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Frans Nov 4
Every teardrops
Every whimper
Every over thinking
Every what ifs

Will lead to big smiles
Will lead to laughter
Will lead to genuine happiness
Will lead to what will be

Every situations that we are in will always lead us to what God planned for us to reach his holy land with strong heart and devotion to him.
  Oct 25 Frans
Nnaemeka Mokeme
There is always
healing for the
deepest wounds.
The hurts and
the pains of
the heart can
be definitely and
permanently healed.
This truth is eternal,
nothing is too
hard for the
spirit to reverse.
When you yield
totally and completely,
amazing things happens.
Do it now,
when there is
still time.
you will wish
you had started today.
Comforting and soothing
is the touch
and feel of
the blissful presence
of the spirit within.
Come and taste,
and see that
the heart where
the spirit dwells
is full of
love and tenderness.
It is invisible
and yet uncommon.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Frans Oct 25
Heartbeat beats so fast

Don't know why

But there's someything in it

That says because of you.
Frans Oct 25
Maybe, just maybe

If I let you in, I'll be whole for a while

But not forever.
  Oct 25 Frans
Sometimes , when you hurt you want to cry.
Sometimes , you just want to lash out at others.
Sometimes, life seems unfair to you always too.
My prayer is that sometimes will disappear too.
Revealing Christ loves in every single situation
That in everything you shall feel his Love also.
That you shall feel lonely or forsaken neither.
For you shall see him in everything that you do.
Thus losing that anger that was building up too.
I don’t know where it went
  I just know it’s gone
    I don’t know how it happened
      I just know I did it
        I don’t know what it even was
          I just know I miss it
            I don’t know where to go to find it
              I just know I have to try
Ever feel like there's something missing in your life?  Every day.
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