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Apr 2021 · 134
Dust Apr 2021
I used to wish I could get into your head

now all I wish

is for you to get out of mine.
Apr 2021 · 143
Dust Apr 2021
I saw a puddle on my way to school
I looked into it to see my reflection
But the girl in the puddle wasn't me

Yes, she wore the same uniform as me
And she had the same blue hair as me
And the same blurry eyes as me
But she wasn't me

Her smile wasn't mine
Her eyes weren't mine
Her hands weren't mine
Her heart wasn't mine

She was too real
She wasn't real enough

She was too good
But she wasn't good enough

She was too happy
But she wasn't happy enough

She was too nice
But she wasn't nice enough

She was me
But she wasn't enough

I saw my reflection in a puddle today
But the girl I saw
Wasn't me
But the girl they see
When they look at me
This was the third poem from the story that Forest and Rain Storms were from.  (Said story was actually a canon x oc Doki Doki Literature Club fanfiction, isn't that funny?)  This story has since been discontinued and there are only three poems written for it.
Apr 2021 · 38
Dust Apr 2021
many believe,
the world will end

in a fiery explosion

I believe

tt comes in a form of ice
of shattered glass.

the crushing of a soul.
one experiences when a loved one dies

the feeling one gets when they lose all hope.

the feeling one gets when everyone gives up on them

the feeling one gets when they give up on themself

that's where life ends.
Apr 2021 · 257
Dust Apr 2021
My friends don’t deserve me                                                               ­    
The world doesn’t deserve me                                                               ­   
God doesn’t deserve me                                                               ­             
Nor does the devil                                                            ­                          

                                     ­                                                   I deserve nothing
                                                         ­                                less than nothing
                                                         ­                negative amounts of thing
                                                           ­                         I don’t even deserve

a peaceful end.
Apr 2021 · 51
Dust Apr 2021
a Liar

that’s All I am.
that’s All I will Ever Be
in Their eyes.

I have Never known Truth.
Never Once have I been Honest.
Never Once have I done Anything out of any Feeling but Malice.
I ought to Burn in Hell.
I  D e s e r v e   I t .


even that would be too merciful.

for a Cruel, Malicious, *****, little Liar
such as myself.
Apr 2021 · 51
Dust Apr 2021
I knew it was inevitable.
And yet I still got my hopes up.

I can’t believe I set myself up for heartache.

I suppose that too was

Jan 2020 · 173
Dust Jan 2020
I happened upon a forest.

It appeared tranquil
So I took a few steps in,
"I'll only be in here a moment."
I told myself.

          I can leave whenever I want.

I took a few more steps.
As I got deeper
            and deeper
The forest grew darker
                           and darker

          I can leave whenever I want.

But I ignored it
and continued walking.

          I can leave whenever I want.

The sun began to set.
Which was strange
Because I was sure
I hadn't been in the forest that long.

"I'd best head home...
before it gets dark."
I thought aloud.
I turned to head back but-

Which way was it?

Maybe this way?

No that...


I walked
Hoping I'd picked the right direction.

It's so dark.

I'll never find my way back.
Jan 2020 · 154
Rain Storms
Dust Jan 2020
This storm is so loud
I wonder if she can hear it?
The thunder crashes
It hurts

It hurts my ears
It hurts my eyes
It hurts my body
It hurts my heart

This storm is so dark.
I wonder if she can see it?
The lightning crashes
It hurts

It hurts my eyes
It hurts my ears
It hurts my head
It hurts my heart

It feels like this storm is going to last forever
That the water is going to flood and drown all life in its way
It feels like this storm is going to last forever
But eventually
All storms end don't they?

The water has to run out some time...

Nov 2018 · 241
Dust Nov 2018
Depression is a *****.
I never thought she would creep up on me at school like this.

That ***.
This is a poem I wrote at school....

Dust Nov 2018
Her feminine hands
Ran through her shimmering,
Golden locks

The gentle strands
Felt soft
Between her fingers

Her gray-mint eyes closed
and she could almost hear
The frush of the golden yarn
As it rubbed up against itself

The smokey scent
Of the California air
Caressed her senses

And the silent taste
Of her saliva
Followed soon thereafter
Hm yes, the lovely experiences of running one's hands through their own hair and breathing.
Nov 2018 · 13.1k
You, Me, Us, We
Dust Nov 2018
With your words
The Knife.

Knowing and not knowing,
Afraid and clueless.

A thing that used to be,
The dust on the mantle.

Will never be the same
The blood that was spilled across the floor.

This crime scene filled with pain and sorrow and regret.  The murderer and the victim one in the same—but also separate.  Two hearts that both dance to the same miserable song.
I don't know why this poem is so popular...  I've done better...
Dust Oct 2018
I love you.
Platonically of course.
But I love you.

You make
me feel okay
as a whole
not a piece hidden

You don't seem
bothered by
any part my me
even the crazy

My dear friend,
you had better not lie to me.

Don't hide away
your heart from me.
I want to see

All the scuffs
all the scars
all the cracks
all the tears


I don't care
how dark it gets
I live in darkness,
too, *****.

Don't think for a second
that I'll scare easily
'Your struggles' is not
on my list of phobias.

So please,

Don't hide
from me.
Don't lie
to me.

I don't like fake.
I don't want
to be friends
with a lie.

So please,
Trust me.

it'll be okay.
I won't hurt you.
If I did,
I would hate myself.

You know how I am.
I consider you my best friend, you... half-brit!
You had better believe it.
Jul 2018 · 703
Go Away.
Dust Jul 2018
Go away.
Don't touch me.
Don't talk to me.
Just shut up,
Accept it,
And go away.

