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Dreyasten Jul 2022
I melt with the way you look at me
Rejoicing in the sunlight that is your attention
I feel as if I could float
Until a meteorite hits
The reminder that you don't feel the same
The reminder that I'm not what you want
I hate that I feel this way for you
Because no matter how I admit it
I feel so deeply
So much more deeply than an average being
Because my emotions are intense
This feeling flows in tidal waves
Crashing against me in a pattern of warm and freezing
Warm being the moments I feel like a star in your constellation
The freezing being the reminder that you're a galaxy away
My heart stammers consistently
Whether skipping a beat at the positive attention
Or stuttering at the depression at every turn
You do not want me
As I want you
And I tell myself that's okay
But it truly hurts
Dreyasten Nov 2020
Fake face
Skin deep
Last place
People fight
To survive through the night
Keys between fingers
Acrylic nails sharp enough to harm
“Pick up the pace”
Turns into a race
To get home
In the dark
Dreyasten Oct 2020
You make me forget
Forget there was ever pain
You make me forget
Dreyasten Oct 2020
The music hits a crescendo
The floor, an open space
No other dancers
We're being watched
But it feels like it's just us
We dip and twirl, spin and whirl,
Amongst the stars that brought us to each other
Dreyasten Oct 2020
Soft kisses echo through the cavern of my chest
The cavern that once was darkest in its depths
There is light there now
Brought to you by the heart that is lit aflame
The flame
Brought to you by the echoes
Caused by your soft kisses
Dreyasten Oct 2020
I am a hopeless romantic
And you, are becoming the light of my life
I see you message me
And I can't help but squeak
A smile blooms across my features,
As all the dark creatures go crawling away
And I can't wait to wake up to a new day
To say hello to you
You take my breath away
And make me say
I'm happy again
Dreyasten Sep 2020
heart aches
chest pains
can’t breathe
feel numb
smoke a cigarette
don’t sleep
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