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I had it back in October
as the autumn leaves took flight

But then in chilly November
I became aware of my poetic plight

December has arrived
and my mind is still blank

I'm in desperate need
of some fuel in my tank

The words escape me
my mind I can't use

the burning question
where the hell is my muse?
You can't retract words you've already spoke
Instead, you should take responsibility of what has been said
But if the responsibility is too burdensome
I guess an apology wouldn't harm
I owe you one.

This work thing is consuming me. Ughhh. I wish I could write more.
I know you're gone
And you can't live on
But some nights i wonder
If you ever really left

I know you're there
And i know you can hear me
But every day i question
If you really still care

I know I miss you
And there's nothing i can do
But I keep wondering
If this was all a huge mistake

I know you love me
And that's plan to see
But I ask myself all the time
If you know what i know
That you were and are
Everything i would ever need

— The End —