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May 2014
250 milligrams of the **** you wish you never said,
laced with sorry's and thoughts of what do we do now's
creep unwanted into our bed.
Don't forget to take it with your 100 milligrams of anger.
That finds home in all the places inside, that you realize you cant tame her.
After that we switch to the heavier stuff ; YEAH! 150 milligrams
of all your secrets and ******* bluffs.
With another 250 milligram dose of all the **** you thought you held close.
all the laughs shared, the tears bared, the constant struggle to always stay
near and dear.
With this final pill i'm addicted to the prescription you made me fill
the last 250 milligrams is human will.
The will to give it a shot. It's a scary high but there i lay with arms held high
waiting for every part of life that your not in to pass me by.
1000 milligrams is all it took for me to be hooked. a ****** or a druggie,
either way i crave from you to love me. so I'll fill my prescription and hope
that the high me reminds you that the sober me still wishes that the love we share
doesn't float away with the high that I'm on. Be my anchor, keep me tied down
with the chemical that we made. The one that tells our brains that our hearts
can truly feel. Without the fall back of 1000 milligram prescription of pills
i was addicted to drugs around the same time i was addicted to a girl
Dre Brax
Written by
Dre Brax
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