 2018
Give hate
Give tears
Be fake
Id still love you
**** me
Hurt me
Lie to me
Id still love you
Not sure if posted already but **** it
JoshuaX Apr 2018
Even though i was decieved
I still want you to tell me lies
Even though i was relieved
I know that i cant smile
You showed that there aint nothin true on the things that i believe
If i cant be with you theres no reason for me to live
JoshuaX Apr 2018
Everyday i wake up thinkin i can rule the world
then i remember your name and suddenly it felt so cold
You stripped away my confidence my memories are evidence of a girl
that did nothin when for him shes the only thing that makes sense
JoshuaX Apr 2018
Boy dont forget to remember me
If this is what you desire
Self healing secrets revealing
They dont understand
But they dont need to
Focus on you
False hopes and dark thoughts
Neck wrapped with a rope
Salvation you sought
Gave your all
Recieved nothin at all
In darkness you fall
JoshuaX Apr 2018
No lies no killing
No poor no bad feelings
Young one you don't have to hide
This life there is no guide
But I got you on mind
I know life is hard
Nobody understand
That you are tired
You wanna take a sleep
Rest for a while
They would remember you
They'll attend your funeral
JoshuaX Apr 2018
If we all die
we would all be equal
Think about it for a while
No hate no judgement
If we all die
What if..
JoshuaX Apr 2018
Everytime i look at her face
Its a grim reminder
Times when i put my mind into her
The time we falter
When there is no shoulder
To cry on Or a roof to cover
The rain it is so insane
It is a shame that
Evrytime i think of her
Its a grim reminder
Forget everything and
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