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Jul 2018
Emotion surged through me.
It flooded my eyes.

"Not now."
"I can't deal with you right now."
"I don't have the time or the energy
to deal with you right now."

Like a child, it pokes and prods,
begging, with pleading eyes,
for my attention.

"Not now."
"Get away from me!"

It tugs at my lower eyelids.
Similar to the way
a child tugs at your shirt
when it wants attention.

I shove it away from me,
I insist,
"Not now!"
"Leave me..."

I shove it through the doorway
and slam the door behind it.

I shout as I slam the door.

Slamming my weight
upon the wooden door
to make sure nothing can open it.
I slump down to the floor
before the wooden door.

It twists and turns at the doorknob
but to no avail.
A doorstop,
shaped like
a troubled-minded

slams her weight
onto the wooden board with hinges,
making it pop open
for a fraction of a second
before slamming
back into its socket in the wall.

"I told you to go away!"

It cries out to me.


It whines.
I stand up,

"I said..."

I slam my hand onto the door,
It lets out a little whimper
as the door rattles in its place.


I shove my hand,
in a violent motion,
onto the doorknob.


I **** the doorknob


I shout
as I wham the door open
in a violent fury.

There is nothing there.

"Where'd you go you lil' ****!?"

I stomp one foot
through the doorway
and peek around the hallway.

I coolly step
back into the room
and calmly
shut the door.
I turn around.
There It is.
Sitting right there,
Innocently kicking Its legs,
staring me directly in the eyes.

There is no escape
from overwhelming emotion.

The tears pour down my cheeks.
I really like this work.  I don't know if it counts as poety, but I like it nonetheless.
Written by
Dust  17/Non-binary/Nowhere good...
(17/Non-binary/Nowhere good...)   
     Zachery, Born, Anthony Mayfield, Bree and ---
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