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Sep 2020 · 55
My Vow
Hi De Sep 2020
I don't know what's going on,
It's a bit cloudy and I can't see the moon.

then a cold breeze just passed me by,
there's nothing I can do but just stand nearby.

Here I thought I was superman and you're Lois Lane,
But I have this kryptonite of being unable to sense your pain.

I'm afraid, you're afraid, we both have our worries,
I just pray you'll give this a chance so we can write amazing stories.

all alone, I'm not enough,
but here with you, the fears will stop

so please take my hand and trust in me,
I'll break that "curse" or so called destiny.

don't be afraid of your happiness now,
I won't let it be taken away, that will be my vow.
Hi De Sep 2020
HIGH  and low,
I'll be with you.

LAW of attraction,
slowly brought me to you.

VIEW life through your eyes,
as the sun and moon set and rise.

SAW you just yesterday,
but I miss you like the last time I saw you was in May.

MATCH hopefully made in heaven,
together we'll walk in the garden of Eden.

quickly say the words in CAPS,
try to utter each word without any gap.

I may not be always in touch but,
Aug 2020 · 45
Making a Pumpkin Smile
Hi De Aug 2020
Sending you a smile,
Let it stay there for a while.

The day may be rough,
But I hope this gesture will be enough.

To turn up a smile on your lips,
Here is a smile, the simplest one among my gifts.

Now, I'm making a Pumpkin smile
and when I look at her eyes
I see the brightest star
When the lovely pumpkin smiles
Hi De Aug 2019
why is it over?
Didn't she know how much I love her?

Is it me?
All I ever wanted is for us to be happy.

Was I lacking?
Everytime we argue, at me, You're finger is pointing.

Am I just a burden?
You said You've had enough and now You're leaving.

Have I failed you?
Was I not able to keep my promises true?

Am I just a stranger to you now?
What happened to the words "for better or worse" that we shared in our vow?

I'm holding up my phone but I can't hear anything...
It hurts so much, I feel my heart's gonna stop from beating...

Is it over?
You said it's over.
Aug 2019 · 159
I had it backwards
Hi De Aug 2019
Jul 2019 · 90
I am the One
Hi De Jul 2019
I am the one,
who raises his hand first
but always get picked last

I am the one,
the one who tries to be part of something
but never did felt belong

I am the one,
the one who tries to stir away from arguments
but always gets blamed

I am the one,
the one who puts in effort the best way I can
but never appreciated

I am the one,
the one who thinks I've given my best
but still not enough for them to even say that "I'm trying"

I am the one,
the one who wants nothing but everything to be okay
but ends up framed as the reason for falling apart

I am the one,
the one who strives to be enough,
but always felt lacking through their eyes

I am the one,
the one they remember when everyone has forgotten them
but forgotten once they are good again.

I am the one,
the one who they say is always "lucky" for having them
but a "burden" to the ones who have me with them.
Being the One isn't always better.

It's painful to be the One.
Hi De Apr 2019
The silence of the night,
makes me want to hold you tight.

The cold breeze of the evening air,
makes me long for your warm and loving care.

The shining stars of the night sky,
it is like the spark and twinkle ion your eyes.

Every time I see your face,
I just want to keep in my embrace.


Every time you're far away,
I just want to run back to you and there I'll stay.

Every time that we're together,
I just want to spend time and make memories with each other.


Everyday I always pray,
that we will always find our way...

Find our way back to each other...
Oct 2018 · 143
Our Place
Hi De Oct 2018
this is the only place
where you and I
used to share the same space

this is the only place
where you and I
could see each other face to face

this is the place
where you and I met
only to go our separate ways
Jun 2018 · 161
Missing your Presence
Hi De Jun 2018
There will always be this one person

who will walk into your life

and leave an everlasting mark

even when they're long gone.
May 2018 · 400
Hi De May 2018
It feels like I don't have the right to have feelings for you
Apr 2018 · 161
My Beautiful Stranger
Hi De Apr 2018
My pen will always write your name

deep within the pages of my memory
even if you can't keep me in yours
Mar 2018 · 181
Hi De Mar 2018
I see a purpose
in the midst of noise and chaos
Mar 2018 · 204
Hi De Mar 2018
I fell
I died
but somehow
I was brought back to life

