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Dust Apr 7
I used to wish I could get into your head

now all I wish

is for you to get out of mine.
Dust Apr 6
I saw a puddle on my way to school
I looked into it to see my reflection
But the girl in the puddle wasn't me

Yes, she wore the same uniform as me
And she had the same blue hair as me
And the same blurry eyes as me
But she wasn't me

Her smile wasn't mine
Her eyes weren't mine
Her hands weren't mine
Her heart wasn't mine

She was too real
She wasn't real enough

She was too good
But she wasn't good enough

She was too happy
But she wasn't happy enough

She was too nice
But she wasn't nice enough

She was me
But she wasn't enough

I saw my reflection in a puddle today
But the girl I saw
Wasn't me
But the girl they see
When they look at me
This was the third poem from the story that Forest and Rain Storms were from.  (Said story was actually a canon x oc Doki Doki Literature Club fanfiction, isn't that funny?)  This story has since been discontinued and there are only three poems written for it.
Dust Apr 6
many believe,
the world will end

in a fiery explosion

I believe

tt comes in a form of ice
of shattered glass.

the crushing of a soul.
one experiences when a loved one dies

the feeling one gets when they lose all hope.

the feeling one gets when everyone gives up on them

the feeling one gets when they give up on themself

that's where life ends.
Dust Apr 5
My friends don’t deserve me                                                               ­    
The world doesn’t deserve me                                                               ­   
God doesn’t deserve me                                                               ­             
Nor does the devil                                                            ­                          

                                     ­                                                   I deserve nothing
                                                         ­                                less than nothing
                                                         ­                negative amounts of thing
                                                           ­                         I don’t even deserve

a peaceful end.
Dust Apr 5
a Liar

that’s All I am.
that’s All I will Ever Be
in Their eyes.

I have Never known Truth.
Never Once have I been Honest.
Never Once have I done Anything out of any Feeling but Malice.
I ought to Burn in Hell.
I  D e s e r v e   I t .


even that would be too merciful.

for a Cruel, Malicious, *****, little Liar
such as myself.
Dust Apr 5
I knew it was inevitable.
And yet I still got my hopes up.

I can’t believe I set myself up for heartache.

I suppose that too was

Dust Jan 2020
I happened upon a forest.

It appeared tranquil
So I took a few steps in,
"I'll only be in here a moment."
I told myself.

          I can leave whenever I want.

I took a few more steps.
As I got deeper
            and deeper
The forest grew darker
                           and darker

          I can leave whenever I want.

But I ignored it
and continued walking.

          I can leave whenever I want.

The sun began to set.
Which was strange
Because I was sure
I hadn't been in the forest that long.

"I'd best head home...
before it gets dark."
I thought aloud.
I turned to head back but-

Which way was it?

Maybe this way?

No that...


I walked
Hoping I'd picked the right direction.

It's so dark.

I'll never find my way back.
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