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Gemini Jul 2018
Such a pretty young thing
And a personality like no other I’m shocked someone hasn’t raided your finger with a diamond so the insects called men can’t have a chance with you because of your bug repellent ring
It’s sad when you realize the person you thought was keeping you up instead was keeping you down
Your number 1 fan turned to your number 1 stan and now you realize that you’ve been the most realist person on your team that you’ve kept around
Girls be wanting Hakeems from the Bronx but want a wedding like Aladdin in the Sultans Palace
Stop getting married to temporary vibe boosters because once that high is over you’ll be out your wonderland and your name will no longer be Alice
Stop doing joint bank accounts with hopes of traveling the world together because only one of your passports will be the new portable atlas
My PhD in relationship longevity is telling me to diagnose you with takotsubo cardiomyopathy due to an unhealthy exposure to malice
We not together right now but I have faith it’s in gods plans
You falling for the wrong guy but I know you’ll land in gods hands
You should give me a call when your man playing child games
I won’t be your knight in shining armor but I’ll be the one to save you from your depression and suicidal claims
Thick girls don’t need to worry about losing weight
Guys like me love you the way you are and when we say you’ve been weighing heavy on our mind it means you hold weight
Trying to give change to a man who doesn’t know your worth when you’re the whole dollar but that’s for a different debate
Never let the public eye shape how you feel about yourself in your private eye
All those names they call you during the day wash away in the night time
And take my advice when I tell you eating your problems away doesn’t make the pain subside
I should be telling myself this advice but look in the mirror and when you smile at the reflection only then will you be able to go out in the world and have the biggest enemy called your conscience on your side
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Gemini Jul 2018
Beauty on the outside with scars on the inside
Keep lying to yourself but I know emotionally broken women when they come across my line of sight
1000 selfies taken and only 1 of them gets posted because the angle is just right
They say a picture paints a thousand words but I can tell from your captions there’s more things to paint
His smile
His charm
The way he makes you feel
The protection you feel in his arms
How he treats you
All the things that pulled you in and all the things you love about him equally that you can’t even rank
Your friends told you he’s cancerous but you said he’s benign and he’s right for you
But I’ve noticed the natural glow your skin used to have is getting a little dim so I wonder does he shed enough light on you
If he doesn’t then I’ll be your sun and shed light and insight on you
I just wonder how can a lady as pretty as you date men that are so dumb
They aren’t worth your time so why do you give them some
You mix beauty brains and a social life so well you should forget your career goals and be an author and write a book for the preteen girls and mold their brain while they’re still young
Tell them selling their body isn’t good advertisement for the public when it should be done in private
Leave guys wanting more and curious and your true intentions make sure to hide it
Tell them that a premium Snapchat isn’t inflating their pockets it’s just giving the adult entertainment business new fresh faces and lives to corrupt
It’s all fun and easy revenue until all your clients get used to the same camera view and that cash flow becomes abrupt
Never put all your cards on the table until most of the boys on your list flopped turned their *** card in and cried you a river for your amusement
I’m not saying tell these girls to play with guys hearts but keep their guard up
But enough about all these girls let’s get back to the one I’m started talking about which was you
The boomerang called life can be thrown but so far until it comes flying back to you
Never sell your soul and morals to a man because no matter how dreamy the eyes may seem
All it takes is a hard enough pull on your heart strings to get pulled back into your reality nightmare from your beautiful dream
Older you learned from those mistakes but younger you made those same mistakes as other girls I can see the resemblance
Same attitude
“Men aren’t crap, I should turn gay
There’s somebody worthy of my heart, the same lie I’ve been told all my life and it’s told the same way”
But the truth is your heart has too many scars from your past and you’re just filled with resentments
Scars can’t heal overnight it’ll take time to mend
But in the mean time makes amends
With your exes and forgive them for not knowing how to treat you
Your mentality was a deadly fatality on them and you were always like a star high in the sky and they could never reach you
So please take my advice when I say don’t fill your heart with hatred because sooner or later it will eat you
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Gemini Jul 2018
I was looking for a way out of my thoughts and mental prison
Before you knew me I was washing away my ***** past and embarrassment that made my skin crimson
But I’m not worried because I know one day I’ll be strong enough to escape my mind
No matter if it costs me to break myself and rebuild it over time
I just need a place to rest my head for the night and let out my last bit of crying
And the devil with his contract keeps appearing my dreams but I’m not ready to give up and commit to signing

Tell me I’m pretty, even though I have a broken soul
Tears from my past, while my heart has a hole
And please don’t look away from my face, I promise I won’t make another me and be cold as stone
Just take me in your arms and tell me my hell is behind me and you’ll be my heaven and I’ll always be loved along with my broken soul
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Gemini May 2018
Life is a challenge, you lose your way for a minute, I promise minutes later you’ll forever resent it
Her emotions in charge of what to post and not to post but either way we’ll give it a like or a heart
Because we’ll never turn our back on her because she was faithful to her followers from the start
Mr. Wrong sent her a winter bae application and we hope she declines it
Just because her followers still send her Valentine’s Day requests hoping she doesn’t deny it
When she told her following that she’s been feeling lonely and too single lately
I was the first to realize the right dude probably hasn’t crossed her maybe
There was a time I was prepared to make her my girlfriend maybe
I liked what she stood for and I wasn’t talking about the national anthem