I tried
I failed
but somehow
I cannot find an end

I searched
for you
the one person
I wish to see

so I can
see you one last time
as the person
I used to be

this resurrected body
takes over me
Mar 2018 · 271
Hi De Mar 2018
the heart remembers
what the mind forgets
Mar 2018 · 150
Hi De Mar 2018
10 800 seconds
with you feels like a lifetime.
Mar 2018 · 207
You do matter
Hi De Mar 2018
what you do not see in yourself,

others see in you.
lift yourself up

love your life
Mar 2018 · 132
No matter what
Hi De Mar 2018
Whistling of winds,
Flashes of Lighting
and Deafening Thunderclaps

It's cold and frightening
But still,
I'll come to you running

I don't mind getting caught by the downpour
I don't mind getting soaked by the rain
I don't mind getting slapped by the strong winds
As long as I can see your face once again
If there's a chance I can see you once more
Hi De Mar 2018
If not in this life

Then someday

Somewhere over the Rainbow

I'll find you once again.
np: Why can't it be
Mar 2018 · 195
when (let me be)
Hi De Mar 2018
when you're tired
let me be
a shoulder for you to lean on


when you're sad
let me be
a pillow for you to cry on.
Mar 2018 · 164
never meant
Hi De Mar 2018
I never meant for you to know me
I never meant to let you in

but then I took a glance at you
and saw your sweet, innocent and beautiful smile

there in that moment, I saw a light in you
so bright, it gives freedom to my stone cold heart

it reminds me of a feeling long have been lost
it reminds me of a hope I once hold

I can't ask you to be with me
but I wish you will let me

hold onto our memories.
Mar 2018 · 124
The 23rd
Hi De Mar 2018
one date
one moment
one chance

to love you for one day

is enough to last a lifetime
Mar 2018 · 151
Hi De Mar 2018

are the definition of

the outside
what's within

see beauty in you,
a loving soul
there is.
Feb 2018 · 148
3rd Sigh (why?)
Hi De Feb 2018

it was not
meant to be
in the first place,


why did fate
led you and me
into the same space?
was fate mistaken?
a glitch in the process?
an unintended meeting?
Hi De Feb 2018
The happier the memory,

the more it hurts

when you're no longer

a part of me.
happy moments
endless laughter
sweet smiles
me and you

someday soon
will be
a reminder
what may never be again.
Feb 2018 · 176
Sigh (let go)
Hi De Feb 2018
The stronger the bond,

the harder it gets

for me

to let go

of your hand.
the more
you get
close to me

the more
I wish
you can
stay with me.
Feb 2018 · 118
So much to say
Hi De Feb 2018
When you're in front of me
and as I look into your eyes,
I get lost and no words come to mind.
But the smile on my face will tell you everything.
Don't ask me why I'm smiling everytime you catch me looking at you coz no words come to my mind
Feb 2018 · 233
Hi De Feb 2018
I keep wondering,
When will you hear my voice?
If the heart could whisper...
Feb 2018 · 172
"a thousand" crane
Hi De Feb 2018
I tried to fold you a paper
and turn it into a rose

I failed...

I made something else

Inspired by a story
told in an Eastern Country

I folded you an origami
for a wish, there will be

But I was only able to make one
so I named it "a thousand"

and now I give you this
a simple folded paper called "a thousand crane"
Happy Valentines Day
Hi De Feb 2018
most of the time
I can be a nuissance

most of the time
I can be irritating

most of the time
I can be stubborn

most of the time
I can be unreasonable


during those times
I just want to be with you

during those times
I just want to see you

during those times
I just want to talk to you

during those times
I just want to express my imperfect love for you

I'm sorry If I bother you.
Hi De Feb 2018
It doesn't matter
If you don't respond to my messages

