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Sep 21 · 131
You've hurt me,
More than immortals do to beings.
I was hurt when I set you free,
But I learnt from my dad that it's good to have feelings.
Aug 31 · 32

Listen. Listen to me.

It's okay to cry about someone you missed.
It's okay to cry about something you thought you healed from.
It's okay to stay up at night and wonder what they are up to.

But you know what?
There's a better morning, a better person out there, waiting for you.

Isn't that something?
Wipe those tears now.

Harshi <3
Jul 30 · 38
Your smile was like a pandemic,
Your presence was like sunlight,
Your eyes were like the moon,
So pretty.

But your attitude, honey.
Your attitude was like a drug,
Jul 30 · 20
When you left me
When you left me
My love left you
I then realise
Without you
I was something too.
*** here after a long break. Hope you are safe loves!
Jun 23 · 33
Today the clouds were grey and dark
So suiting my damp mood
But then came along a ray of sunshine
From far far away.

And this is how nature reminds me
Every single day
No matter how grey your days are
There's always a ray of sunshine to look forward to.
Don't lose hope, my friends!
Jun 9 · 59
Open Book.
I was an open book

But he was illiterate.
Never could read between the lines.
Jun 8 · 96
were the bee
which buzzed through
every flower in the field.

But honey,
I was the flower
who thought you would stay.
Jun 6 · 40
George Floyd.
As he screamed for life,
He ploughed on and killed him.

The freedom bought all those years ago, by stunning personalities -
Washed down to the drain.
Black lives matter. George Floyd, I hope you're seeing from above - people are fighting for you, and for the cruelty you have faced. You matter. Rest in Peace.
Jun 5 · 169
I was the Sun,
For I shone by myself,

You were the Moon,
For you eclipsed
My brightness.
Been long since I came here (:
May 25 · 68
What is it like being a Quarenteen
in Quarentine?
Hey guys! So I have started a week long blogging series called "Quarenteen" where I talk about issues which need to be stressed upon- like the whole pandemic panic, enemy drama, and so much more that a high school student would face. Be sure to drop a comment and check it out!

May 23 · 82
I was a cure,
and you were a pandemic.
I made you better,
But you destroyed me.
Take care, dear friend. :)
May 19 · 68
Do you ever wonder what you could've been?
Do you ever wonder what you could've seen?
Do you ever wonder to come clean?
Do you see what I mean?
May 16 · 69
Always missing people
I shouldn't be missing.
May 10 · 66
When I'm afraid
your warm hands envelope me.
When I'm happy
your smile brightens me.
When I think of someone I love
your image comes before me.
Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers out there.
You make us proud 💙
May 7 · 53
"Bois Locker Room"
"Bois Locker Room"
they call themselves.
Morphing a girl's images,
Concoting **** plans,
Such inhumanitarian
in boys so young.

Treating girls like
As though we don't have feelings,

Put a stop to them, o God.
Give them the worst punishment.
Because a wrongdoing done once is
A mistake.
But a wrong doing done again and again is a crime.
In India, there is a vile Instagram group called "Bois Locker Room" which is of about 20 boys of the age 17-18.
They morph the girl's image, make sexualized comments, and even make **** plans.

It is because of these pigs that girls around the world are told not to go out late at night, to not put picture on the internet.
Join the cause and support the elixir of life, womanhood.

Check out my blog on the same!

Love, Harshi.
May 4 · 48
Like a diamond
she shone amongst all.

But just like a diamond
devouring her
would only do them
more harm.
May 3 · 73
And like a spider,
he wove a web.

And like a fly,
she fell into it.
May 3 · 57
Dear Harshi,

Some people leave you,
Some people move on.
Some people act like they are there,
but honestly, they don't really care.
Some people love you outside,
Some love you inside-out.

There are weird people out there.
But hey, I'm here for you, darling.

You're here for yourself, right?
Apr 30 · 69
The world's moral compass
has gone awry.
Apr 28 · 57
I miss you.
Dear harshi,

I miss you, girl.
The REAL you.
Your smile,
Which illuminates my whole day.
Your eyes,
Which reflect your brightness,
Your presence,
Which dims the rest of the world.

Where did you go Harshi?
Why have you compromised?
It's time to love me,
Embrace me,
My flaws,
And give me all your time.

I miss you, Harshi.
Hope you come back soon.

Sometimes we forget who we truly are, truly were. Don't lose the innocence and true you, because the biggest favour to yourself is being YOU.
Apr 28 · 71
Quarentine day 684629
I swear it's been three decades since
I actually saw the outer world.
How can I warn you to be safe?
How can I hold your hand?
How can I bid goodbye through a wooden case?
4 years ago, I lost my grandmother to cancer.
This poem and an article on my blog is a tribute to the strongest lady I know.
Head over to my blog to read it!

