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From the magical world of trance
I wake up
to find my daily lethal routine.
  Nov 2016 GalaxiesInsideHerHead
You look but do not see
You laugh yet are never truly free
Your tears are surreptitious yet speak loudly
You are shy and wear this introvertism proudly
You say “I’m fine” while collapsing into a pile
You experience ceaseless agony with ever a smile

You look but do not see
**The complexity that is me
I pull at my hair
And scratch at my skin
You ask me why
I don't even know where to begin

The curls in my hair are all wrong
The colour orange just doesn’t belong
My skin looks all weird colours and mottled
The feelings inside I keep up and bottled

There is no reason for my depression
I find it hard to show my expression
I escape into the word of fiction
I stay so long it becomes an addiction

Being who I am doesn’t conform
To what others consider the social norm
People who know my sexuality
See me as an abnormality

I get terrified when in a crowd
Everyone just always seems so loud
I cling to people like a leach
My voice is weak without freedom of speech

I wish I could be normal
But that would just abnormal
I wish I could learn to accept
But in that I am so inept
I'm really tying to accept all my flaws and things that I don't like about my self. So many people no matter who they are or where they live are not happy with who they are. We all just need to learn to accept others and our selves despite our flaws.
The more you resist
the longer they persist.
When in dire need to share your life's fear
with a human friend willing to hear
such woeful words of despair

Pity it is to end up all alone
when all you want in that deadly silence
is just a beep of the cell phone

At that very moment
when you see your life confined within your own fence
Let not the thought of friends make you tense

a piece of paper is all but willing to feed
on your heart's bleeding

This secret's keeper
will not to a single soul whisper
of your life's falling season

Tell me if it's not better to write it down
than to share it with a human
who is bound to find humor
in all your days of false rumour .
I am the sunlight
That causes your pupils to contract
I am the parade in your iris
Postponed by chance of cataract

I am within one of your senses
For the first time in leisurely years
I take form and travel down your cheek
Wiped away swiftly, lest I interfere

Drowning in double vision
Only one of me is real
I am the glimpse of reality in this fantasy
I am the love you close eyes to conceal
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