It doesn't matter
If you don't appreciate my efforts

It doesn't matter
If you don't have time to look my way

It doesn't matter
If you can't return my feelings

It doesn't matter
If you only see me as colleague

It doesn't matter
If you only see me as a friend

It doesn't matter
as long as you're happy...
I can be your friend
I can be your journal
I can be your handkerchief
when you need to wipe your tears away
Hi De Feb 2018
the saddest part of loving someone
is that you almost did.
Hi De Feb 2018
I see you talking to him
over the phone and you are smiling

I wish I could make you feel that way,
that my voice would be enough to make you laugh
that even the most senseless topics will make you smile and jump
that just by being with me would make your time stand still and stop

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.
See the spark of light  that I see within your eyes
See the beauty that lies within your soul
See the person I learned to love with my all

I see you talking to him
over the phone with a smile on your lips
I recognize that smile,
for I have the same one on my lips..........,

the same smile.........when you look my way.
he's a lucky guy
he should treat you better.
Because he's the one you chose to give your heart to.
Feb 2018 · 148
Hi De Feb 2018
I don't have much to offer
but a sincere and loving heart.
Feb 2018 · 172
Hi De Feb 2018
continuously falling
bit by bit, little by little
slow but steady
from top to bottom

contained in a place,
a world you could say
where time is told
in a grain of sand

when time is done
and everything's gone
I hope I can go back in time
as simple as turning an hourglass upside down
little by little
bit by bit
slow but steady
Feb 2018 · 462
In this life
Hi De Feb 2018
I have eyes
and you helped me see the beauty of life

I have ears
and you helped me hear the melody of life

I have lips
and you helped me share the stories of my life

I have hands
and you helped me reach the people in my life

I have legs
and you helped me stand strong against the challenges of life

I have a heart
and you made it smile, jump and beat,
you're a special part of my God-given life.

I have all of these,
But, you can't be with me in this life.
if not in this life,
I hope in the next one...
Feb 2018 · 172
back to you
Hi De Feb 2018
I tried to take a step away from you
but I found myself taking two steps back to you
The mind can deny
but the heart can't lie
Feb 2018 · 485
stolen glances
Hi De Feb 2018
if only my eyes could capture images,
I'd have a gallery of you through my stolen glances.
simply stolen glances
Feb 2018 · 153
Inevitable Goodbye
Hi De Feb 2018
day after day
I'm beginning to feel
that the sands of time
is almost done

day after day
the sadness is starting to sink in
I'm counting the days left
I have with you

day after day
I'm trying to train myself
I have to get used to the fact
that one day soon, you'll be gone

day after day
I grabbed all the chances to see you
because one day
chances are, I'll never see you again.
staring at the hourglass
Feb 2018 · 276
I'd still love you
Hi De Feb 2018
I'm like a kid
playing hide and seek
trying so hard to cover up
what's inside my heart and mind

with every beat of this heart of mine
I hear your name repeatedly
it shouts, it whispers
it smiles, it leaps

even if it's not me,
the man you're dreaming of.
I'd still continue liking you,
even though I'm not the one you're thinking of.

even if I'm not the one,
not the person you love,
I'd still continue loving you earnestly,
even if your heart belongs to someone else.

It doesn't matter if I'm not the one you like
I'd still love you
Hi guys, actually this is a song I wrote in Tagalog or Filipino Language...
just a rough translation of the lyrics... this song sadly reflects a part of my unrequited love.

"Para ba akong isang bata
na naglalaro ng taguan
pilit na tinatakpan
ang laman ng puso't isipan

sa bawat tibok nitong puso
naririnig ko ang pangalan mo
sumisigaw, bumubulong
ngumingiti, tumatalon

kahit na hindi ako
ang tao na pangarap mo
tuloy parin akong hahanga sa iyo
kahit na hindi ako ang nasa isip mo

kahit na hindi ako
ang tao na iyong gusto
tuloy parin akong magmamahal sayo
kahit na hindi ako ang nasa puso mo

Kahit na hindi ako ang tao na iyong gusto
patuloy parin akong magmamahal sayo."
Feb 2018 · 128
Hi De Feb 2018
Your smile save me again
Feb 2018 · 142
Hi De Feb 2018
You never fail......
to make me smile.
and my heart and soul knows it faithfully
Feb 2018 · 114
lost track
Hi De Feb 2018
how long has it been?
I lost track of the time.

not being able to hear you
gives my soul unrest

not being able to see you
brings my heart closer to cardiac arrest

how long has it been?
it feels like an eternity.

how long has it been?
I miss you earnestly.

a second feels like hours
an hour feels like forever.

how long will you be gone?
and before I knew it, you're back.