It's a crazy time where everyone is losing loved ones.
You're not alone. Let's win this battle together.
Love, Harshi.
Apr 26 · 46
You think
my sympathy
is a smoothie
you can just stir?

Eh, no.
Apr 24 · 66
High on demand,
Less in supply.
During these crazy times, it's common to lose hope and be down. Everyone is on the same boat, and trust me; this will all end soon and we will be victorious.
Hmu if you need a friend ❤
Stay strong and safe!

Apr 23 · 84
I don't think we are infected by a virus,
Us humans were already infected
by our dangerous mindsets.
Apr 22 · 1.5k
People are catching colds
faster than I catch feelings.
Stay safe and stay home, y'all!
Love, harshi.
Apr 21 · 101
Apr 21 · 2.4k
More than the virus,
Fear is spreading like wildfire.
Apr 17 · 122
Fruit bowl.
The apple of her eye,
turned out to be a sour grape.
Apr 17 · 116
"perfect girl"
"you're not a perfect girl"

She wasn't a perfect girl.
Not according to the society, atleast.
No makeup, no short clothing...that's imperfect, right?
Aren't girls perfect the way they are?
Apr 16 · 98
Dear Harshi
Dear Harshi,




"What would you do if you were locked up in a house for months together?"

I would catch up on movies I missed because of my busy life,
I would make new and long-lasting friends,
I would think about what to do next in life,
I would eat all I crave for; maybe even learn to make them,
I would grow beautiful plants,
Maybe try out some yoga,
I would call my parents, my friends, my relatives, and catch up on their lives,
I would stop chasing love, and start chasing the person I want to be,
I would work out and maybe be fit and strong,
I would learn to live simple
I would learn to live,
to get out of the rat race,

I would learn to appreciate
I would learn to never take things for granted.
Instead of complaining lets enjoy this time!
Apr 14 · 89
Well, okay I accept defeat
but I would like to say
your lies were pretty neat.
Apr 13 · 83
Look me in the eyes
look if you dare
tell me all your lies
and ask me if I care.
Apr 12 · 80
Silly Poem!
I giggled at the bees,
and whispered to the flowers,
Nature always gave me the heebie-jeebies.
Apr 12 · 826
May we never ever
take life for granted again.
Apr 11 · 159
Mother's food.
We could eat at places,
which are fancy-shmancy,
But you see,
From a mother's hand, even rice,
Is super nice.
It brings smiles on faces.
Rhyming pattern: abbcca
This is just so silly. *shakes head*
Apr 10 · 375
I'm sorry for leaving
y'all in a fog
Well, folks,
Harshitha Girish has opened a blog!
Oh my god, I have a blog! That's right, my writing, in my own site :)
But I'll keep publishing poetry here, not to worry!
Head on to to read my blog! Please do support and bless me, it's a new chapter!

Love, harshi x
Apr 5 · 109
When God made him,
he must've thrown away his blueprints,
for there was and will never be another him.
Apr 4 · 82
He loved me.
He loves me not.
I was once a flower,
But he let me rot.
Apr 2 · 95
A surprise is not a secret,
Well, it is,
But that's just fine,
It keeps you guessing so much,
So stay tuned for mine!
I've been working on something for weeks and well, it's finally here! Stay tuned folks, I have a surprise!
Apr 1 · 157
"Why I married your dad?"
sighed my mom.

"Well, I decided I wanted to annoy him for the rest of my life"
she added with a smile.

Though my dad had his back turned, I could swear I saw him smile too.
This is true love, I guess =)
Mar 31 · 83
He was a snack,
but she didn't have an appetite
for him.
Mar 31 · 281
We are so close
yet so far
is this pandemic a strong dose,
or just a lasting scar?
It's my first summer without my cousins, due to social distancing and though we talk occasionally, I miss our times together.
Mar 30 · 56
I've seen a thousand pages,
thousand letters,
thousand stars,
thousand tears,
thousand birds.

But I feel complete upon
seeing my first
thousand views.
***. A thousand people.  A THOUSAND!
My latest poem, "Chess" got a thousand views, and I didn't expect it at all.
Thank you so much, for everyone. You make my day, and it just keeps me going.
Love, harshi <3
Mar 29 · 53
He thought he was immortal,
until her smile
killed him.
Mar 28 · 1.6k
His eyes met hers
and then he knew
it was checkmate.
So many unfinished dreams in these eyes,
So many tears; so many cries.
I wonder about how life has gone...
Will my eyes ever see dawn?
My room has never looked so clean,
And today, I have all the time
To chase that unfinished dream.
I never knew my dad could sing
Until we sang together to his favourite song,
This social distancing
Has given me one brilliant thing
My family.
Mar 26 · 131
Wedding video.
I saw my parents' wedding video,
It was so old, and it was so beautiful.
I saw their gleaming eyes,
And it bought faith in love.
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