I don't want your endless apologies.
I don't want your insincere “sorries”
It's over.
I'm done.
Just **** it up
And go away.

Why can't you just let it go?
Why can't you just let me go!?
I don't want to “fix things”
I don't want to spend any more time with you.
All your time’s already been spent.
Stop pestering me
And go away.

Stop right there!
Whatever you're thinking…
Stop thinking it!
If you think I want to talk to you I don't!
Just turn around
and go away.

Get your face
Out of my face.
Stop breathing down my neck!
Stop hovering hoping I'll talk to you
Just leave me alone
And go away.

This feels like some kind of bad relationship that died years ago!
That s how long you've gone without taking a hint!
Do you seriously think I want to fix things!?
Or is that just your fantasy?
‘Cause I'm telling you right now…
There's no way in heck
You're ever getting that from me.

So shut up.
Leave me alone.
I already gave you your second... and third… and eighth chances.
And you spent them.
You spent them all.
So I'm done.
I'm sick of it.
I'm ending it right here.
My ever-ending patience has been worn through.
Now I'm through.
I'm through with your games
I'm through with you
So if you don't,
Then I will…

…go away…
for those who just need to go away
Jul 2018 · 304
No, not now.
Dust Jul 2018
Emotion surged through me.
It flooded my eyes.

"Not now."
"I can't deal with you right now."
"I don't have the time or the energy
to deal with you right now."

Like a child, it pokes and prods,
begging, with pleading eyes,
for my attention.

"Not now."
"Get away from me!"

It tugs at my lower eyelids.
Similar to the way
a child tugs at your shirt
when it wants attention.

I shove it away from me,
I insist,
"Not now!"
"Leave me..."

I shove it through the doorway
and slam the door behind it.

I shout as I slam the door.

Slamming my weight
upon the wooden door
to make sure nothing can open it.
I slump down to the floor
before the wooden door.

It twists and turns at the doorknob
but to no avail.
A doorstop,
shaped like
a troubled-minded

slams her weight
onto the wooden board with hinges,
making it pop open
for a fraction of a second
before slamming
back into its socket in the wall.

"I told you to go away!"

It cries out to me.


It whines.
I stand up,

"I said..."

I slam my hand onto the door,
It lets out a little whimper
as the door rattles in its place.


I shove my hand,
in a violent motion,
onto the doorknob.


I **** the doorknob


I shout
as I wham the door open
in a violent fury.

There is nothing there.

"Where'd you go you lil' ****!?"

I stomp one foot
through the doorway
and peek around the hallway.

I coolly step
back into the room
and calmly
shut the door.
I turn around.
There It is.
Sitting right there,
Innocently kicking Its legs,
staring me directly in the eyes.

There is no escape
from overwhelming emotion.

The tears pour down my cheeks.
I really like this work.  I don't know if it counts as poety, but I like it nonetheless.
May 2018 · 684
Bad Days
Dust May 2018
Bad days are like small doses of pain,
to show what dying tastes like.
When I say bad day,
I mean more bad than the usual bad way.

I made some bad choices,
used all the wrong voices.
Said all the wrong words,
acted like a total ****.

When I do these things,
I hate myself.  I don't feel better.
Sometimes it lasts a few days,
sometimes weeks.

Depression really doesn't help me,
it makes me feel not-so-happy.
Then I get punished for the things I do,
when I get depressed. But, you.

You don't care,
You don't believe me,
What does it matter?
It's not like I can feel happy.

oh wait-

Yes it's possible,
I can do some things,
so I feel less awful.
But, wait—that's right—you won't let me.
This **** happens to me all the time
Mar 2018 · 2.1k
Dust Mar 2018
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
but according to what I learned in science about how light works...
That's not really true...
You see, when light hits something,
say a leaf, it looks green.
But in reality it's every colour but the one you see.

Roses are green
Violets are green
The amount of vivid colours in this garden made me throw up.

Roses are red,
violets are red,
I lit my garden on fire.

Roses are blue
Violets are red
What are colours again?

Roses are red,
violets are red,
someone killed my cat.

Roses are yellow,
Violets are purple,
I think I might be colourblind.

Roses are grey,
Violets are also grey,

Roses are dead.
Violets are dead.
I'm a horrible gardener...

My name is Dave,
Roses are Paul,
It hurt my head,
when I walked into that wall.
The poet's guide to weirdly dark roses are red poems.
All of these are 100% original... except for the last one... one of my friends wrote it.
Mar 2018 · 3.4k
Love? Hate?
Dust Mar 2018
I love you.
You heal me.
You are the sun that wakes me,
You are the voice that comforts me,
You are the best person ever!

I hate you.
You hurt me.
You are the hand that hit me,
You are the voice that frightens me,
You are the worst person ever!

I love you.
You are a shoulder to cry on,
You are the hug I need,
You're okay, I guess...

I hate you.
You are the reason I cry!
You are the one that hurts me,
I'm afraid to be around you.

I miss you.
I miss the person you used to be,
before the pain,
before the tears,
before you hurt me.
Okay, so- hurt ("you hurt me") is supposed to be past tense, but heal is supposed to be present tense.
I wrote the first stanza from the perspective of my younger self, and then it kind of alternates between younger me and present time me.
This was actually the poem I used to get onto this site... I love this poem, it was the second real poem I wrote and it is probably my favourite.
Dust Mar 2018
When I think of you
I go insane.
I try to find
some kind of pain.
Pain so bad,
you wouldn't think to cry.
You won't be sad...
But you'll wish to die!
Feelings of anger
Fill my head...
I constantly wish
That you would be dead.
That you would die
and I would **** you
but I can't,
'cuz that's illegal...
When I see you around town,
I hope you feel
The pain I do
When you're around.

— The End —