If she became a famous model, I would be the only one to watch her go from rags to riches before she reached super fandom
I remember when she used to have a DM filled with the whole variety of dudes and how they usually come
The fuckboys, the players, fake photographers, scam artist, and shy quiet guys who have a problem socializing because of anxiety
She posts a picture and her following likes it while my brain is telling me do the same but my right hand is fighting me
But eventually the fame goes to her head and she starts acting like her following never existed and we weren’t with her from the beginning, ****
I wonder what happened
Maybe it’s my fault for always falling for a pretty face with makeup with nails and hair done
And once that makeup comes off so does the personality
And all those faces and personas but I can thank makeup tutorials for making that my reality
That’s what I get for being attracted to the exterior without getting to understand the interior
Now everytime I look at her I feel so inferior
But no matter what I’ll always be another face behind the phone doing my social media shadowing
But now that she’s all popular I’ll always be apart of her following
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Gemini May 2018
You’ve probably seen your share of horrors by now so one more shouldn’t steer you off of path
I know I missed the days of watching you grow and how you made everyone around you laugh
But I got caught up with some bad people and it cost me my life in whole
I had to watch you grow up from a distance while still trying to push you out your comfort zone, but that distance can’t be made up and your brain will forever have a hole
When you needed me most I had to leave you alone
And now you’re writing poems but it’s my fault why you’re not out there getting a New Years kiss
She’s a cute girl but I feel her attention is not where it should be and that’s where being crazy comes into play
And I patiently wait for when you become a father because that’ll be the day
I learn from my mistakes and can hopefully be a good grandfather
But if you have a son that’ll be the day I start breathing harder
Watching you and him interact together has a list of regrets running through my mind like a movie I’ve seen too many times
I’ll always admire how big and smart you’ve grown and how you stayed away from criminal crimes
And I’ve come to conclusion that all the things you said about me is true but most importantly I’m a deadbeat
You cooked me up good with the words you wrote but managed to watch me bleed while you salivated like rich people do at red meat
But just know there used to be a time when I was proud to have said I have a son
And if death disguised himself as a cop I’d jump in front of the gun
I never thought my absence would give you anxiety, but again that’s my fault
Try hitting up one of those Spanish girls on your Snapchat, that’s not fatherly advice just a man thought
Be one thing you can’t deny is before there was Gemini we all knew you as Stephon
The boy who lived to provide for his family and friends and would do it until god said it’s his time to be gone
And correct me if I’m wrong
But isn’t there a girl from your senior year in high school that killed you mentally when she chose him over you? I’ve seen the way you’ve been talking and looking at that girl from college so son I think it’s time to respawn
And stop writing poems about these girls and face to face tell them how you feel until the crack of dawn
My last wish from you is to tell that girl how you feel and maybe your words can hit her hard and you she can be the one to lift your anxiety curse
Gemini Mar 2018
Dear mom this is your unborn son reporting live from your belly
I can feel the stress being put on you without the umbilical cord having to tell me
Popping pills and alcohol but when you knew about me you put your hand on your stomach and said you’d quit cold turkey
What’s that word for when you say you’ll do something and don’t do it
I heard you yelling at some man about having a baby and how he didn’t want it
Just like you’re eating for 2 you’re stressing for 2
God only gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers so this war should be nothing to you
Please mommy stop coming home from that mans house when your skin should be brown and not be blue
Why don’t you make me that special dish you love to make, I’ve been listening to you read to me I think it’s called a stew
Mommy when you have this baby what are you prepared to do?
Because I’m on the way
Gemini Feb 2018
Am I wrong for giving up on relationships completely and focusing on degrees?
To say I'll turn a blind a eye to a cute girl I see is a lie but my interest in exclusive affiliation I chose to rapidly decrease
My mentality is one and done
And if all you can offer me in our relationship is *** twerking drugs and alcohol I'm sorry but you aren't the one
Start with a foundation
Build with bricks not straws
You have issues and I got them too, so give all of yours to me and I'll tell you all my flaws
We get into argument and go on a break but you must be out of your **** mind if we're on break
I'm gonna give you space and put our conversations on hold but me stalking your social media isn't on pause
There's dudes out in this world that think of a break as a open invitation to slide in the DM
So you can tell those dudes and your past dudes your time is open but your heart is closed and they need to find another girl to DM
I heard the news my mother's surgery was a success
But it was hard to see her because King Gemini couldn't see his Queen Leo in a hospital bed when she wasn't looking her best
But I had my softball MVP to bring tears and my pain to a less
There's a Dominican blue Dominican sky out there who still has a special place in my heart no matter if our conversation history has drastically been less
This past summer has been a roller coaster that's made me nauseous
And I couldn’t wait until we reached the end of August
I was close to having an emotional breakdown but I held it together by the hairs of my chin chin chin
But those hairs are losing its grip and the chances of me holding it all together is thin thin thin
I put misery and company together but still I'm able to forget my problems and make sure my friends don't find the urge to sin sin sin
And I have no clue if I'm high right now
Or if this is Gods doing right now
But you can look in my eyes and see that the young little black boy who was scared of the real world doesn't exist right now
And nothing the man who was sadly given presidential credentials does to me comes as a surprise right now
I'm gonna pretend I just turned 21 a few years early and smoke hookah and drink and live my life right now
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