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Paisley Aug 2017
I'm not sure if I've ever actually loved anyone,
Or if it's just the case of not hating them.  
I attach myself to people who make me feel somewhat safe,
Then have an immense struggle if those people decide they want to leave.
I've thought I've felt love but I don't know if it was just something else.
Something unhealthy.
Paisley Aug 2017
She is the ocean
So wild and free
She cannot be tamed
Just embraced
The most beautiful of the elements
Her beauty is at peril
The men want to dim her
Simmer her glorious waves

She was told all her life not to work up a storm
Show the appearance of a perfectly calm sea
Be pretty and shiny and still

But she's had enough
She deserves to rage
To make the rad waves surfers could only dream about

They will not Channel her power
They will not Harness her energy
She is her own explosion
She will use it however she pleases.

— The End —