I miss you so much!
Oh... was I too much...?

I didn't realized you were just gone for the night.
Jan 2018 · 94
She is a Vampire
Hi De Jan 2018
when light is gone and night is deep
she appears at night when I'm asleep

she touches me with hands cold as ice
she looks at me with those blood red eyes

and now that the moon turns crimson red
she drinks my blood as I lie in bed

oh dear.... I'm a walking dead.
Jan 2018 · 328
not knowing 2
Hi De Jan 2018
we were talking about not knowing,
not knowing when our time is up

and it got me thinking
what if there's no tomorrow for me?

what if I have only until today?
shouldn't I be doing everything that I could?

what if I never wake up again?
what if I never see you again?

everyone may say that it's wrong of me,
it's wrong for me to love someone already with someone else

our conversation yesterday made me realized something,
what if my time is done and I wasn't able to express my love for you?

God knows I tried my best to hold back
to suppress these feelings coz you're already taken

but realizing that I'm living on a borrowed time,
I would just want to spend my precious time showing you
how much I love you

because any moment may be my last
but at the very least, I was free to express my feelings

society can say that loving someone that belongs to someone else is wrong
but I feel that it would be more wrong If I deny what my heart is saying deep inside me

You don't need to like me,
I just pray that you allow me to love you unrequitedly
Jan 2018 · 214
not knowing
Hi De Jan 2018
not knowing when our death will come
gives meaning to our lives
everything is more beautiful
because we know any moment can be our last

we learn to appreciate what we have now
for it may be gone tomorrow
we value people and not take anyone for granted
for change is certain and they won't stay forever

we will never be here again,
but knowing You
gives more meaning to the life I knew
and You know that my heart is true
had an interesting conversation earlier..
what if you know what day you'll die?
Jan 2018 · 140
a secret between me and you
Hi De Jan 2018
you have a unique and sparkling personality
an irresistible smile and a face so lovely

a sound mind and a sweet soul
a kind heart with Godly goal

at first, I found you interesting
time passed and I began falling

I fell not because of your looks
but because of something else

I began to love you
because you love God too

I pray for a woman,
a woman willing to serve God with me

maybe one day someone will come along
that I don't know, but right now, All I see is you

I just want you to know
that this much is still true

it will be a secret
between me and you
Jan 2018 · 121
Hi De Jan 2018
don't know what to do whenever you are near
Jan 2018 · 127
Him in me
Hi De Jan 2018
a new morning where the sun is up and smiling
the light warmth of the day is gently touching my face
I don't know why but I know today will be exciting
so I gear up and went out with a big smile on my face

hopes and dreams for a tomorrow that may be today
motivation and dedication to my deeds along the way
I found my purpose in living in a mysterious way
I found Him in me, He's the One who showed me the way

Right there and then, I realized something new
Life is so much better when God is with you
My life was changed when I touched the sky and he Held my soul
From that day on, everything is good and beautiful cause I know my role.
Jan 2018 · 106
Hi De Jan 2018
I walked out the door and saw the elegant crescent moon
It reminded me of you and how I wish to see you soon

I hope that you're looking at the moon the same as I do
at the very least, it bridges the distance between me and you

a full moon will rise with the grace of time
I pray when that day comes, I can call you mine...
the moon is so beautiful tonight...
Jan 2018 · 158
I wish to keep
Hi De Jan 2018
why do I find it so beautiful?
whenever I see you,
every time you smile,
and when you innocently bite your lips
are all memories I wish to keep
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