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  Mar 2019 Morgan Floki
Spenser Bennett
I am a man on fire
Brought to life by one burning desire
to see the bottom of the ocean blue
Impossible they say, if only they knew

Because I am a man set ablaze
My passion is finding my way through Hell's maze
And I never thought it would be so hard
Everything I touch is instantly charred

You see, I did not choose to burn
I chose only to learn
Of fire and it's nature,
Now everytime I try to explain, I always burn the paper

In flames there is only destruction
Unless your aims are given proper instruction
Fire is not only for desecration
Fire may bring about great innovation

Fire is love and hate
Rolled in a ball, arguing fate
Fire is made of fear and joy
Of one fact be certain, those that burn  may build or destroy.
It isn't wise to play with fire, boy.
  Oct 2018 Morgan Floki
Camille lily
Was your darkest hour when your  first love walked away?
The  first glimpse of the gaping abyss...
Carefully constructed plans and dreams,
Gone...Drifting away on a sea of despair.
Love becomes loss.
Two become one.
Shared goals now solo missions.
Invariably in time one becomes two once more.
The past is stored in the archive of memory.
The first of a lifetime of unfinished stories.
But never really forgotten.
Now before you , a crisp  white page.
Awaiting a new chapter.
A new beginning.
Emerging with a newly found sense of self.
A value of oneness.
Born from the pain of separation.
The realisation that two cannot  become one.
The path to individuation is yours to walk alone.
  Oct 2018 Morgan Floki
Did we come down from  trees
Or up from seas  ???

Is it in God we trust
Or are we stardust ???

Is this only in dreams
Or just what it seems  ???
Three little ten word poems to ponder as we wander (there's another!)
Morgan Floki Oct 2018
Who is there, my friend, can climb to the sky?
Only the gods dwell forever in sunlight.
As for man, his days are numbered,
whatever he may do, it is but wind.

Tablet III of the Old-Babylonian version
Tablet III of the Old-Babylonian version
  Oct 2018 Morgan Floki
Time to let the dragon sleep
Holed up in his cave so deep
Put the toys back in their box
Close the door and turn the locks
The dragon's night is at an end
Morning light on dreams descend
Cease your roar start the clocks
Put the toys back in their box
Adventures tales are ours to keep
But now's the dragon's turn to sleep.
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