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May 2014
if i had a million dollars for every smile you gave me i still wouldn't have enough
to out weigh the way you made me.
if every second you've made me smile was a year in the past id let you know how god made us and how to make it last.
a lot of ifs but no buts no woulds's or shoulda's just a Skype call, a text, a crafted speedy fall.
they say you can't buy happiness but id like to say their wrong a four hundred thirty seven dollar plane ride
can take me home. I close my eyes i can see so many beautiful things clouds, flowers, diamond rings
that are all complaining that their beauty is devoured, more so conquered by what you bring, the little things.
little things that get me to sing when no one is around. to give me this goofy smile to bare around town.
to sum things up i think i might possibly perhaps maybe have found the one person who has kept my head in the
clouds as has never let me feet hit the ground. shes imprinted in my skin this inst the end we stay as golden as possible
as we both dive deeper in.
long distance relationships blow
Dre Brax
Written by
Dre Brax
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