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Eevee Nov 2020
I prowl in the shadows,
Hiding behind your good,
I know you the best,
Because no one would believe just how terrible you really are.

I know your secrets and fears,
Your weakness and strengths,
Your loss and love.

I'm the demon that never sleeps,
The one that makes sure you know just how you feel.
I make you feel terrible and haunt your soul,
good or bad.
I'm a monster that deals with yourself.

Depression and hatred are forms of mine.
Feeding off the things you consider yours.
I'm a monster and a master.
You can give me a name,
a name that I will answer to.
For some I am a villian from a movie or book,
others I am the thing under your bed called it.

For Monsters never get happy endings.
Hey guys, I know it's been awhile since I posted something.
I have been really struggling with demons and monsters. This year especially has been hard. I cut my Bio mom off and sought help from a therapist. I'm struggling to find myself at the moment so I took to creating characters in books and writing poetry.
Stay strong everyone!!!
  Jul 2019 Eevee
Consume me within you

As I walk through the dark
Through the gate of another world
Consume me within you

Wrap me in your pain
And consume me within your rage

You are my companion
And my worst fear

You whisper to me the lies people tell
Then turn around and whisper your own

You whisper to me the hate in peoples hearts
Then turn around and consume me within your own

Sometimes I wish for you to let me go
But without you
I feel as if I'm no one


Like the smallest whisper carried by the wind
Could wisp my will away

So no
Don't go

Wrap me in the dark
And pull me into the darkest corners of reality
As you consume me
Within you
Eevee May 2019
I was told that everyone has a mask.
We hide ourselves behind one when we’re around,
Even Doctors.
Everyone has one.
You may be sad,
But you tell everyone your fine and smile.
You may be dying and go to work to prove your ok.
Masks are helpful to those who are depressed and crazy.

Sometimes you have to show yourself,
Now or never.
Eevee May 2019
Mile 1:
Running to get ahead,
Running to the end,
Knowing your still far out.

Mile 2:
Keeping pace with one person,
You know he will be there,
But all you can say is
“Keep going”

Final mile:
Running to stay alive,
Running to keep up,
To prove to him and yourself that you can do this.

Final stretch:
Last piece,
You see him at the end,
You can’t breath,
Your lungs are moving but no breath comes out.
You push whatever is left and you collapse,
Not in your friends arms but into his arms.
Embarrassed, and tired you stand there.
Unsure of the next step.
He picks you up and puts you on the side,
Hands you water and helps keep you calm.
You may not have won the race,
But the prize was already yours.
This poem is for all the athletic people that, look at there crush on the team and wish that this could be true.
Eevee Jan 2019
This man sits at a piano,
Plays to his hearts contents,
He plays and plays.
Sings of people that can’t get away from everyday lives.
Plays of sorrow and joy.
Tours for the greater good of his music.
Parents have heard of him,
Kids listen to him,
He makes me smile everytime I hear the song.
I dedicate this poem to Billy Joyle
Eevee Dec 2018
The smile you give me,
The way you look at me that makes my heart melt.
How I can’t get you out of my mind.
Try as I might,
You stay
You make me laugh,
And smile.
You stare at me till I look,
Then your gone.
I plead in my mind, don’t leave
But then your back
I caught a boy staring at me, and I though it was so cute I got all these emotions I have never felt before.
  Nov 2018 Eevee
We can spread a little sugar dust,
Have a laugh if we must.
We can have a sugar rush,
Talk about our feelings and maybe blush.

But sugar always leads to crashes.
And friends will always have their clashes.
We'll focus on the best of times,
And think about them oftentimes.

We can spread a little sugar dust,
And laugh if we must.
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